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The Unreal™ Series Thread

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Since there is already a Halflife & Counterstrike thread, why not have a thread dedicated to the Unreal Series ? I know there are a lot of UT fans here. Lets posts all Unreal and UT related subjects here :D.

The Unreal™ Series:-

Unreal (Singleplayer) Series

Unreal 2: The Awakening (PC)

Unreal Tournament Series
Unreal Tournament (PC,PS 2,DS)
Unreal Tournament 2003(PC)
Unreal Tournament 2004(PC)
Unreal Tournament 3(PC,PS 3,XBox 360)

Unreal Championship Series
Unreal Championship
Unreal Championship 2 : The Liandri Conflict(XBox)

EDIT: Lets also talk about all the user created mods for UT
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I liked unreals first 3 games but after that.....its just damn repetitive and I never again tried the later ones:(


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Re: The Unreal™ Series Thread

Me too a UT fan..The first game in the series and 2004 are my favs.I have tried 2003 too but found the gameplay boring as compared to the 2004.The best thing about UT series is the good-looking graphics and yet, low system requirements.
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