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I gifted my aunt a Windows Phone Lumia 540, because i didnt find any good phone in that price range in android, as Moto G2 and Asus ZF5 both were only available online. I didnt want to purchase a Chinese phone because i dont know where to go for service if any problems occur. I feel very regret about it, due to the complexity in the usage of Windows phone & lack of apps. My experience with WP8 for about 2 months is,

1) Windows Store : God, the moment i looked into it, i felt like im looking at garbage. There were very less official apps. There were thousands of MX Players(not from J2 Interactive). Ended up downloading VLC media player. Problem is i cant even play .mp4 or .mkv files in it. And also it's not detecting video files from SD Card.

2) Facebook : I dont know why even they have designed the app for WP platform. Absolutely no use. We cant even change Profile/Cover pic.

3) WhatsApp : There is no option DELETE CHAT, like in android.

4) It doesnt have a Recorder app.

5) The camera has two apps, Lumia Camera and Microsoft Camera. What are those and both have very complicated UI.

Windows phone application is missing lot of features that are found on android/ios. There are many restriction. But recently i got an message saying 'Phone Update', which i didnt go to update, as i dont know what more restrictions are added in those update. Is there any future for this phone?, coz i read that microsoft is planning to discontinue their Smartphone portfolio. I also heard about WP 10. Will it be better that WP8. I request windows Phone users in this forum to make me understand the phone by providing some link or by replying with their experience with phone by spending your valuable time. Thank You.


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Windows phone is good for optimized os, fluid operation. But it's ecosystem is absolute garbage, due to lack of official apps people are porting any app they find on play store, ms needs to sort out this mess. Once microsoft integrates play store officially and support art completely this might improve, but its a general rule: If you want apps stay away from WP.

Hardware and feature wise Windows phones are excellent.


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Another thing to add to the list.. Can't take backup of WhatsApp outside the phone. To swap sd card for example.


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Windows phone is a pain. But still it is optimized well enough to perform properly. But the corks always take a priority over any other advantage that the platform has to offer.
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