1. N

    Projecting inside a car.

    I am working on an augmented reality project. I need to display information to the driver on the windshield. For that we are thinking of using a projector inside the car and using some sort of film or matte on the windshield on which we can display. I tried the rear projection transparent film...
  2. quagmire

    Alternative to YouTube for protected streaming?

    Hey guys. I need to embed a video in presentation (pdf) for academic purposes. I want to limit the visibility of the video to the person addressed only, so I cant put it on YouTube. So do you guys know of any other video streaming service which has videos visible to others, but only if they have...
  3. beingGamer

    Need Help with Scratch on monitor

    I know this is a tutorial section, but posting it here because maybe the suggested solution would become a tutorial. I have Dell S2240L monitor. today morning i noticed there is a scratch on the little-lower left side of the screen. its not visible in games but when the background is uniform...
  4. Harsh Pranami

    Which IP adress is visible to my college WIFI server????

    Hi friends. My college has a wifi server on campus through which I can access internet anytime. Now today i connected to college wifi and opened this url What Is My IP Address? Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more... .It displayed my ip address as 58.85.445.12 (not exact). Now I...
  5. S

    Hard disk problem ......unable to format...

    I have a dell xps 15 laptop...... I dnt knw wat happend bt it's not working.... I tried to format it by re-installing windows bt no partions are visible during the setup i.e it is not detecting my hard disk.... I tried again with linux bt same problem again.... So what should i do??????
  6. A

    How to keep status bar 'always on top' in android?

    I found some apps which let you bring up status bar by pressing a key or by certain gesture but i want the status bar to be visible all the time (even in a fullscreen app) with no need to perform any of above actions.
  7. mohityadavx

    Facebook Fan Exclusive

    I want to make a Facebook Page and upload some videos in the Page however I want that the wall post and videos are visible only when the person likes the page. how could I achieve this?
  8. O

    advice for pocket computer-anyone?

    friends, pls advice on a good windows based pocket computer available in india. i need a handwriting interface for quick inputs.internet connectivity is not relevant (blasphemy!!) as i am an army officer and will use it for my official work and we are not comfortable doing that on internet...
  9. mohityadavx

    Facebook Page Visibility

    I am having a facebook page I want to make it such that you could see content of wall only once you like it otherwise it aint visible to anyone however i cant find any setting to do so. Please help!
  10. A

    Problem with WD My Passport 0730

    Hi Guys, I m facing very strange problem. I have a WD My Passport 0730 750 GB external HDD. Its connected to my system, but neither its visible in device manager nor in windows explorer nor through disk manager. In device manager it's showing usb mass storage, my device is not...
  11. sukesh1090

    firefox problem

    guys when i use hardware acceleration option in firefox everything gets blurred and fonts won't be visible correctly but if i disable it everything works fine. why is so?
  12. nvrmndryo

    why my profile pic/avatar is not visible in forums ?

    why my profile pic/avatar is not visible in forums ?Its visible in my profile but not in any forum ? i have added 80x80 GIF pic ,still no use ?any help ?sorry i knw its hardware Q&A, but i didn't know where to ask this question !!:grin:
  13. P

    720p vs 1080p

    what happens when we play a 720p video on a lappi with 1080p resolution laptop? What is visible diff bet lappies with 720p n 1080p disply?
  14. ico

    Reputation System [Feedback]

    well, the votes have decided. This will stay enabled until we find something better. Reputation System might get disabled again if people won't remain civil. Reputation will not be visible along with your posts. It will be visible on your profile. We need to strike the right balance...
  15. M

    is there a way to snap a photo

    hi am just curious--my friend need any gadget by which he can take a pic and then send it secretly to a given mail .. requirement-- it shouldn't be obviously visible... he is a journalist...
  16. P

    Hard Drive Fails to Boot.

    A seagate 160 SATA HDD on a GA 8I945GZME-RH with 512 MB DDR 2 RAM, refuses to boot. "error loading operating system" is the message. No cable fault. Drive with 4 partitions were visible when booting from Bart PE CD the first time, so ran a seatools "long test" which found errors on HDD and...
  17. sagnik_bose

    DVD drive not showing contents

    i have a system wid win xp wid sp2 .my dvd drive doesn't show up d contents under windows explorer but d contents ar visible under isobuster or other 3rd party softwares.pls helllllllp
  18. Rockstar11

    First Lunar Eclipse Of The Year 2009 On February 9th

    First Lunar Eclipse Of The Year 2009 On February 9th (Lunar eclipse today) The first lunar eclipse for the year 2009 happens on February 9th, exactly after 11 days of first solar eclipse of this year.This is the deepest eclipse of the year with the magnitude of 0.899. It will be easily visible...
  19. D

    please help me optimize safari

    in my pc(win xp sp3)i have both safari & firefox installed...the font in which web pages are displayed in safari is a bit blurry & bold whereas in firefox it is fine..please check the images below-- firefox- * safari-...
  20. T

    why my drive is in visible in window7?

    1-i installed window vista and window7 too. but when i open the window7 the drive in which vista is installed is not visible but when i open vista then i see the drive in which w7. i dont know why? will it is due to formate of disk? 2-tell me difference between fat, fat32, ntfs type?
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