1. W

    Beware of HP laptops deceptive marketing! Read this first before buying any HP laptop

    I was searching for a 15.6" laptop model with good configuration & most importantly a good screen because that is the part of any laptop one spends most of their time looking at while using the laptop. There are 3 main types of laptop screens which are: a) TN panel(worst side viewing angles aka...
  2. patkim

    Network Not Safe - Message on browser - Redmi 1S

    I switched on the mobile data on my Redni 1S (Airtel Network) and used the built in browser to access Google. To my surprise, I got a warning message that current network is not safe. See the screenshot. What does it really mean. It's https connection and phone is set to get automatic...
  3. tkin

    APC UPS replace batteries or get New UPS?

    Hi guys, I have an APC 1100VA UPS: *www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BR1100CI-RS Now, sadly the battery is dying, it trips into warning mode within 1 mins after power cut, and now a days goes into replace battery warning mode if I happen to turn the pc on while...
  4. ramakanta

    Security Warning

    whenever i want to register a form or save a form in any websites or log In a e-mail id or sign out a e- mail id, Security Warning message displayed . what is it.??? what i will do ??
  5. cray.x

    MW3 + temp warning 60'

    hey guys I'm playing COD MW3 on the following specs AMD A8 3850 Asus F1 A55 mlx plus corsair 4gb vengeance corsair CX 500 and it gives constant temperature warning of 60' C so i wanted to ask will my processor be safe if i play continuously for 4-5 hours???? the same warning is given...
  6. bajaj151

    HDD : Should I RMA ?

    I checked one of my hard disk using HD Tune and I am getting Health Status as Warning Here is the screenshot :
  7. B

    Samsung Galaxy 3 camera problem

    Hi....I am facing an issue with the camera in my Galaxy 3. Once I click on the capture button, the phone seems to hang for a few seconds and then I get a message 'Warning: Camera Failed'. Anybody has an idea why this is happening? I have used my camera after quiet some time but it was working...
  8. soyab0007

    HDD shows warning

    I have checked my hdd today with hd tune and found some warning... what exactly is a problem? Is there something i have to fear bcoz this is the only hdd i have below are the screenshot of hd tune.. *i43.tinypic.com/j0jynd.png *i44.tinypic.com/54tbu0.png
  9. prabhu.wali

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)
  10. M

    disabling/removing active x warning

    whenever,I open a office 2003 documents,an annoying warning noted below appears. "This application nis about to initiate active x control that might be unsafe..." on clicking either ok or cancel,the documents opens. how to get rid of this annoyance. I am using a preloaded windows 7...
  11. iinfi

    nokia email and msexchange

    i have a e63... when i try to add my corporate exchange email to my fone it gives me a warning that i sud not use nokia pc suite etc to sync contacts and blah blah does that mean existing phonebook contacts etc will wipe off? or will in someway be synced with my office exchange server. i m not...
  12. S

    JQuery Selector Problem

    Hello, CSS selectors with a colon like $(':input') and $(':text') are not working in any of the browsers In the error console in Firefox it gives a warning "Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'input'" Am I missing something Please Help me I am new to JQuery
  13. N

    What to look for when checking out 2nd hand mobiles

    Guys! I need to know what are the aspects to be checked and warning sign when checking out used mobiles. May have to buy one so need to know. Thanks in Advance
  14. J

    HELP :: Warning ! Over clock fail

    I have Intel Biostar Motherboard with dual core processor ,recently my motherboard had problem and submitted to service center for repairing. After one month, Intel provide me new motherboard as the old one cant be repaired. I'm facing a new problem now. When I turn on my pc, sometimes it...
  15. soyab0007

    System fail warning

    My pc autimatically shitdown without any warning . When i go to bios and enabled system fail warning it gives me a long beep. Please suggest me what should i do because cpu fan is working properly. intel dual core E2140 1.65ghz gigabyte G31M-S2L
  16. A

    AVG Uninstallation problem

    Hi When I tried to uninstall AVG Free edition the following error message appears: Local machine: installation failed Initialization: Warning: Checking of state of the item file avgsched.log failed. File opening failed. %FILE% = "" Error 0xe001042c...
  17. utsav

    Rakhi warning !!!!!!

  18. Plasma_Snake

    COD4 server help

    I'm trying to make and run a COD4 server but when I try to do so, COD4 console opens up and all I see is this WARNING: unknown dvar 'bg_shock_volume_vehiclelimited' in file 'shock/damage_mp.shock' WARNING: unknown dvar 'bg_shock_volume_menu' in file 'shock/damage_mp.shock' WARNING: unknown dvar...
  19. ajin115

    Google Fail

    Google fail showing only Malware warning?
  20. toofan

    Avast Warning: DCOM Exploit attack, from

    Help Guys, Someone is try to heck my pc. My avast is giving following warning DCOM Exploit attack, from Now what to do. if i m dissabling my RPC service then my BSNL manual connector become invisible so I have to enable it for connecting to the broadband.
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