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  1. N

    setup dialup connection

    have you heard of 5net ISP.I want to know how to establish a dial up connection to my win8 laptop. I am quite unknown about 5net but I want to apply for its service.plz can I have its details.(I reside in Pune.)
  2. A

    Selecting RAM for Asus U32U

    I have an Asus U32U netbook/laptop. The specific model is RX012D. AMD® APU E-450 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, will move to 14.04 on release AMD A50M Chipset AMD Radeon® HD 6320 Built-in 320GB 5400RPM HDD The RAM supported is DDR3 1333/1066 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 8 GB SDRAM. I...
  3. bssunilreddy

    Know anything about Illuminati?

    Hai, It is a Secret Organisation that controls the might super powers and none is an exception to it.There are so many info about it but still it mystifies me.It considers the roots of every civilization for its progress which AFAIK was from 5000 years old. Is it a continuation of an ancient...
  4. G

    google homepage unknown string at address bar

    I kept google.co.in as homepage at opera 12.16 and windows 7.when I go to google.co.in from new page shortcut the site navigates to google.co.in and some new unknown string at address bar each time for e.g"https://www.google.co.in/webhp?tab=ww&ei=x9yUUtiJKsm3rgfcq4GoBA&ved=0CBMQ1S4" my question...
  5. theserpent

    Need a quick help!Find this song pls

    Hey guys can you all please tell a song which would be suitable for the scene A student's first day in his college, with all unknown people around. Theres Akshays Kumars one song cant remember it :|
  6. jkultimate

    A unknown "sign" in home screen on Nokia C2-02

    Ok, my friend has got a Nokia C2-02. Two days back, in his phone a unknown sign is appeared. I can't able to remove it.. :? :? Is it a sign of voice message? How do I remove it?
  7. karan4


    hey from last couple of days im experiencing frequent bsod with error driver_irql_not_less_or_equal.............on enquiring i found svchost.exe using high resources......and one thing i noticed is that the occurance of bsod is more when im using openvpn......i have scanned my computer for any...
  8. RCuber

    Battlefield 3

    This is a separate thread from the main thread here. I Created this thread as we where not able to keep track on how many BF3 players are there in TDF. here we can share our favorite servers as well as plan casual rounds against each other. There are plenty of servers which are empty and we can...
  9. marvelousprashant

    Unknown device in Device Manager

    Hello Guys. Just noticed I've an Unknown Device in Device Manager. Dont know what it is. "Update driver" fails. Read on some website that this may be generated by some software. So I restarted my laptop in safe mode. The problem was still there. What to do?
  10. soumo27

    [Query] Unknown Devices showing up under "Network Computers and Devices"

    Well I found these list of unknown devices appearing under Network Computers and Devices in the Control Panel. But these are un-accessible. I am using DSL connection provided by the cable operators. Can anyone explain what are these?
  11. webgenius

    Android phone with 14MP camera launched

    Finally an Android phone is out with 14.1 MP camera. Launched by Altek. AFAIK the best we got till now in an Android phone is 8MP camera. Can this be the game changer? Source: TechFanz If I were to buy, I would definitely stay out from such unknown brands and wait for Motorola, HTC...
  12. S

    JQuery Selector Problem

    Hello, CSS selectors with a colon like $(':input') and $(':text') are not working in any of the browsers In the error console in Firefox it gives a warning "Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'input'" Am I missing something Please Help me I am new to JQuery
  13. Plasma_Snake

    COD4 server help

    I'm trying to make and run a COD4 server but when I try to do so, COD4 console opens up and all I see is this WARNING: unknown dvar 'bg_shock_volume_vehiclelimited' in file 'shock/damage_mp.shock' WARNING: unknown dvar 'bg_shock_volume_menu' in file 'shock/damage_mp.shock' WARNING: unknown dvar...
  14. N


    earlier i used to get the following during burning dvd's "burn process started succesfully at 20x" but it comes "unknown burn phase"
  15. B

    Problem with ZEB 100JP gamepad

    Hi, I just got myself a Zebronics gamepad (ZEB 100JP)...but my PC does not seem to recognise the hardware. I installed the Driver CD which came with it but I don't know what to do after that. The device manager still lists it as Unknown Device. Does anyone have the proper drivers for this...
  16. S

    unknown software exception (0xc0000409)

    hi, " the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x0056eb30 ". i am getting this message everyday after few minutes of booting the machine. why? is it dangerous? i am anxious. already i have faced two major virus problem for which i had to...
  17. jack_the_ripper

    Nero Unknown BurnPhase

    hi guys, I am using nero v.7. Whenever i try to burn a dvd or a cd i get this " Unknown burn phase" error. Though the cd/dvd is burning properly without any problem, im unable to see the status of the burning process. and after completion of the burn process, a notepad file with the name...
  18. aQi_g

    How to connect a usb device which the win xp says as UNKNOWN DEVICE?

    I want to connect the CLASSIC 732(it has a usb port for charging it) Mobile handset provided by Relance to my pc,my pc runs on Win xp SP2,When i connect the the handset using a usb cable 2 my pc,Xp me notifies me that it is a unknown device,plz help how can i connect it to the pc>is there any...
  19. amitabhishek

    Help me with Acer aspire 4520

    Hi, Has anyone picked up an Acer aspire 4520 lately? I did, though laptop has impressive specs at a very very nominal price (Rs.29,999) the downside is laptop has a mess of proprietary-only components. Mostly nvidia. Starting with connectivity (NIC). So can anyone guide me as to how to get...
  20. Batistabomb

    The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online, Be Careful

    1. Clicking on email attachments from unknown senders 2. Installing unauthorized applications 3. Turning off or disabling automated security tools 4. Opening HTML or plain-text messages from unknown senders 5. Surfing gambling, porn, or other legally-risky Websites 6. Giving out passwords...
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