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  1. D

    Voice quality not same - Motorola Fire XT and Nokia N70, Nokia way better.

    Finding difference in voice quality of Motorola Fire XT and Nokia N70. N70 is seemingly giving me better voice quality on same sim and at same location. yesterday the voice quality was unbearable and I had to put back sim in N70 - surprisingly voice quality was just amazing ? What does nokia do...
  2. RCuber

    LTE query..

    I read this in Airtel 4G LTE FAQ.. AFAIK LTE supports Voice calls .. can anyone put some light on this?
  3. A

    SoundMagic ES18

    Hello Guys today i got my SM ES18 Pair for me Bass is low i do not why but voice is very clear so i have to burn it or not ?
  4. U

    Help me pick the right tablet.

    Greetings to the generous people of Digit! I am planning to buy a new tablet which could double up as a phone. Yes, it's not the most advisable thing to do, but I don't have a choice, I want the big screen comfort/features of the tablet and voice calling convenience of a cell phone too...
  5. Desmond

    "Telecom Companies Should Only Charge For Data" -Kapil Sibal

    Source What do you guys think?
  6. Tobuscus

    Best Practical Budget Phone around 4k?

    Hey,guys I need a practical,budget phone around 4k. I'm buying it for my mom,who doesn't care/need for ANY kind of big features like Wi-fi,Touchscreen etc. What she needs is a practical phone with PERFECT voice quality,battery life,build quality and maybe a run of the mill camera...
  7. Rohan_B

    HELP! Galaxy S3 Giving Loads Of Trouble.

    Hey Guys, I have had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for over a month now and it is fantastic and all but recently it has started giving me a host of problems. They came in one after the other and here is how the events took place- 1) I was using my S3 on stock firmware(unrooted) for almost a month. No...
  8. A

    i Pad 3-Voice dictation is Absent!!!!

    Hii friends i have bought an ipad 3 two days ago. Before buying the ipad the salesman in the store gave me a an intro to it and explained some features. The one feature i like is the Voice Dictation. After buying the i pad 3 i i found that there is no voice dictation icon in The Notes or...
  9. M

    Voice calling tablet within 5000-6000

    Hi, i want a tablet with in RS.5000/-. I want to use it for mainly E-book reading and to make voice calls with SIM card.Other uses are Browsing and Entertainment. If it could have a camera and other ports, it will be good.I am ready to spend another Rs.1000 for the Best thing. Please help...
  10. Z


    Hi, im having DELL Inspiron 15R.my problem is i cannot make video / voice chat without having headset.how i go without headset
  11. V

    Need Microphone for voice recording in good quality

    Hi. I need a microphone which I can connect to my computer and record my voice. I am not aware of much of the differences between various brands, but I do know that there are some very expensive and famous models out there which I cant afford. I just need a mic for recording purpose where the...
  12. AndroidFan

    Can Google Voice Search (Google Now) compete with iOS Siri?

    I came across a video today... demonstrating the new Google Voice Search in Jellybean... I am totally blown away... Please see -- How to impress your friends: 40+ voice searches on Jelly Bean - YouTube This is so amazing... I am speechless... I want this thing... I have to get it...
  13. L

    Advice on a phone betwwen 8-12k

    Well I have gone through lot of threads before posting one of mine. I require few clarifications before I make my purchase. Here are my requirements: 1. Budget: 8-12k (I prefer a phone near 10k but I can extend it to a maximum of 12k if the features are worth the 2k price) 2. Display type...
  14. desiJATT

    Need a Voice recording Microphone for PC.

    Hello guys, i am in a need of a good Voice recording Microphone for my PC. I have no idea where to buy them, and don't even know how much they cost. I just want to record some of my songs at home without much hassle. Need a basic setup, will probably use Audacity for recording and editing...
  15. P

    Which microphone/headphone set ?

    I want to record my voice over karaoke tracks.Which microphone/headphone set would be best for it?
  16. abhidev

    Apple to launch iTV by Q3 2012

    Apple will launch the television in two sizes - 32-inch and 37-inch models. Previous rumours have indicated that Apple will launch a full size television, which will be based their Siri voice recognition software, thus removing the need for remote controls. Source-->Tech 2
  17. patkim

    suggest headphone - Music / audio

    I had look at a few headphones in market e.g. some brands like logitech. Some seem to be designed more for chat and voice. What are good options for music input and their general price range. For cheaper options available like < 500 Rs, would such difference like music & voice etc really...
  18. R

    Pls Suggest a phone

    Hi guys, I need a mobile with the following specs. Please suggest me a phone. My Budget is Rs. 10000-15000 GSM: Yes capacitive touch screen: yes Multi-touch input method: Yes Scratch-resistant glass: Yes primary camera: 8mp or more Flash: Yes secondary camera: yes Camcorder HD...
  19. vikasg03

    how to update audio codec in laptop

    I am having dell inspiron 15R I5 laptop which is using IDT high definition audio codec. I want to know can i run klite codec pack here or I have to find out above mention codec update only. I want to update so that voice can be boost, right now it is very less no enhancements are found.
  20. O

    # Quick Look at NEW iPhone 4S - Don't Miss!

    At last.......its only new wine in OLD bottle! iPhone 4S Look-wise similar to iPhone 4 (same 3.5" retina display,front & back glass with metal rim), A5 dual core proxy-faster, Better antenna design 8MP cam (advanced lens system) 3264 x 2448 + 1080p HD video recording...
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