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  1. thetechfreak

    the TWITTER feed

    Hello Guys, I have created this thread so we can discuss about various things about twitter. Also, you can post your Twitter links here for everyone to follow. But please remember, only post a profile link once and not more than that. So, lets start the discussion tweeple!!! I start the...
  2. NewsBytes

    Twitter reports 3x faster searches with new Blender

    So you think Google, Yahoo and Bing are the only search engines around? Well, you aren't entirely wrong, but five-year old Twitter too has a search functionality, and although it may not be comparable to the search giants, it still serves over a billion search queries a day. On Twitter, a search...
  3. ico

    Tweetie for Mac

    I'm new to Twitter and I was looking for a simple but effective Twitter client. I somewhat not prefer to use the Web interface. I searched and found a few simple clients like Bluebird and Canary but they didn't comply to the new Twitter authentication standards introduced in August. So, you...
  4. D

    A tale of porn, drugs, spam, twitter and zombies

    Source :- A Tale of Porn, Drugs, Spam, Twitter and Zombies If you were asked to paint a verbal picture of the Internet in just five words, would they be porn, drugs, spam, Twitter and zombies? After analyzing an amazing two billion emails a day for three months, that's the image arrived at by...
  5. P

    Win a Mp3 player with MicroSD slot

    Win a mp3 player with micro SD card slot just by login to twitter or create a new account in twitter and go to this link prakash (prakashr85) on Twitter retweet the message that starts with Eye Catching and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Mobile phone review (both message should be retweeted) and...
  6. icekid

    Twitter for iPhone

    it's finally out http://www.technorad.com/social-media/twitter/2010/05/twitter-for-iphone-available-free-on-itunes.html The worlds best twitter app for iPhone tweetie is not Twitter For iPhone and it's free. Twitter announced a month ago that it had about Tweetie...
  7. digi23

    Sachin on twitter

    NEW DELHI: By now, you probably know the 'God of Cricket' is finally on Twitter. But what is worth knowing is that he is setting Twitter afire just like his batting. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar joined Twitter on Tuesday night around 11.30 with a 'RT' in his handle. His first tweet read: "Finally...
  8. thetechfreak

    How to make twitter and facebook update together

    How to make twitter and facebook update together?Suppose if i Make an twitter update from my phone (GPRS) how to make it come in Facebook without updating FB status?Any help?
  9. ax3

    Twitter addon 4 Firefox ! ! !

    any 1 using twitter addon 4 firefox ... i have tried powertwitter bt u need 2 visit twitter 2 use it ... any other 4 which u dont have 2 visit twitter homepage ???
  10. paroh

    How to use twitter?

    How to use twitter? I want to know are there only person that can be followed or there can be group also that can be followed?
  11. R

    twitter on mobile

    activated twitter on my phone.is kinda cool.although i wish airtel soon starts a 50p sms plan like reliance. i still cant get twitter to send me the tweets of my friends though.plzz can someone help?:cry:
  12. Demonkiller

    How To:Make Money Using Twitter

    First of all, if this is against ToS, please delete the topic. Alright, I assume most of you are familiar with twitter.com, similar to orkut,facebook etc... but only a few people would be aware that you could actually make money by using Twitter.. Lets get started then, First of all, things...
  13. red_devil

    Rakhi ka Swayamwar :D

    no no i'm no fan of that shite show. Came across a couple of pics on twitter and wanted to share them over here.. :D
  14. naveen_reloaded

    *_*_* All Twitter Fans Here *_*_*

    Hi guys.... Post your Twitter Profile here .. MY ID here:
  15. M

    Follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter and get featured on Sims 3!!!!

    Ashton Kutcher one of the famous users of twitter challenged CNN for the race of 1 million followers .... "I find it astonishing that one person can actually have as big of a voice online as what an entire media company can on Twitter," Kutcher said Larry King host of the Larry King Live...
  16. Krazy Bluez

    How to create a signature ?

    I just wanna know how I can create my own signature...I mean I have a picture but i want to add links in it, like one for deviantart, twitter, orkut, etc, but i can't figure it out how to, so can anyone help me with it ?
  17. M

    How to use Perl / Ruby Scripts?

    I am not sure but either of the codes of Perl or Ruby Scripts are used to manipulate various web services like sending files larger than 20 MB via Gmail, Adding lots of twitter user (following) in One go etc. Can anyone pls tell where to use these scrips? I mean I got the scripts but where to...
  18. IronManForever

    Twitter Client for Windows XP..

    I want a nice free twitter client for Xp. I would prefer if it was a multi-protocol one. I want it to be low bandwidth friendly. Thanks.
  19. praka123

    Twitter's controversy over Terms of Service

    Read the complete article here: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080526-twitters-controversy-over-terms-of-service.html I got a twitter account some time back :D .it is lying dead ;) tweeting aint that a good experience,IMHO
  20. DigitalDude

    Twitter Saves Man From Egyptian Justice

    Twitter Saves Man From Egyptian Justice So start twittering :p :D _
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