1. D

    [Opinion] Budget PnS relevant?

    To begin with I'm not a camera expert, but I generally want to know do you think Point and shoot camera's under 20k or so are even relevant for photography except for the optical zoom? Casual or otherwise? I have a Galaxy S7 as my phone and to my surprise I discovered that it took much better...
  2. I

    Gaming monitor under 13000 INR. Need expert/experience advice.

    Hi, I am looking for a good VFM gaming monitor for my build to phase out my old one. Went ahead for the Dell S2240L but the local guys here in Kolkata said it went out of distribution and warranty issues are there too. Can't trust online dealers with monitors especially, maybe because it's...
  3. mitraark

    VFM 27 monitor for browsing coding videos

    Looking for a VFM ( Read, Cheap but reliable ) 27" Monitor Will primarily use it for ( sorted according to priority, DESC order ) * browsing the internet, code ( hence 27", or is 24" going to be more value for money ? ) * Watch 1080p music videos. * Play FIFA/GTA * Maybe watch...
  4. sandynator

    VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV for Desktop PC & General TV viewing

    Guys is there any good VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV with picture in picture features so that I can access PC on half screen & kido can watch TV simultaneously on other half I guess I'm not asking for more.. Investing on new PC so this thought just came to my mind. Moreover may require...
  5. jackal_79

    Which Of These IS the best VFM Phone?

    Hi my friend is out looking to buy a best VFM phone in < 5 inch range.Budget <= 25000. Here's the questionaire 1. Budget? Ans: <=25000 2. Display type and size? Ans:< 5 inch 3. Dual sim? Ans: Not Required 4. Preferred choice of brand? Ans: Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sony 5. What camera option you...
  6. sdk

    y510p i5 vs i7 : Which one is more vfm ?

    Hello fellas, I am in dire need of your helpful suggestions, I am planning to buy a y510p but I am confused b/w the i5 and i7 variant, 1. At INR 52,000 (Snapdeal/any other online retailer), is y510p i5 variant more vfm option ? 2. what's the ideal price for i7 variant and is it worth to spend...
  7. S

    VFM Full HD LED Under 30K

    Need a VFM Full HD LED Under 30K Will be buying it this week; need the same to watch World Cup Online or Local seller
  8. sharang.d

    Suggest 2.1 Speakers at 3k INR

    Hello everyone, My 5.1 intex speakers(around 3-4k) recently went kaput [after 3-4 years of buying them]. I know it was a mistake buying them in the first place because I wasn't very well informed back then. So i opened them up and the circuitry was terrible. I could see blobs of glue...
  9. U

    Suggestion for a VFM FM2+ MB for AMD Kaveri A10-7700K

    Hi Friends We all are eagerly waiting for the AMD Kaveri APUs which is scheduled lunch in 14th Jan 2014. I hope it will be available in India with in a month of release. So lets discuss for a VFM FM2+ motherboard for it which is/will be available in India.
  10. B

    Good headphones for watching movies in pc and tablet under 1.5k

    Primary use - While watching movies.Occasionally listening to music as well.But more prioirity to watching movies. Type - Over the ear Budget - 1.5k(can extend to 2k if the headphone is really worth it) Brands - Nothing specific.Looking for headphones which are good VFM and long lasting...
  11. arun garg

    Guide me about this

    I am getting a Acer LED 22 inch for rs 7800. Is it a good buy or i should think about Dell S2240L. which is appr. 9200. I don't know about Acer LED so tell me i should buy for VFM Acer or should go with Dell . I love to play games.
  12. B

    Confused between 3D LEDs !!!

    Firends, I am new to this forum. Got stuck in between making one decision. Your expert opinions are anticipated. Recently I have visited few electronics shop and zeroed on these models : LG - 42LM6410, Samsung 40ES6200, Sony 40HX750. I am budget conscious and VFM buyer. I am not able to...
  13. R

    Gpu 16k

    Hi all this is my current rig i5 3470 CX500 mobo-b75 Dell sl2240l 1080p HDMI NXZT tempest 410 elite will be playing Bf3,cs:go,dota 2 ,fc3,etc which is the best vfm card i get for 16k(inc tax ,can extend max to 16.5K)? well 7850 fine or can i fit in a 7870?
  14. kARTechnology

    need help buying vfm printer

    my old hp printer, an aio (hp 4355 officejet) has started giving problems and hp service center says no warranty then no spares, and "sir, please try in another local shop which has second hand printer of sane model and replace parts- MAHAA ELECTRONICS (ALL OVER SOUTH...
  15. Skyh3ck

    Cheap and VFM printer

    Hi i am a freelancer work, working in insurance and tax audit sector i want a cheapest and VFM printer for my work, i take around 5 pages per day print out, it will be good if i get a scanner also, and please suggest what will be good inkjet or laserjet my budget is Rs 1500 /- or best...
  16. warfreak

    NZXT Avatar S

    Link Anyone used this here? It's available for 2k at prime abgb. Just wanted to know if its VFM.
  17. S

    build for VFM 35K to 40K gaming config with GPU later add-on

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: I'd like the build to support games like bf3, crisis3 and other FPS games and also the up coming GTA5 ideally in high or ultra settings, cad and 3D rendering 2. What is your overall budget...
  18. B

    Basic point and shoot camera under 6k

    Hi everyone, I need your help in making my first purchase of a digital camera.I should say I am a total noob in the area of digital cameras.So please excuse me if i ask any dumb questions. 1)Budget - 6k 2)Purpose of camera - Only for taking personal photos.Not into any sort of nature...
  19. S

    Need help in finalizing a headphone setup

    Hi Guys, I can get a headphone from US in coming 1-2 months and going by price differenence there is at the max 2k difference in Indian and USA pricing (sans the warranty ) . So what i thought would be best get a brand not available right now in India . I have tried a AD700/Denon D1100 as...
  20. R

    Best VFM Earphones for a 1.5k Budget

    Hello, Guys please suggest me best VFM earphones for 1.5k. I want excellent sound with bass.. I have looked at Tekfusion's Twinwoofers.. They seem to be very good at this price. Pls suggest me fast, as I need to order within few hours. Thanks P.S. I forgot to mention I am getting this from...
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