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  1. patkim

    faint flicker in tube light even after switched off

    In one tube light in the house, one end of the tube still flickers intermittently faintly for a long time even after the button is switched off. It's only visible in the dark & not during daytime. I wonder what is causing it? Does the choke release some leakage current even after the switch is...
  2. K

    Free you tube downloader

    Hi Guys, I have got a you tube downloader. But it is not good. Can you recommend me any free reliable you tube downloader?
  3. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Inverter for Home

    Need some advise to buy good Inverter and battery and which type to choose... Req: 6 Tube lights 5 Fans 2 CFL's 5 Zero Bulbs
  4. kg11sgbg

    You Tube videos partially downloading,extreme buffering effect

    I am unable to download full videos from You tube. Also facing extreme buffering. I am on Firefox. Friends,any similar problems of anyone,regarding You Tube? Please share and also suggest better solutions.
  5. bajaj151

    Why Screen flickers ?

    Monitor : Benq E2200HD (1920*1080, 60mhz) Cable : HDMI on Sapphire 7850 OC Problem : When I switch on or off any electrical equipment like fan, tube light etc...Screen flicker - Graphic driver is upto date
  6. P

    Honda aviator tuff up tube tyre confirmation

    Hi Guys, I m making mind to buy Honda aviator, dealer said that only rear wheel come with tuff up tubes, but my friends who owns the aviator says that aviator comes with tuff tube in both front and rear. Please anyone having aviator pls confirm . in honda website its not clearly...
  7. sukesh1090

    thermal compound,which one to buy?

    guys i am having Cm Hyper 212 Evo cooler.few days before its fan stopped working and i sent it to the service center.i sent the whole heatsink including the thermal compound tube which they give with the cooler.now they have lost that tube and asking me to buy a new one.:-x(screw you Cooler...
  8. sujoyp

    ET macro setup

    On popular demand I am putting the Extension tube macro setup here Please note that this Idea was given to me by Toofan soo all credits to him:grin: For this setup u should have - 1. A DSLR 2. A fast prime lens...in my case its Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AF 3. I got cheap Extension tubes from ebay...
  9. R

    you tube download

    I'm using You tube downloader. sorry dont know the version. Whenever I try and download a music video ,I now get a window that says: " Download error HTTP response: 404 (not found)" Can any one please help me resolve this problem? thanks everyone
  10. gdatuk

    Should I go for 5800

    I am seriously thinking of getting a new mobile. I am sick and tired of buttons and keypads. So touch UI, decent camera, ample memory, scalable, sturdy and rugged. Should I choose the tube 5800? or any other suggestions? Budget 20-25k. If less good....
  11. S

    how can i download video

    should i download videos from You tube site or not ,is thare any sofware to be require 4 that so that i can download video from you tube web site to my system drive (c or D..) Videos are opened in site but not b save ....... if yes plz tell me d process.......... thax..
  12. cooldudie3

    Here comes iPhone killer by Nokia: Nokia 5800 "Tube"!

    Source I've also got a pic here.
  13. T

    Downloading & playing files from Youtube.

    I want to know how we can download the file from You Tube and which softwares can used to play them. Thank U
  14. G

    How to capture You Tube Video

    Please see the attachment file.
  15. sravan

    problem with you tube

    Whenever I try to view a video in you tube the first 3-4 sec gets loaded and then stops. My connection speed is 96kbps . I can't even download them using extension in FireFox
  16. V

    You Tube Hacked....

    When i opened You Tube in my office... it shows the following error message... hope site is hacked by some one... its happened @ 12 05 AM 22nd March 2008. ( See the Attachment. )
  17. smile

    You Tube???

    Are there any softwares to download youtube videos:) ....If there where can i download them....Can anyone suggest me:confused:
  18. dinesh_mettur

    youtube resume download????

    hi dudes i wanna 2 download my fav videos from youtube am having u tube downloader but when the net gets disconnected suddenly it loses the full file again it starts from first only ... Is there any other way 2 resume download in youtube ?? whether the link given by video file will open in...
  19. V

    Saving you tube videos

    Am aware this may have been answered earlier so please bear with me. What is the best and most convenient way os saving You tube videos for viewing later. Thanks.
  20. kerthivasan

    YOU TUBE- what is the meaning?

    what is the meaning of the name "YOU TUBE"? y did they chose such a peculiar name? any reason?
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