1. tamatarpakoda

    Perfect Vision for the rest of your life

    Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist and CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp, a company dedicated to eliminating glasses and contact lenses forever, might be really close to accomplishing his goals. His invention, an intra-ocular transplant could revolutionise eye-care. Source: Business Insider
  2. bubusam13

    Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass

    Hi guys, where can I purchase Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass ? I m unable to find them locally and online. Wireless is available but I need the wired one.
  3. B

    Samsung NP355E5x [Honest Review, OC] (AMD APU Vision E1 1.4Ghz, AMD 7310, 2GB DDR3, 500GB)

    Hello everyone! I wanted a simple laptop for office work and Internet so I checked a few on Flipkart and saw this baby- Samsung NP355E5X-A02IN(APU Dual Core/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS) Laptop - Samsung: Soon I popped to Lamington Road to get a feel of what the thing was. Luckily a Seller...
  4. R

    CS1.6 (software mode)

    I have been facing the software video mode ever since i started playing 1.6 on my computer which was newly formatted by windows 7 ultimate. It sucks........... i mean i can only play left handed and the vision is so blurred its's hard to believe my monitor's an led... plz help:shock:
  5. aasshhuu

    Gaming CPU

    Gaming PC under 30k Hello ppl.. As the title suggests.. I'm searching for a great Gaming CPU under Rs. 25k... Dont need monitor\mouse\keyboard.... Things i prefer I'M already having Monitor with 3d n HDMI. Processor Of Intel i5/i7. Graphics card- Nvidia having 3D Vision Technology.(dont...
  6. mithun_mrg

    3D gaming Nvidia v/s Ati whats ur take

    Guys 3D gaming will be the next revolution in gaming technology both AMD & Nvidia had come up with solutions for this please post ur ideas comments here these articles will help understanding both the technologies better 3D Platform Wars: NVIDIA vs AMD vs HDTV | AMD HD3D,NVIDIA 3D Vision,3D...
  7. T

    Microsoft's Future Vision 2019

    Microsoft's Vision of Tomorrow: g9JBSEBu2q8 Windows in our DAILY LIFE 1VuQeR-N8nE&NR
  8. S

    night-vision camera

    im using iphone nowdays,i have my w700i Sony Ericsson mobile laying,so i wonder if i could use sony ericsson as night vision camera is that possible if yes please tell me how?
  9. vickybat

    AMD restructures cpu lineup

    Guys, there will be no sempron, athlon , phenom anymore. This is what amd has planned. Click here. AMD is nuking the current processor brands and splitting its entire CPU portfolio into three classes.
  10. solomon_paulraj

    Xpert Vision GF 9600GT - 512MB

    Sold locally! Mods kindly close the thread! Hi, I want to sell my 2 year old Xpert Vision GF 9600GT - 512MB. send me your offer to very good condition. played fear, fear2, with very good details. can handle most of the games comfortably. Looking for a quick...
  11. T

    3d vision!!!!!!

    pals.... was interested in upgrading my pc and making it 3d vision....approved.. current:- amd x2 6000+ 3gb ddr2 galaxy 8600 gt 17" crt monitor needed 2 know is it worth upgradint 2 it...a dn wot all ill need and price of it..... thanx angel
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    vision 2020 world

    hi guys, what you all think the world will be like in 2020??
  13. D

    3d vision ready monitor

    is there any 3d vision ready monitor available in india? can anyone tell me in detail if its a good option to buy such a monitor now?if so, what are my choices? will they be full HD?
  14. venkat_chitra

    Creative Zen Vision 30 GB for Sale

    Hi All, On behalf of my friend, I'm giving this Ad. My friend has got an Creative Zen Vision 30 GB music player as gift. As he already having iPod Touch, he's going to sell this. Interested persons may PM or contact me through Price is Rs. 12000/- final (with...
  15. T

    Nero Vision not detecting vids.

    I am trying to edit some video clips through Nero Vision. The files are in .mpg format. I am trying to make a dvd out of those files. But when i am trying to edit it through the `Slide Show` option it cant add the files and its giving out an error msg. Plz help me in solving the problem. Can...
  16. sam9s

    NVDIA'S new 3D Vision :: An all new 3D Gaming.

    NVDIA'S new 3D Vision. If Nvidia has its way, 2009 will be the year that 3D gaming breaks out of the 2D display screen. The graphics manufacturer announced today at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show that it plans on shipping a new GeForce 3D Vision kit that will let PC gamers play games in...
  17. F

    subtitles in zen vision m

    i want subtitles in my zen vision m but it do not support subtitles files . there are software to add subtitles to avi file but it take to long for them . so is there any way so that zen can read subtitles or any soft which can add subtitles to avi without taking time . Thanks
  18. iamtheone

    what to get from US.....

    as the name suggests....m stcuk over a problem which everyone of us faces at some time..... a relative is going to US nd i havta get something from there.....the budget is 10k coz mah dad'll be paying for it;)....i m thinking of getting a PMP....either an i pod touch or a creative zen vision w...
  19. anandk

    Bill Gates Turns 52.

    Oct 28th, 2007. "A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer" - Microsofts Vision statement. With this vision the biggest computer conglomerate was born in 1975. Bill Gates, 20, with his childhood friend, Paul Allen, 22, founded an empire called Microsoft Corp., currently...
  20. Gigacore

    Software king Bill Gates turns 52 (Happy Birthday!)

    Happy Birthday Mr. Bill Gates :) Have a Blast :) ‘A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer.’ -Microsoft vision statement. With this vision the biggest computer conglomerate was born in 1975. Bill Gates, 20, with his childhood friend, Paul Allen, 22...
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