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Broken In
Hi guys !!!!!!!!!:)

I need you help.
I have Gb's of data to upload :???:
I want to ask is there any software avail that can increase the uploading speed?

or any FTP that can help me in this prob?
or any other trick or experience?

Please help me guys as when i am thinking about Gb's of data for uploading
my head start aching?:mad:
Any little idea will work?

Thanks in advance


Wise Old Owl
You can hire somebody from US or a country where speeds are awesome. You will find such people at various webmaster forums like Digitalpoint and Namepros.


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
If you have such large data data to upload,why not ask some of ur friends to upload it for you?

jus share the work wid ur frinds.


Broken In
Thanks Guys................................
But i need one more help form u guys
PLz! help
I want to download all the drivers form a particular site
I want to ask is there any cool way to download it.
Help please!
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