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    DAP is crap

    i have a peculiar prob with DAP(download accelerator plus 8). even after installation is completed( 100%) it still downloading. means if i download a 40 mb then after completeing 40 mb it is still downloading. help me. i waste 2 gb of mb with it.
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    Windows XP Pro Bootable CD

    hi, i just downloaded an iso of xp pro with integrated sp2, and i found that the whole size is just 582 mb. i thought it would be a shame to waste the remaining 100+ mb available, so can anyone recommend some useful softwares to burn? happy new year thx
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    lowest cost of a PCIe card

    i want to know the lowest price of of a PCIe gfx card. i want to purchase the card just as a backup so that if anything happens to my 6600GT i shld not waste time to get it repaired.] thanx in advance
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    [By Demand] Feb 2005 Digit DVD

    Please post all requests for the Feb 2005 Digit DVD. NOTE: No requests for Half-Life 2 DEMO and Linux distros - they are both in, so dont waste your time there :P
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