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  1. Desmond

    MechWarrior 5

    After 15 years, the first singleplayer MechWarrior game is being developed by Piranha Games. https://youtu.be/Gz8Y1V8gy1A Source: MechWarrior 5 announced, first trailer revealed | PC Game
  2. BakBob

    Styx 2: Shards of Darkness

    Styx: Shards of Darkness is a brand new infiltration game from Cyanide Studios. The goblin assassin returns in an epic new adventure that takes him around a dark-fantasy world: From Thoben, the City of Thieves, to the Dark Elven city of Korangar. Shards of Darkness brings Styx back with new...
  3. warfreak


    Surprised there is no announcement tread yet. I thought this forum was full of Quake fans. :thinking_NF: Anyhoo.. Quake Champions!! :D With the new Unreal Tournament and this, hope we see a return of the great rivalry of Arena FPS. E3 2016: Quake Champions Is PC-Only for Launch, But Console...
  4. E

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that?
  5. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Game:Unreal Tournament Developer: Crowdsouced Publisher: Epic Games Platform: PC Some of you might already be aware, the new Unreal Tournament is here!!! This deserves a thread of its own! The new thing they are trying this time is that the development is croudsourced will be driven by a...
  6. sam_738844

    Unreal Engine 4 Crowned as the Topper

    Read more at Unreal Engine 4 is the Best Video Game Engine According to Developers - Unity 5, CryEngine and More Follow
  7. T

    Unreal Engine 4 on a Triple-Monitor Setup!

    Unreal Engine 4 'Effects Cave' Tech Demo - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsJNLT_0DPg Alright, guys! Here's Unreal's latest engine, Unreal Engine 4 running on my triple-monitor setup. This is a next-gen engine that runs on a wide range of platforms...
  8. Desmond

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that? Source : http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/08/new-unreal-tournament-game-will-be-free-developed-by-epic-and-ut-community/
  9. Desmond

    New Cryengine Tech Demo

    Just when I was starting to believe that Cryengine 3 had no **** on the new Unreal engine, they come up with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9AoP5kVLdI Is this awesome or what!?
  10. A

    unreal engine and unity engine games

    I need android games which are created with the help of unity engine and unreal engine
  11. aal-ok

    Unrea tournament 2004 lag fix

    Ram: 768 mb Hdd: 80gb seagate Barracuda Vga: 64mb Via s3g unichrome IGP driver OS: Win xp 32 bit Processor: AMD sempron 2200+ I intsalled Unreal tournament 2004 it is running perfectly but it lags sometimes is there any way to fix it using ut2004.ini please help
  12. yashthedude

    See Unreal Engine 4's Next-Gen Graphics in Motion

    Epic has finally given Unreal Engine 4 a proper public debut today with a new batch of cinematic trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, and footage of simple gameplay prototypes built using UE4′s scripting tools. Be warned, though: Once you’ve seen the future, the present will seem downright ugly...
  13. puneet sharma

    Unreal engine 4

    Unreal Engine 4 Screens :shock: Here is a sneak peak of next-gen games The Imagination Engine: Why Next-Gen Video Games Will Rock Your World | Game|Life | Wired.com
  14. Jaskanwar Singh

    Watch the Next-Generation Unreal Graphics NOW

    Watch the Next-Generation Unreal Graphics NOW wdwHrCT5jr0

    Gameloft to Use Unreal Engine 3 in Future Games

    Gameloft just announced that they have made a long term, multi-platform licensing agreement with Epic Games, Inc for the Unreal Engine 3. Julien Fourniais, Vice President of Production at Gameloft had this to say: Source
  16. ashishnehete

    seting up LAN server for UT

    Guys i am having a LAN gaming party i have to put atleast 25 pc in network for unreal tournament the oldest version how to make a dedicated server for the same how to use it??
  17. Rockstar11

    how to play unreal 2004 multiplayer on hamachi server with my friends.

    how to play Unreal 2004 multiplayer online game on hamachi server with my friends. can i play multiplayer game in Unreal 2004 DEMO version ? help please.... thanks in advance.... help.... bump... :( :(
  18. S

    Valve unites Epic Games, id Software and themselves under the same roof

  19. warfreak

    The Unreal™ Series Thread

    Since there is already a Halflife & Counterstrike thread, why not have a thread dedicated to the Unreal Series ? I know there are a lot of UT fans here. Lets posts all Unreal and UT related subjects here :D. The Unreal™ Series:- Unreal (Singleplayer) Series Unreal (PC) Unreal 2: The...
  20. Ecko

    Unreal Tournament III Server Available for Linux

    SIZE : 1600 MB TYPE :BIN SOURCE :SOFTPEDIA.COM DOWNLOAD HERE Unreal Tournament (UT) III Linux Server is finally available and the good news is that you don't need a retail copy of UT3 to host games. The server comes as a complete package – a pretty large one, I may add – of 1.6 GB. After you...
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