1. K

    How to find out?

    Hi Guys, How to find out the place in which the drivers of USB stick, USB WIFI MODEM, MOBILE have been installed and how to uninstall them?
  2. kg11sgbg

    Help: Unable to uninstall dcbd package in Ubuntu-16.04

    I inadvertently installed the package "dcbd" in Ubuntu-16.04. Actually it was not fully installed nor removed. Now I am facing immense difficulties whenever I am installing/uninstalling a package in Ubuntu-16.04 Please help Friends,regarding the successful uninstall of this app/package...
  3. B

    How to block few sites

    Hi Guys, My friend wants to block "few sites" for his 10 year old kid. The problem is that the child knows how to block/unblock sites via the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ method, new generation eh? Anyways please tell me the best way to block certain sites. I found few software's but they...
  4. patkim

    How can I prevent facebook app from running in background?

    Does anyone know how to prevent Facebook from running in background on Android phone. On Redmi 1S no matter what I do it keeps coming back and hogs 50MB of RAM. As a last option I plan to uninstall the same, however before that checking if there's any remedy, pl. help. Thx.
  5. R

    Installing new MOB drivers

    Hey guys, i found new drivers(Chipset & LAN) for my motherboard gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h rev 1.1 How do i go about the installation? should i uninstall my old drivers and then install the new ones? Or can i directly install them,its my 1st time so pls help :razz:
  6. H

    Is it safe to forcestop preloaded app ?

    My new Micromax phone has preloaded 'Gamehub' app which Avast shows a trojan virus detected and also AVG..There is an option to forcestop and uninstall..When i click on uninstall it shows uninstall unsuccessful..So i tried to forcestop,but it shows this might cause some apps to misbehave,so i...
  7. happy17292

    Can't Install Flight Simulator X after accidentally deleting it(not uninstalled)

    I had accidentally Deleted FSX while replacing my old HDD now it won't let me install/repair it again. whenever i run setup it shows 2 options, repair and uninstall. when i select uninstall it shows error number: 0x80040702 Description: Failed to load DLL:GameuxInstallHelper if i choose...
  8. amalmishra@rocketmail.com

    Didnt Uninstalled Properly!!! So Now Cant Install Again!! :(

    Few Days Ago I installed gears of war on my laptop but accidently deleted it without uninstalling now when try to install it again it starts uninstall wizard and i not able to install it!!! Help!!!:|:cry:
  9. N

    Installed Windows 8 on Windows 7. Help!

    Guys, I accidentally installed Windows 8 in the same drive where I installed Windows 7. It created a "Windows.old" folder which I think is Win7. Everything is usable and no problem at all. But how do I uninstall this Windows 8? I didn't like it. No Start = fail (for me). Is there any other way...
  10. Charley

    Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework

    I have these .NET Framework versions. Can you tell me which ones to uninstall ? It's taking a lot of space on my hard disk.
  11. true_lies

    avast update error

    i have the avast free antivirus installed on win XP lappy. it does not updates the virus database on its own, even though its set on auto. and the manual updates dont work tried to uninstall it but it shows an 'error reading product data' error. and i cant even delete the folder. what to do?
  12. S

    No sound from PC

    My PC suddenly stopped playing sounds from its speakers. OS is XP sp3. I had also installed Linux Mint 10. For some days I was getting sound when using Mint but not in XP. After a few days there is no sound from both XP and Mint. I have tried several remedies suggested in many sites to no avail...
  13. scavanger007

    uninstall problem with KIS2011

    Hello guys, I am facing a problem.... While I was uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, electricity went off.... so as a result system is giving following problems.... 1) since the KIS was not uninstalled completely some of the files r missing and hence i cant uninstall it...
  14. sukesh1090

    uninstalling windows xp from dual boot

    I am using windows 7 and xp as dual boot.now i want to uninstall windows xp,so please tell me how can i do it.thank you.
  15. sukesh1090

    system crash problem

    today i tried to uninstall opera 11 but every time when i click uninstall option my system crashed and then i uninstalled it from safe mode.can any one please tell me why it happened? the pic of event log-
  16. H

    What is deep freeze software? How to uninstall Deep Freeze 6?

    I have installed Deep Freeze 6 accidentally, i does not know what this software does. But after installed it, in my PC i can't Save or Delete any Data. So i can't my work. Please suggest what should i do to uninstall Deep Freeze. Please help me!!!!!!!!!
  17. Kishal

    opera doesnt uninstall

    i used chrome till now but i found opera 11 to be better. so i thought of installing it. but i found that i had opera 9.25 previously installed on my pc. i uninstalled it but it still appears in the programs list. it doesnt uninstall as well. on uninstalling, a popup appears asking for a file...
  18. quan chi

    Help in gma driver installation problem

    hi Guys well my gpu went kaput therefore i had installed my gma 33/31 drivers. but later when i tried to uninstall it.It didnt allowed me to uninstall it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YV76r1ffwY later somehow i uninstalled it using perfect uninstaller.but later on whenever i try to...
  19. toad_frog09

    Nero7 wont uninstall. Please help.

    Yea guys its me hairy. . Like my header says, nero 7 wont uninstall. I want to install nero 8 and it does not allow the setup to continiue till nero 7 is removed. And when i try to remove it, it gives following error. Please help me guys. . "Internal error Custom Action Dll crashed on...
  20. Sridhar_Rao

    Go ubuntu 8, come ubuntu 10, but how?

    On my desktop, I have both XP and Ubuntu 8 installed. Recently, Ubuntu seems to have problems, it freezes often. I'd like to uninstall it completely and reinstall Ubuntu 10 in its place. A step-by-step guide would be very helpful.
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