good nokia phone for listening voice notes


Boy Genius
Hi there people
Congratulations on being the world cup champs!

I need a additional phone (having 5800XM) only to playback some voice notes/lectures/vocals etc.

Needless to say should have expendable memory

Want a nokia as all other at home are nokias and chargers etc came handy
better loudspeaker must 3.5mm will be added plus.
battery should be good
any suggestions I searched few sites and nokia's as well not able to find a combinations. Something like 5030 Xpress Radio but with expendable memory

thanks in advance for ur help :smile:

budget 3+ considering its an extra!


Boy Genius
thanks pauldmps for quick rply

Both these are nice. Only Loudspeaker quality will be the deciding factor for me
Any ideas? which have better L/s

[update 0022IST 4-4-2011]
While searching came across X1-00, either launched or about to be launch
listed at 2K on many websites
any one have there hands on it yet?
1320mah batt
good loud speaker similar to xpressRadio
upto 16 gig memory
looks good


^^ The 2690 & C2-01 have a better OS S40 as compared to the X1 (which has an OS similar to Nokia 1600). Plus the X1 has no bluetooth. It has not been released yet & there is no news on availability. And bigger-looking speakers does not mean that they are better.
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