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  1. K

    Need a gaming laptop for 40-50K

    Hi, I need suggestions on buying a laptop for 50k,and i will be only playing world of warcraft and some less demanding games,kindly suggest me a good laptop. Thanking you.
  2. sam_738844

    Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS

    Blizzard just threw a glimmer of hope to those fans still rooting for a new Warcraft RTS. Speaking with IGN at Gamescom 2015 last week, Producer Tim Morten (who is currently working on Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void) said Read more: Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS Once Starcraft II...
  3. Sarath

    DOTA - Warcraft 3: Frozen throne expansion map by Icefrog

    DoTA stands for Defense of the ancients its an online RPG with two teams playing against each others. Each team has 5 players. Here's a link to the screen shot as the file is too large for uploading http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/00/Dota_allstars_game.jpg I dont want to go into the...
  4. NewsBytes

    Taiwanese man “finishes” World of Warcraft

      The current buzz in the World of Warcraft community is about a Taiwanese man who has "finished" the game. Technically it is not possible to finish an MMO game like World of Warcraft, since by design they are mean to be persistent. However, one could gauge this game's progress by tracking...
  5. lethalweaponforever

    Warcraft 3: DotA

    How do u play the DotA map on Warcraft 3 online.........give instructions as i hve a pirated copy where the battle.net option doesn't work.
  6. windrider

    World of Warcraft - Calling All Indian Players!

    Do you play World of Warcraft? We are looking for players from India. Join our community at http://groups.google.com/group/wow-india if you play the game or even if you interested in starting the game. We are planning to group together on a single server and plan end game raids. If you know any...
  7. B

    Warcraft not running

    Guys i have downloaded warcraft but bro after installation the games is not working .Whenever i try to play the game this error come on the screen. FATAL ERROR! Program: c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop\new folder (2)\war3.exe Exception: 0x80000002 (DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT) at...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Suggest me a game like warcraft with FPS/TPS option

    I am looking for a game similar to Warcraft, but with an added bonus of me being to play as a character in the game. Something like Playing DOTA with myself playing the Hero in first person or third person, or like Halo multiplayer with each person being master chief, but controlling a whole...
  9. Y

    sm 1 help me in warcraft 3 dota online in gg

    me play warcraft 3 frozen throne sm 1 help me out in this game
  10. Shloeb

    warcraft 3 unlocking races

    I played warcraft 3: reign of chaos and the frozen throne. In the frozen throne campaign i played using blood elf and naga races but i cannot choose them in the skirmish mode or custom game mode. Do they need to be unlocked? If yes then how? And after the froaen throne expansion pack do the...
  11. thewisecrab

    Warcraft 3 on 128 mb ram

    Hi guys I found an old comp with 128mb ram 40 gig HDD Intel 8180E mobo with Celeron pros(1200 mhz) I have XP installed its pretty decent but if i use more than 3 apps it slows down(expected :rolleyes:) I was wondering if i could tweak my ram (not physically) so that my pc can run warcraft 3 any...
  12. a_k_s_h_a_y

    warcraft 4 ??? when ?? or not all ??

    I loved warcraft 3 :p (the gameplay and story ) am eagerly waiting for the continuation of the story and want to play warcraft 4 Its stated in the Warcraft story website that " Chapter 6 : The New Age " will be soon continued but there is no buzz at all abt wc4 :confused: also they(blizzard...
  13. blademast3r

    Anything like world of warcraft?

    Hey is there any good free mmorpg like world of warcraft?....
  14. faraaz

    Prostitution in World of Warcraft!!

    A female gamer in World of Warcraft had sex with a fellow gamer who transferred 5000 gold to her account. The source page is in png format so I can't really type up a quote, but check out the link below anyway...I'd like to add a thumbnail, but I dunno how!! :( Anyway...check it out. Pretty...
  15. blademast3r


    Hey guys whats the average bandwidth(in MB) we use use during 1 hr of : 1)Surfing 2)Playin a game low end game like CS 3)Playin a med end game like World of Warcraft 4)Playin a high end game like Quake 4 5)Listnin to streamin audio(med quality) 6)Watchin streamin video(med quality)
  16. V


    I think the best statergy game is : AOE all versions and editions EMpire Earth 1 Warcraft 3
  17. N

    Warcraft 3 mods

    im new to the mods used in warcraft 3 i downloaded some mod with the extension .w3x i dont know how to use it. please help!!!!!!
  18. M


    Hi , I am a die hard fan of warcraft singler players games. after playing warcraft III and frozen throne i am very eager to get my hand on their next flick just wodering wheather blizaard are developing the next version or discountinued the series hope somebody knows :lol: :lol:
  19. A

    warcraft 3 battle chest

    hi guys, any idea where i can buy warcraft 3 battle chest in chennai.and its pricing?
  20. Who

    Warcraft 3 & age of mythology & rise of nations tips&tricks

    If u got some good tips on warcraft 3 or age of mythology or rise of nations send it here.
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