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  1. S

    Sony Ericsson w810i or Nokia N70 Music Edition.

    Help me choose b\w them. And in N70 ME can i extend the memmory upto 2GB, And is its audio quality at par or better than the w810i.
  2. P

    PDF reader for java phones?

    Can I get a pdf reader for se w810i?
  3. M

    help with SE W810i !

    hi frenz!! i just bought a SE w810i a month ago :) 1)Is thr ne way 2 delete the protected files(like the robbie williams stuff)?? 2)Wht is the latest firmware for this model? i hv R4EA031 currently. 3)I downloaded the SE update application but it always hangs after the language selection...
  4. M

    some ques. abt w810 n 610!

    hey frenz!! i m planning 2 buy a phone!! i hv a few ques.. 1)does w610i play eaac nd eaac+ ?? 2)does w810i hv a2dp ?? 3)do u think w610 is worth the Rs. 2k more than w810i ??
  5. S

    plz compare them all with +ve n -ve qualities

    nokia 6300 SE w700i SE w810i SE w800i SE k750I thanx
  6. G

    memory stick for my SE W810i.

    Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a memory stick for my SE W810i. I have a few questions on the same. 1. wat is the Cost of 1GB and 2GB memory stick? 2. will the phone become slower with these cards?. 3. Where can we get them in Blore ? (other than sony world, as they are very...
  7. Stalker

    How to activate Airtel Live

    guys....can any1 tell me how to activate airtel live on a Sony Ericcson phone?? i've tried smsing AIRTEL LIVE to 646...but i don't get the settings i hv a w810i... thx in advance
  8. S

    Which Phone is Better

    As title says, I require suggetion for : N70 N72 6233 W810i K750i Which from above is best, by the way I tip my friend to buy W810i he do same and now NOT HAPPY with Low Sound (Loudness):( What I want Overall Loud Volume, good camera, good video recording and good build quality...
  9. H

    W810i & Fm

    Hi all I would appreciate anyone throwing some light on the the following issue: I have a W810i and I live in Chennai, and I listen to Fm 105.0 which transmits a programme called "Market Mantra" from Delhi at 6.30pm everyday. Now the problem is that whenever I am in Delhi I can't listen to...
  10. H

    w810i HELP

    guys pls help!!! i m thinking of buying w810i. Recently went thru the reviews on the net, many complained of the "HISS" problems in phone. any w810i owner who can send their opinions. also pls suggest me gud music phone. Thnx in advance.
  11. sagar_coolx

    w810i creakin'

    hey guyz..jus got myself a new w810i as we know its got autofocus.. my q is dat...when i take a picture...when the camera is focussing..or rather autofocussing , a faint "creaking" sound can b heard...n i dont think its coming from da speaker..bcoz dat happens even when it in silent mode. the...
  12. sourav237

    Price- k750i, w810i

    what is current price (wth bill) of k750i & w810i in KOLKATA?
  13. A

    want to buy sony W810i

    i want to buy sony w810i what is price of it in mumbai??? my friend say i get MPS-60 Speakers free with this is it true???
  14. A

    want to buy sony W810i

    i want to buy sony w810i what is price of it in mumbai??? my friend say i get MPS-60 Speakers free with this is it true??? __________ help me plz
  15. rockthegod

    Query Regarding Sony Ericsson W850i

    Have anybody tried out its Camera... is it better than W810i ?? I am going to buy a new mobile itz either W850i @ 20 K or W810i @ 14 K.... I have seen images taken with W810i... can anybody post or comment on W850i camera quality please ?
  16. Third Eye

    Another Sony ericcson W810i user

    hi,yesterday i bought a SE W810i phone and i am amazed with features and camera..i have few questions about it 1) how to send pictures from pc to mobile.the software adobephotoshop album starter doesn't detect any mobile connected.. 2)what is the free memory(stock memory) available in phone...
  17. A

    Sony Ericsson W810i

    what is cost of Sony Ericsson W810i in mumbai it is best?? or any sony phone less then 14k i don't want nokia also tell best shop for less prise in mumbai
  18. C

    help me choose

    Which 1 to go for ? Nokia 6270 SE W810i SE W830i
  19. a_medico

    Best Camera Phone?

    Which is the best camera phone available in market today(not necessarily Indian market)? Is it Sony Ericsson w810i? Or some other? ps - i came across a link where a few pics are clicked by w810i. I thought the image quality was fabulous for a camera phone ! Any more suggestions...
  20. eggman

    Better Sound Quality : In Walkman or iPods

    Well, before you(iPod fans) jump on me I would like to say that i've tried both. I own a w810i(Walkman Phone) and my room partner has a iPod. I've listened to both, an I would like to say that that w810i sounded much better.Wvwn an iRiver sounded better than iPod. All i wanted to say that...
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