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Need a gaming laptop for 40-50K


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I need suggestions on buying a laptop for 50k,and i will be only playing world of warcraft
and some less demanding games,kindly suggest me a good laptop.

Thanking you.


If your gaming requirement isn't high then get any laptop with atleast 1GB of GPU. While picking the laptop look for processor, display and sound quality only, also warranty and availability of service centers around your residence. If you are not going to play games with high requirements, no use getting a laptop worth 50k.

I had purchased my HP 15-E015TX from a local store 2 years back for 30k, core i3, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Radeon 8470 1GB; later upgraded to 8GB RAM. It runs Dota2 and CSGO at high setting without any issue other than heat. Farcry 3, 4 worked fine in medium settings. But I suppose any similar specification would suffice for you.


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Thanks a lot for your reply guys,Bought Hp pavilion ab029tx for 45k
It plays world of warcraft at 45 to 58 fps in medium settings,
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