1. quagmire

    Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 86% of devices

    Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 86% of devices | Ars Technica
  2. balakrish

    how to write a file in a writeable(777) website directory?

    Hi friend! Let's assume that i have a site which has 777 permissions on all its directory. People say its a vulnerability. Okay let me come to the point. I have the following qns. How a hacker will use this vulnerability? How to write a file in that vulnerable directory? Or...
  3. R

    Cisco Vulnerability

    Hi, While assesing vulnerabilities I came accross a problem. A vulnerability name "(2588513) TLS-SSL Server Blockwise Chosen-Boundary Browser Weakness, (CVE-2011-3389)" was given by the tool. Though this vulnerability is related to the certificate of the web browser, the CISCO device here is...
  4. sygeek

    PayPal vulnerability allows access to any account within 30 seconds

    PayPal vulnerability allows access to any account within 30 seconds A security vulnerability in PayPal’s systems makes it possible to gain full, unrestricted access to any account within 30 seconds, we’ve heard from Matt Langley of Integrated Computer Enterprises Limited. The vulnerability...
  5. topgear

    IE Flaw Turns Your PC into Public File Server

    A vulnerability found in Internet Explorer could expose your files to the Internet. A security consultant on Wednesday provided a live demonstration at the Black Hat DC conference that immediately prompted a security advisory from Microsoft. Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina, the Argentina-based...
  6. G

    German Government: Stop Using Internet Explorer

    In a statement issued today, the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (known as BSI) recommends that all Internet Explorer users switch to an alternative browser. They may resume using Explorer after a fix is issued by Microsoft for a critical vulnerability that has been...
  7. angie

    firefox 3.5 bug accelerates 3.5.1 release

    Developers on the "Shiretoko" track for Mozilla's new open source Firefox 3.5 Web browser now have very good reason to expect a ship date for the first round of bug fixes and vulnerabilities. A very big vulnerability has turned up in just the wrong place: a public site for posting exploits. Source
  8. phreak0ut

    Vulnerability in website and loss in business leads to suicide

    SOURCE Webhost hack wipes out data While, this is the actual reason behind the death, the local newspapers never mention about it. They only claim that he was mentally unsound, after he after he lost a contract to another company:cry: Here is what Times of India says :x
  9. eggman

    MacBook falls first for second year in a row

  10. praka123

    Linux Kernel "pppol2tp_recvmsg()" Memory Corruption Vulnerability

  11. phreak0ut

    Microsoft Downplaying Recent DNS Vulnerability

    Microsoft Watch writes
  12. Ecko

    uTorrent : Security Release

    uTorrent, one of the most popular BitTorrent download clients available on the web, must be updated as soon as possible as a new vulnerability has been discovered in the application. SecurityFocus today reported that certain releases of both BitTorrent and uTorrent include a "peers windows...
  13. Dark Star

    Ubuntu Security Notice: Kerberos Vulnerability

    Ubuntu development team announced yesterday a security vulnerability in the Kerberos packages. The team discovered that the libraries handling RPCSEC_GSS did not correctly validate the size of certain packet structures. Therefore, an unauthenticated remote user had the ability to send a...
  14. Third Eye

    Discover OS X Vulnerability, Receive Death Threats

    Click to View
  15. eddie

    Opera releases v9.21: Fixes highly critical vulnerability

    Opera has just released version 9.21 of its desktop product, Opera Internet Browser, thus fixing a security vulnerability in its BitTorrent Engine. The vulnerability was reported by laFlecha on May 03, 2007 and is categorized as "Highly Critical" by Secunia. There is no known work around to...
  16. alsiladka

    Contest winner: Vista more secure than Mac OS

    Source : Macworld Now we will see all Mac lovers bullying this interview and rubbishing the claims. I somehow wonder why Mac and Open Source fans get so wild at any comment about the security of the OSs. I dont remember seeing windows fan behave like this.
  17. Third Eye

    Google Attacked by Hackers !

  18. Third Eye

    Opera Browser Can’t Handle The Flash Files

  19. kirangp

    Application Compatibility patch & Animated cursor vulnerability patch for VISTA

    Microsoft has released the GDI vulnerability patch for Windows Vista & other Operating Systems.This update should be automatically downloaded through Windows Update.It is valid for all Operating Systems...Here is the link *
  20. trigger

    First Remote Code Bug for Office 2007 Bug

    Security firm reports the first Office 2007 remote code vulnerability and has alerted Microsoft's bug team. EEye Digital Security said Friday that it's found the first Office 2007 remote code vulnerability and has alerted Microsoft's bug team. :( The terse warning posted to eEye's Upcoming...
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