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  1. navneeth_snr

    Sony Ericsson W810i

    Hi All, I brought a new SE W810i. I can change the themes with menus and its a good walkman. I paid Rs.14700/- and got SE Speakers with the set. What you guys think on this phone?
  2. ::vicky::

    Help!! Big Big Confusion!!

    hi guys i want the best of the best mobile in a budget of 15000 plz help me iam very confused . and plz i have 2 questions 1) is sony ericsson w810i excellent phone? 2) is there anyphone which is better or matches like sony ericsson w810i? i want music and camera both the best...
  3. navneeth_snr

    On SE W810i

    Hi All, I am intrested to go for a Sony Ericsson W810i. How is the phone and what is the approx cost.
  4. Official Techie

    i want to

    but W810i from ebay in auction shuld i buy it
  5. eggman

    w810i users...help

    Can you tell me which formats w810i support. Does ot support .org? Which format takes minimum size with maximum Quality?
  6. Dipen01

    Which Video Formats are supported by SE W810i !!

    Hey.. I am confused over which video formats are supported in SE W810i...coz..i have one WMA..its not runnin...i have one WAV file...its not runnin either.. so are there any standard formats..or i can increase em anytime by installing some codecs..or installin some Players...what do i...
  7. H


    Hi all Can somebody tell me if it is possible for W810i to be able to write Text messages thru my PC when the phone is connect to PC with USB cable of Bluetooth. Thanks
  8. K

    3250 or W810i

    My friend wants to buy a music phone within a budget of 15k. He has narrowed down to 3250 and W810i. He likes the 3250 good looks, screen and particularly its 'loud'speaker. Whereas he also admires the headset quality of the W810i. He wants good quality from both headset as well as speaker. We...
  9. C

    k750i or w810i

    How does these 2 compare with each other ? keeping memory, price etc all in mind ? Suggest me which one to go for..
  10. G

    Really Confused !!

    hi there everbody, m really confused about which cell to go fo, w810i or k750i or w700i, w700 looks are ok and it lacks the autofocus, while k750i has vry good reviews in june edition of digit, also it has good camera compared to w700 (not sure about the camera of w810i comparitively) but...
  11. G

    SE "W900i" OR SE "W810i" !

    Hi der every1, m plannig to go for either w810i or w900i, which 1 would be the best to go for ?
  12. G

    Wat to go for? w810i or w700i or k750i!

    Hi people, all the cools! :) fellas please lemme knw which cell to go fo and why ? w810i or k750i or w700i ? also in the grey market price for w810i is 15K, fo k750i its 11K (these prices r vthot warranty) and also m getting an offer from a local dealer fo w700i at 12.5 (vth bill and...
  13. karthik55859

    NOKIA N91 OR W810i

    hi guys please help me to buy,firstly i would like to say is that i am music freak i listen a lot of songs that are ripped in high quality..i want only one device in my pocket that can be useful in music and communication,so i completely Fell love with NOKIAS N91 but my vendor and other of my...
  14. S

    Sony ericsson w810i

    i would want to know if anyone is aware of the duration of video recording in sony w810i..
  15. S

    Sony Ericcson W810i

    Hi, i would want to know if anyone is aware of the duration of video recording in sony w810i..
  16. H

    Re:Driver for W810i

    Hi all.. I would appreciate if someone could tell me a link from where I could dowload Driver for W810i phone. Thanks
  17. P

    mob comparision

    hi guys.... pl tell me that whic cellphone is good in these two.. Sony W810i and Nokia 6270....
  18. K

    SE W810i Walkman - Your Views

    Hi all, I've been thinking about getting the W810i for a while now. It's about QAR 1650 (Approx INR 20,000) with 512 MB memory and excellent stereo (ear canal type) headset. http://mobileburn.com/review.jsp?Id=2310&source=SEARCH The exposed camera lens is a negative factor IMHO. The...
  19. B

    w810i phone settings

    i am using airtel chennai prepaid connection. I tried airtel customer care, they said w810i support yet not arrived. Is it true? In the sony ericsson site i tried registereing and the phone support they provide, but i havent received any sms from the site for installing settings. Is there...
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