Rapidshre uploading too slow on bsnl BB

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How to improve the speed of uploading to rapidshare (free account)

i am getting good speed on downloads but when it comes to uploading files to rapidshare it goes for a long time (10-20 Kpbs max speed)...

Iam using Bsnl 500 plan

is there a method to schedule rapishare uplaods , i tried rapidshare uploading tool but it didnt uplaod on scheduled time :(

Please help me ..


I Always Prefer 1080p
BSNL Dataone uses ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Technology for Broadband Plans
(4:1 Ratio for Download:Upload)
But even if your download speed is upto 2 Mbps, the damn cheaters are only giving 64 Kbps for uploads (CHEATING) when it should be 512 Kbps theoretically
Hence the low upload speed :confused:
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