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  1. D

    Washing machine brand recommendation

    Please suggest a good and reliable brand for washing machine. I want to purchase this model, so i buy it? Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ Flipkart.co One more doubt i have, they have a exchange offer also, my machine is very old but working will they accept it?
  2. bad_till_bones

    Advice Required - For Buying Washing Machine

    Hi, Planning to buy a Washing Machine for a family of 4. Kindly suggest which one should I go for - front or top loading. And it would be really nice, if I can get a model number too. Regards.
  3. gohan89

    Need help in buying Washing Machine!!!!

    I wish to purchase a front loading washing machine for my family of 4. Laundry will be 2-3 times a week with regular clothes and once or twice a month for cleaning bed sheets,pillow covers and curtains. Requirements include: 1) Extremely well built and low maintenance 2) Water Use and Energy...
  4. I

    Second Hand Washing Machine Buying Advice Please

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a second hand washing machine. I had a very old (about 10 years or more) front loading fully automatic IFB and have realised that a washing machine is essentially a money sink. So to save upfront costs I am thinking of buying a second hand one. However, I am...
  5. M


    Hi guys, Requirement : Fully Automatic Washing Machine. Question : Which brand and which model should I buy. Plz Advice. (I am confused between LG and Samsung) Budget : 20-23K Capacity Required : 6 or 6.5 kg Cloth Loading : Top loading
  6. gohan89

    Want to buy LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machine..

    I want to buy a LG 6 kg 6 motion Direct Drive Washing Machine...IT has a inverter compressor. Please give me reviews on efficiency,washing and power saving of this washing machine.. Please also suggest alternative brands with same quality..
  7. N

    Semi Auto Washing Machine Under 12k

    Hello Dear Friends, Our old BPL washing machine is giving some problem and thanks to rats, its more now. Luckily, we shifted to first floor and no more rats but one decided to sneak in and cause trouble. So, we decide to buy a new one and I will be getting some money from...
  8. S

    URGENT: Washing machine around 28k

    Need to buy a washing machine tomorrow. please anyone suggest the best washing machine around the budget. Max 32k though. Preferably LG or Panasonic, front loading. Buying from Durgapur (W.B. ) or Kolkata.
  9. sandynator

    Best Automatic Top Load OR Front Load Washing Machine around 25k-30k

    Guys, I'm planning to get a top load automatic washing machine around 8kg capacity OR 7kg capacity front load washing machine[can extend budget till 30k if its really good]for my new home. Need best suggestion from you. I also require Inbuilt heater for hot wash. Budget - 25k & Capacity -...
  10. N

    Window AC timer getting reset after power outage

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on the forum. Recently I bought voltas windows ac (Deluxe-3star). We are using mostly in night time and setting timer off by 2am. But sometimes what I observed is, timer setting getting resetted because of power outage and AC keep on running past the...
  11. C

    Which is the best washing machine to buy in TOP LOADING, price range 14k-17k.

    Hi, I am not able to decide on which washing machine to buy, can anyone please suggest? I have the following requirements. 1. Washing machine type -> Fully automatic 1. Wash capacity -> 6-6.5kg 2. Good Warranty for the product 3. Good After sale support I have checked following IFB...
  12. R

    Urgently require Washing Machine

    Need to buy Front Loading Washing Machine. Budget 24-27k. Need Reliable brand with Good after sale service. Need memory backup feature to continue even in case of power failure. Buying within a day Locally.
  13. R

    [Want to Buy] Urgently Need to Buy Washing Machine

    Need to buy Front Loading Washing Machine. Budget 24-27k. Need Reliable brand with Good after sale service. Need memory backup feature to continue even in case of power failure. Buying within a day Locally.
  14. G

    Need an advice to buy a washing machine

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy a Washing Machine, preferably fully automatic and top loading.I have searched in the market as well as on the net, but I am little bit confused now, My budget is Rs.20000.From the market I came to know about Samsung Wobble tech Washing machines are best and it...
  15. S

    Best Top Loading washing Machine under 19K

    Can you please tell me Best washing Machine under 19k, Not interested in front loading due to knee and back pain problems of my mother.
  16. rider

    Top Load Automatic Washing Machine

    Need a Fully Automatic Washing Machine I need a washing machine for 3-4 adults in the family. The budget is almost 18k bucks, and the machine should have hot water facility. Which one is better IFB AW 7233 or Whirlpool 1-2-3 650HP?
  17. N

    Help in buying LG washing machine

    Hello everyone, I would like to know the LG model no F8068NDP which is new for that matter the F8068LDP or F1068LDP one Does washing machine go slow and then pickup speed when it is put on spin mode or does it take the full speed i.e 800 or 1000 the moment the m/c is put on. Second can I...
  18. kool

    help me to buy "Washing Machine" :)

    Hi friends, i want to buy a semi-automatic washing machine for my home use for 5 family member. Before this I've never used washing machine. I don't know which brand is good in quality & service. So plz guide me some good models with good feature, service, warranty & quality. My budget is...
  19. S

    Suggestions needed for 32" LED and Washing Machine

    Hey guys. Just sold my old 32" LCD. Now I am going to buy a new 32" LED and a Washing Machine in the next 15 days. I have quite some knowledge about LEDs but I am a noob in the Washing Machine market. Please put forward your suggestions. I am thinking of buying a smart TV but not a 3D one since...
  20. akash22

    your opinions regarding this washing machine and microwave oven

    Hi Guys! today my dad brought a washing machine and a microwave oven. i wanted to know how good are these. i did little bit of research on the net about them and got a mix review. so i want to know what do you think guys? Washing Machine - IFB elena dx Microwave oven - Samsung CE108MDF-B
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