Jpg file copier/downloader from a url


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If you are using Mozilla Firefox then install DownThemAll Add-on.
DownThemAll link

After installing add-on restart browser & go to that Magazine site from where you want to download images.

Right click on the page and choose "DownTHEMall" from the pop up menu.(don't click on the images of the magazine but click on blank area of site).

Now Down Them all selection windows will open & click on Picture & Media tab.

click on the images that you want to download or if you want to download all images then just click on Filter & choose images click on start.
Hope this help you.


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^^ Download EZ Save Flash software.
Download link
its internet explorer Addon.install it on internet explorer & restart the browser.
open the site from where you have to download flash content.
go to upper left corner of that site where you will find "flash" icon appeared.
now click on that icon & pop down menu appeared.
finally click on "save this file as" & save wherever you want to save.
hope this helps.
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