1. izzikio_rage

    VoLTE for OP2 : Twitter Campaign

    Guess Oneplus disappeared after saying that they would give the OP2 an OTA with VoLTE support. Trying to get them to act on this. If there are any OP2 users here, can we get #VoLTEforOP2 to trend on twitter? or atleast remind Oneplus to help us out.
  2. Flash

    2014 Twitter Moments and Perspectives

    Twitter really done a good job on organizing the tweets. Moments | #YearInReview
  3. R

    Evleaks retiring !!

    Infamous Twitter leaker @evleaks ceases operation - news
  4. Cyberghost

    Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on Thursday

    Hackers posted a bogus announcement of a rocket strike against Israel’s Dimona reactor and a possible nuclear leak on a Twitter account used by the Israeli military, which said on Friday it was combating such cyber attacks. Read More : Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on...
  5. Mr.Kickass

    Facebook, Twitter, and others reset user logins after hacker steals 2 million passwords

    Facebook, Twitter, and others reset user logins after hacker steals 2 million passwords|The Verge
  6. H

    How a person became internet famous for $68

    How to become internet famous for $68 – Quartz I personally love it when people take it up to themselves to beat the bots.
  7. H

    #nowthatcherisdead being misinterpretrd by twitter as "now that cher is dead"

    Internet confused by “Nowthatchersdead” hashtag on Twitter - * Now twitter is going meta and tweeting about the confusion caused by the hashtag.
  8. theserpent

    Anonymous hacks North Korea's twitter Accounts

    Anonymous hacks North Korea's Twitter and Flickr accounts | Security & Privacy - CNET News Seriously NK should stop this
  9. Hrishi

    Twitter hacked, data of 250,000 users exposed.!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad news for twitter users. Source : TOI. TOI. I hope , FB isn't next target.
  10. IronCruz

    Display problem Sony Tipo(single)

    I see strange colours on the screen for a sec and then it goes. It happens to me, when i use Xperia gallery and twitter. Here is the video how it happens. Please do watch it, it's just 3 sec video.. Please help me out.
  11. D@rekills4

    Microsoft's #droidrage campaign results in #windowsrage on Twitter

    Source: Microsoft's #droidrage campaign results in #windowsrage on Twitter | The Verge Here are the top 10 tweets: Here Are the Ten Best Tweets on #WindowsRage - Softpedia Not that I am picking a side but why is Microsoft being so unprofessional? If you want to fight the the competition...
  12. dharmil007

    win8 Queries

    i Just installed Windows 8 in my laptop, with lotS of problem. i have few doubts regarding it : 1. i Cannot access the content of the shared drives of Win7 desktop PC to my win8 lappy. it just lists the shared drive but when i try to acces it, it gives error. 2. iF i Link my Gmail...
  13. Charley

    Is Twitter Working For You

    I tried since yesterday, but Twitter doesn't load here. Is it the same for you guys ?
  14. T

    Twitter get a Face Lift ! :)

    Twitter on the web get a new Face Lift. Twitter is now allowing users to showcase their profile with Facebook like Timeline Cover. You can add a COVER art called "HEADER" in twitter of a maximum size of 1252 x 600px EXAMPLES : [ Please don't start to follow them ] Some Indian...
  15. theserpent


    Well if you all use twitter you will see that this #emergency2012 is trending The goverment is censoring the internet and is blocking all pages/twitter users who are creating rumours etc Daily Dot | #Emergency2012: Is India headed for full-blown Internet censorship? If Any of you all...
  16. rahul_c

    Who to follow on twitter?

    I just started using twitter regularly, besides celebrities whom do you consider must to follow?
  17. Neo

    Post your Google+, Twitter and facebook usernames

    I'm creating this thread so that we can get together on our favourite social networks. here are mine.... Google+ facebook twitter Share yours..................and add me..............:)
  18. Siddharth_1

    Official ULTRABOOK Discussion Forum

    What is an Ultrabook? A- It is a from-the-ground-up reinvention of the Notebook. This is a serious peice of equipment and Intel owns it all. It is a new platform and a new catagory. The UltraBook would have the features of a Tablet, beat the lightness of the MacBook Air, dramatically reduce...
  19. N

    my new UserName here :D

    Hello :D how is my new twitter username ? :D
  20. R

    Twitter Portal and Twitter Apis:help req

    Hi everyone I need some help with this Twitter portals thing... one place, specific topics and members tweeting...something on the lines of Europatweets - What is Europe doing? where do i get started ? I googled a lot but couldn't find anything on it...anyone ?
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