1. Charley

    BSNL Broadband - Webites load Slow

    I'm on the 1199 bsnl bb plan & I get speed of 1.6 Mbps+. But the website loading speed and video running speed is slow since March 21 on PC, laptop and mobile. What could be the reason? I read somewhere changing DNS will improve speed. Is it true? As per my settings in TCP/IP [Win XP], the...
  2. liverpoolfcfan

    Question regarding RX 480 pricing.

    Is it really official AMD pricing or is it another artificial price gouging from our famous Indian retailers? Just because they are saying that this is AMD official pricing doesn't make it true. We need the right info & Only Digit can discover the true story. Please Robert rescue us. We need...
  3. K

    Want to add a 4tb hdd

    As the title suggests, I want to add a 4tb hdd to my current pc which already has 2tb hdd and a 512gb ssd. I read somewhere that hdd's more than 2.2tb won't support on bios. You need to have something called UEFI. Is this true? Also, what is UEFI? And what do I need to do to make my 4tb hdd run...
  4. sygeek

    BSNL Broadband to offer minimum Internet Speed as '2Mbps'

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, so I created a thread. Source Whats the catch you say? FUP of course! And that too a very generous 6GB! We can clearly see how much ahead of time BSNL is. /s I've always said this and will say it again, BSNL is a joke in this country and will always be...
  5. nisargshah95

    Configure Sublime SFTP plugin to work with Amazon AWS

    I am using Sublime Text 2.0.2 on Linux Mint. I have the username, public IP and the private key file (.pem) for my Amazon AWS EC2 instance. I wish to configure Sublime SFTP plugin to try to connect to my EC2 instance. Here's my sftp-config.json contents - { // The tab key will cycle through...
  6. C

    Samsung's VR Gear in India release date ?

    Hi everyone, I have seen overwhelming rumors that Samsung will introduce its Virtual reailty Gear in India in Jul-2015. How true it is ?? and what will be its price .. does anyone have a clue of it ?? please share. - - - Updated - - - Anyone .. any techno-geek ... no news !!!! anyone ?
  7. TechnoBOY

    help me to choose new connection

    so i need a true unlimited plan , minimum download speed should be abov3 2 mbps so plz help me i need at least 2mbs and i t should be true unlimited i alredy have a land line connection but every body i telling bsnl land line internet is not good so someone help me:-(
  8. V

    Is it True Inverter AC doesnt perform good at 45 to 50 degree temperature?

    Is it True Inverter AC doesnt perform good at 45 to 50 degree temperature? I am planning to purchase a Split Inverter AC bt i certainly read in review inverter ac does work good at higher temperature, as I reside in Gujarat where the temperature in worst of summer goes to even 45 to 48...
  9. K

    Suggestion for a SSD

    I want a 120 GB SSD just for the system drive to improve speed. Problem is my budget. Can you suggest a good SSD around Rs.5.5k ? Or should i wait for the prices to go down to get a good SSD? And is it true that lifetime of SSDs is very short? I've heard that they die out quickly.
  10. P

    True 5.1 for Laptop

    First some background : I have this CM Storm Sirus True 5.1 Headset. But what I want is to connect an external 5.1 speaker system to my laptop . What I have in my mind is since the headset already has a good soundcard , can I find some 10-Pin Mini DIN cable (Male) with 3 Surround...
  11. C

    True 8-bit IPS 1080p monitor under 10K

    Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest me a true 8-bit (not the e-IPS with 6bit + FRC) monitor under 10K. Screen size is not an issue, can live with even a 20-inch 1080p panel. Thanks!
  12. Nanducob

    Games and skill

    Which gamers have more skill? Or Which games need more skill to play? P.S:Is it true that for playing COD you need no skills;)?
  13. A

    Best earphones in 5000 range for movies

    Hi, Budget : 5000/- Type : i have lenovo Y500 laptop witch comes with dolby home theater Use : Movies & songs (movies come with DTS or AC3 5.1 so if i can get true 5.1 enable headphoe.) No Mic Features required : Surround sound,5.1 or higher links for where to buy them in India online...
  14. G

    Buying harddisk- Questions

    I am interested in buying internal harddisk for my old aging laptop. I was thinking in the terms of 1tb but someone told me in 32 bit computer there is a limit for only 500gb of harddisk. Is it true??? and what if i buy external harddisk and connect it via usb then will it be detected...
  15. S

    Does paypal report you??

    Does paypal report the amount of money you got through paypal to governement officials. I heard there is a threshold value above which they report you. Is that true??
  16. Mr.Kickass

    [Newsflash] First True Octa-Core Smartphone Unveiled

    This isn't any great news as such going by the names like MediaTek and UMI, but there certainly seems to be something going on in the manufacturing industry. Everybody knows that Galaxy S4 was supposed to have an 8 core processor but is it really an octa-core ? True, it does have 8 cores, but...
  17. funskar

    BSNL Launches 1Mbps True Unlimited Broadband Plan at Rs.725

    India’s largest Broadband service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today announced the launch of two new True Unlimited Broadband plans for Rs.575 and Rs.725 for its customers in Surat SSA of Gujarat circle, providing 512Kbps and 1Mbps download speed respectively. 5 CS21 having...
  18. sksksksk

    IT v/s coms ??

    Well, Is IT branch of degree a waste of tym?? Like its said that IT is not having much demand after BE. ? Is it true that COMS prove to be superior more than IT's???
  19. ZTR

    MediaTek announces first true octa-core processor

    MediaTek announces first true octa-core processor - news
  20. ithehappy

    Suggestion on a Scooty?

    Need one, for roaming here and there. Which one would be best, for mileage, engine wise (know those two can't go together, still)? Have heard that there are some which runs on battery, is that even true? Budget: No idea, as I don't know how much they cost! Should be 30-35k I think! Thanks in...
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