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  1. I

    using skype other people are unable to listen my voice

    hi.... friends i have problem in my dell laptop while using skype voice call and any other voice chats also.during the call i can able to listen their voice but my voice could not reach to them. can u please suggest me what i can do to solve this.
  2. pritish_kul2

    Voice Modulator Software

    Hey guys, i was searching for a voice modulator software for pc/iphone/symbian and was unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciable. I want the voice modulating to be done live as in in between the call . -.-
  3. P

    Suggest - In Earphones/Headphones with Superb voice clarity (No Music)

    Friends, Looking for In Earphones/Headphones with superb voice clarity. Requirement - Listen to human voice files (Legal/Medical Voice files), NO MUSIC at all. Preferably with inbuilt amplifier OR external small amplifier connectivity (To amplify the human voice incase of poor recording)...
  4. raksrules

    Suggest a VFM Mobile for Dad

    Need a new cell phone for dad. Following are the requirements 1. Good display and UI (in terms of usage and understanding) 2. FM Radio is required (wireless will be better but not compulsory) 3. BRAND is no bar. Anything will do. Just that it should be VFM 4. Bigger Keys for easy...
  5. G

    Google announced voice & video chat for Android 2.3

    Google has announced a new version of Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread) devices. The new app lets you video or voice chat over a 3G data network, a 4G data network, or over Wi-Fi. The other person can be either using a compatible Android tablet or...
  6. V

    Nokia C1 01 or C1 02

    Does anybody have this phone ? do you know if the voice recorder is unlimited(records till mem card has space) and how is the quality of voice recodings, plz note I am talking about voice recording for meetings etc not call recordings.. voice recordings for 8-10 feet please help
  7. prateekchanda

    good nokia phone for listening voice notes

    Hi there people Congratulations on being the world cup champs! I need a additional phone (having 5800XM) only to playback some voice notes/lectures/vocals etc. Needless to say should have expendable memory Want a nokia as all other at home are nokias and chargers etc came handy better...
  8. V

    Cheap and Best mobile phone which has excellent voice recorder for recording 10 feet?

    Hi Friends I need to use some voice recorder for recording our daily office meetings etc as its tiring to note all those huge set of information using pen and paper in my daily morning meetings. So can you recommend cheap and best mobile phone, which has excellent voice recorder for...
  9. K

    Good Headphone for voice to text

    I want to purchase a good microphone for voice to text purposes. the microphone should have good sensitivity which will help in accurate recognition of spoken words. I Plan to use the headphones with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software that is used for voice to text purpose. I have not decided on...
  10. Rockstar11

    Wireless Headphones

    I wanna buy mitashi Wireless Headphones. Before that i want some suggestions regarding the performance Mitashi Cordless Headphone gives you freedom from wires. In-Built FM Radio + Voice Chat Function makes it a perfect gadget to gel with your audio / video equipment + computer. * Wireless...
  11. T

    Google showcases voice translation feature for Android users.

    Google recently showed a demo of its new automated translator, which translates the voice in one language to another, much like text translation using word lens . A user having an Android phone can speak and hear in his native language. The technology is still in its alpha stage and currently...
  12. ritesh.techie

    20 Best iPhone Apps

    It is never easy to pick TOP applications from the Millions of apps available for iPhone on the Apple Apps Store, it’s a hectic task. Some apps are best for users who access social networking sites, while some work great for music lovers. Given here is an attempt to enlist Best 30 iPhone Apps-...
  13. Rockstar11

    Headset with Mic?

    Hello.. could you guys please suggest me a good Sound Clarity Headset with Mic that cost less than Rs.650. Lightweight and comfortable design.. using it for voice chatting and listening to music. What are the Best and Cheap brand of Headset with Mic?
  14. D

    Portable Voice Amplifier for Classroom Use

    Hi, I am a teacher by profession and recently advised not to over strain my voice due to some throat problems. For this I am looking for some portable voice amplifier products that could be used in classrooms. Can someone please help me in this regard? I badly need some guidance. I'm...
  15. ~It_is_Andrew~

    Help me with buying mobile - ~15k - 20k

    Hi, I have been using a SE W810i but it has been 2 years and giving me some problems like low voice while hearing others etc. I am looking forward to buy a better phone. 1) It should be good at basic reception and voice clarity, very important - regardless of any fancy features watsoever...
  16. A

    need bluetooth head phone with mic for voice chat

    hey guys i need bluetooth head phone with mic for my sony vaio for voice chat as i am having broadbend connection due to which i cant move my lappy in the room..it has to be fixed at a place so can any one suggest me a good quality bluetooth head phone with mic for voice chat..my budget is...
  17. NewsBytes

    Siri Offers iPhone Users Assistance via Voice [free download]

      Claimed to be "speech recognition with a brain", Siri enables your iPhone to organise your social life – collaborating with various sites to let book restaurant tables (OpenTable), movie tickets (MovieTickets), events (StubHub), and taxis (TaxiMagic), as well as get reviews of the...
  18. bajaj151

    Nokia handsfree for Voice Chat

    Is it possible to use handsfree for Voice chat over Yahoo ???
  19. Y

    Convert text-based files into .mp3 and .wav foramt audiobooks

    If you could convert your files such as files with format of .txt, .rtr, .doc and .htm into audiobooks in .mp3 or .wav format, then you can listen to them with a MP3 player while walking, jogging or commuting to work. That's a very cool and creative idea. The following is the solution. To do...
  20. INS-ANI

    Review: Google Voice

    Review: Google Voice http://infotech.indiatimes.com/personal-tech/computing/Review-Google-Voice-/articleshow/4998946.cms ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Q9MJdT5Ds Official overview video
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