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  1. ax3

    movie wallpapers

    hi, from where do you download/get hollywood movie wallpapers ??? thanx
  2. Flash

    The Wallpaper Thread

    This is not a 'post your desktop wallpaper showoff' thread. This is not a 'post funny pictures/meme' thread. This is not a 'post your game/movie screenshots' thread. So, Share your favorite wallpaper(s) here. Try not to put NSFW wallpapers, but if you do [SPOILER] it, and add a word...
  3. ax3

    Free Game wallpapers site ! ! !

    anyone plz guide me for a free latest game wallpapers site ? ppl visiting plz help
  4. ax3

    software for Screen saver ! ! !

    anybody knows a software which can make a slideshow of images [wallpapers] in a particular folder ?
  5. M

    Installing Live wallpaper on galaxy sl please help...

    I downloaded some live wallpapers from XDA in .apk format. but when I try to install it I get the message" application not installed". I have the default android 2.2 and have not rooted my phone. Please help me about how to use or install live wallpapers from xda in apk format
  6. mati17

    Wallpaper Resolution Convertor

    Hi Forum ! I just purchased HP Mini 110 (mini laptop) Its screen resolution is 1024 X 600 pixels. I have wallpapers having dimensions 1024 X 768 How can I make wallpapers fit or convert to 1024 X 600 size so that they looks better at my mini laptop's desktop. Please any suggestions...
  7. sygeek

    45 Creative Minimal Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop

    45 Creative & Minimal Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop Light up your day with these 45 Creative and Minimal Free Wallpapers.
  8. sanoob.tv

    Organise your pictures wallpapers

    i have around more than 20,000 of wallpapers in one single folder,which includes automobile,nature,wildlife,celebs,and so on.i sat one whole night organising the same.bt its taking forever to do the same. is there an easy way for this? i tried picasa,and adobe.bt it didnt serve the...
  9. bhushan2k

    Download amazing high-resolution Christmas wallpapers

  10. jerin3013

    Subscribtion email updates query, feedburner?

    Hello, i do have a wallpaper blog, n there is some subscribers ( by feedburner )..my prob is in subscribed mail there is only texts n not have any wallpapers in it.. i mean i want to subscribe some wallpapers to that readers..! Thankz
  11. darnee

    Wallpapers in DVD

    I don't know in which forum to post this question so I am posting it here. Are the wallpapers included in digit DVDs open source (if there exits such a thing for wallpapers)? I mean can I distribute them among my friends without taking permission? :?:
  12. ax3

    Game Wallpapers ! ! !

    fro where do u download FREE Game Wallpapers ??? this site has great collection bt is a paid site ... http://www.gamewallpapers.com/
  13. C

    Programming in DOS

    OK Friends, A little bit primitive question. I want your suggestions. I downloaded a lot of wallpapers from IndiaFM site through Bulk Image downloader. Now I want to sort it out through Actress/ Actor names and put them in respective folders. I know that it can be done through Cut Paste Option...
  14. R

    Help with dreamscene

    ok i have Vista Ultimate and Dreamscene updates installed. i am able to use WMV files as BG but can i use normal animated images? and does anyone know where i can get good animated/video wallpapers? and can anyone tell me what app is that marked on the foll image? tq
  15. R2K

    download wallpapers

    suggest some good sites for downloading wallpapers.......
  16. Krazy Bluez

    300 Freeware software's and 60 Wallpaper sites

    350 Freeware software's and 60 Wallpaper sites This is the list of software's which I think we using very commonly, so making a whole list here for the Newbies Office OpenOffice - office suite PC Suite 602 - office suite AbiWord - text editor Atlantis Nova - text editor Microsoft PowerPoint...
  17. abhi.eternal

    My new music collage wallpapers. Check 'em out!!

    Well, I had nothing to do, so I thought of Googling different artists pics. Then I thought of making a collage out of them. You can check out the wallpapers as my deviations. Here are the direct links: For normal screens. Click here for HD quality. For wide-screens. Click here for HD quality...
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Game Wallpapers

    Yep! Tha's the question where do most of you guys get your game wallpapers?
  19. P

    se phone: wallpapers and themes

    hi guyz, i bought this k810i, and i was wondering where can i get cool animated wallpapers and themes on the net!?
  20. krates

    All symbian queries here !!!

    ^^ so post your queries My query is Is there any hack through which i can apply full screen wallpapers ? thanks :p
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