1. Charley

    Need Phone less than Rs.8000

    I'm looking for best brand with the following criteria - Big Display[4.5 inches and more] - Android only - Internal Memory of 1 GB and more - Should run apps like Wechat, watsapp, imo, office suite, pdf viewer and apps without any issues - Best SAR value Is MI phones the best? I mean...
  2. pra_2006

    Help Regarding Team Viewer

    hello friends i want help in Team Viewer, can u guys tell me how can i hide my Firefox Browser from Team Viewer so that i can show only desktop and my computer, i dont want my browsers to show as i type users ids and password or other works thankyou, help will be really appreciated. waiting for...
  3. A

    Need a good VIEWER for ipad (ios 7)?

    Is there a viewer for images on ipad. I keep my i pad with me, take the shot and review it then and there on my it. Problem is that its only 16gb.. and every time one needs to import the pics to see them. So if there was a better quicker way to view the pics without importing, that would be...
  4. sling-shot

    Looking for an image viewer similar to mobile phones

    I am looking for an image viewer for Windows/Linux that shows all images in a continuous scrolling tile format like that of mobile phone galleries. Irrespective of their actual location on the computer. Is there anything like that?
  5. sksundram

    Xolo q800 image viewer problem

    This is the image i took screenshot of in Firefox mobile browser Now you see the clarity here.. It's very very good..but i saved the same image and when opened it in the default image viewer i got this This one is of below par quality... Why it is so and what can I do to remove this problem..
  6. A

    how to back my pictures viewer to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

    Hi guys i need help i just want to know how to back my pictures or images viewer to "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" before when i open my picture in my computer i view my picture using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer like this: but now when i double click my picture or when i open the...
  7. H

    Blue screen

    Guys...i formatted from xp to win now whenever i open a image with windows image viewer..i get a blue screen saying windows encounted error..creating memory dump..wat to do :(
  8. gagan007

    PC Restart - No Overheating

    Hi- I am facing a strange issue ever since I have purchased a new PC (well not exactly after that but after installing VMWare). The specifications of my PC are as follows: What I have done till now is: Removed graphics card and run PC. It restarts again and again. Removed and fit both RAM...
  9. sukesh1090

    system crash problem

    guys my system crashed thrice today while playing just gives BSOD.when i checked the event viewer it just mention something about kernel memory. here is the analysis of my bsod by a website Configuration - - and here is pic of event viewer
  10. D

    Mobile phone under 13k suggestions please

    Hello friends, kindly suggest me a good mobile phone forthe following features. 3G, Video calling, GPS, Document viewer (PDF, word viewer), 5 MP Camera, Touch Screen is not mandatory. brand :nokia, samsung, sony budget :(8000-13000Rs) thanks, dilip
  11. leo61611616

    Facebook Gets High-Resolution Photos, New Photo Viewer And More

    Facebook has announced that starting today they will be rolling out new features like support for high-resolution photos, a new photo viewer, bulk tagging and easy uploading features to their Photos product. Read More Here
  12. IronCruz

    Windows 7 problems

    When i try to open .gif opens but no animations? i open it by WIndows Photo Viewer...
  13. azzu

    Fujifilm Launches 3D Camera

    Fujifilm has announced the launch of its new imaging technology, the 'FinePix REAL 3D System'. The company claims it to be the world's first 3D (three dimensional) digital imaging system that offers users to view 3D images with naked eye without the need for wearing special 3D glasses. The 3D...
  14. A

    pdf ,word , doc, viewer for mobile.

    Hi , all Can someone assign me good latest version of pdf ,word , doc, viewer for mobile.
  15. gxsaurav

    Need help in creating a CHM Viewer

    Today I download an E-Book in CHM format & something struck my mind. Although I am using a cyber cafe computer to read this CHM but I found that other then UltraCHM which is paid there is no good looking CHM Viewer for Windows, whether XP or Vista. The default one in Windows XP & Vista is same...
  16. J

    how to setup vnc viewer over an airtel broadband connection

    pls tell me how to configure a vnc viewer over a static ip address airtel broadband... becoz some of my friends needs assistance from me to troubleshoot their system, and it would be time saving for me to troubleshoot their system over the net from my system itself....:):p
  17. G

    stubborn icon

    Hi I downloaded a email attachment with .eml extension. Intially I could not open with MS Word. I asked the person who sent it and he suggested me to d/l word viewer 2003 to view it. I could read the contents with word viewer, but now I am not able to remove that icon from my desktop. It...
  18. esumitkumar

    VNC error : unreachable host. (10065)

    I am trying to access my laptop from a remote PC I have VNC server installed on laptop..running win XP I have VNC viewer installed on remote PC (its also XP) wen i type in viewer address like "" it says --------------------------- VNC Viewer : Error...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    Photo/thumbnail viewer in ubuntu

    Can anyone here suggest a very good photo/thumbnail viewer on Ubuntu just like Acdsee or Ifran view on windows.
  20. m-jeri

    Need a BMP viewing APP in VC++

    My reqs are... a Dialog.... in which bitmaps stored in resource could be loaded...3 scroll bars are there 2 vertical and 1 horizontal.. desigh should have 3 classes.. 1 derived from CWnd to do all the image operations... 1 derived from CScrollBar for horizontal scroll 1 derived from...
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