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yesterday i enabled airtel messenger for abt 50 rs per month..... i am using a nokia 3230.. i downloaded the software from their wap site...... i keep getting login failure..... so i am unable to use it.... any suggestion on what the problem could be????? I checked all the setings.. most of the time its connection time out......



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i do have mobile office on it.... i have no problems with it... airtel live also works fine... it keeps giving me -100004 timeout error....


^^ this is weird problem
check if u hav gave Permission to connect to server
and also call CC

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Does airtel messenger works on NOP???
It didn't on mine 3230.Has anyone tried???
I too get timeout.


1. access point : To login to Airtel Messenger, you should use Airtel Live! As the Access point.

2. username and password :When you download the Airtel Messenger to your phone, you will get a page where you will have to enter your Nickname and select the download option and click Submit. When you submit this data your Mobile Number will be activated as the username and a system generated password will be sent to you through an SMS.
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