1. G

    Malicious programs spotted on Google Play store, warns Dr Web

    Source: Tech2
  2. Desmond

    New Mac OS X Trojan requires no user interaction

    Source Looks like OSX is losing its epitomy of security.
  3. ajayritik

    PC extremely slow and hangs up quite often

    Currently my PC has become extremely slow and hangs up quite often. I have a decent Antivirus so not sure whether the problem is with some virus infection. Is there something I can do to check if there is some virus, trojan etc. Operating System: Windows XP SP2 Antivirus:Bit Secure...
  4. ajayritik

    PC is extremely slow takes longer time to boot

    I have PC with the following configuration 1 GB RAM Core 2 Duo 2.13 Ghz 60 GB Internal IDE HDD I find that off late my PC has become too slow. I have also scanned the PC using Antivirus to make sure if there are any viruses, trojan etc. However even after this my PC continues to be slow...
  5. P

    a.bat trojan horse

    Hi All, My system is suffering from a unusual problem of a trojan horse. When this trojan first came i tried to remove using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 but it did not help so i formatted C: of my computer. As soon as i reinstalled my Windows and Symantec Endpoint again the same trojan...
  6. celldweller1591

    Linux Trojan

    Linux Trojan was Unnoticed for a year It seems the Linux version of the popular IRC server Unreal IRCd was contaminated with malware ever since November 2009, without anyone noticing it. The announcement was made on the Unreal IRCd forums: This reminds us that an OS is as secure as the...
  7. S

    help on hdav.exe

    My system has been affected by the Trojan hdav.exe. i tried removing it by Spybot,but it fails to detect the same. Pls suggest me some means to remove this trojan from my system...
  8. J

    trojan found in august dvd

    hi friends, My kaspersky anti virus has found Trojan in Aug 2009 DVD (screen shot ) below.
  9. samudragupta

    strange error pls help

    hello frendz, from 1 month im getting error when i startup my pc. there seems to be virus or trojan on my pc. i have avira on my pc. it detects some trojan or virus trying to do somthing on my pc. pls help me how to get rid of this....
  10. P

    Help PC infected with win32/kryptik.jx trojan

    Hi friends, my PC is infected with win32/kryptik.jx trojan just today. Googles it up but didn't get any solution for it. ESET NOD32 has detected 18 files till now which includes system32/ping.exe system32/dmremote.exe system32/progman.exe Plz help by giving a solution Thanks!
  11. N

    Urgent : Trojan virus problem:

    Im using a winows sp2 & a virus(expected trojan) has infected system 32 & other software files containg its self made .exe files..... which are present upto now even after complete harddisk format. tell me wat i have to do to recover frm this & is their any tweak tat work through registry to...
  12. Jafar Ali

    Trojan virus problem

    Hi Good Morning, I am a new user for digit and I don't know where I have to post my questions. Pls help me I have Trojan virus in my system and I think it effect to my bios also. I don't know how to clear this problem even I have format my system but no use. Symptoms: 1.I got disk boot failure...
  13. N

    trojan attack - kryptic.HH n kryptic.HY

    techies, am exp. d worst trojan attak on my machine... tried all sort of antivirus program's viz..avira, avast, quick heal, n only nod32 was able to detect the virus but not clean it...... d moment i connect the trojan start's sending files from my machine whish is y am not able to connect to...
  14. gauravsuneja

    (help) pc infected with mourner trojan and no fix found on any site

    help norton on my pc detected some trojan mourner and i have searched many sites even google and antivirus respective sites but these site don't even know there is anything like this how to fix that?
  15. V


    Dear Friends My computer got infected with a Trojan. Windows Defender found its precence and removed it. But there seems to be some part of the Trojan still active in computer. On startup a message pops up which says that awttsTIJ.dll is missing. (I scanned with avast, that too found some Trojan...
  16. unni

    Trojan Posing as Firefox Plug-in Harvests Logins

    Source: *
  17. NucleusKore

    Fake Windows XP activation trojan goes 2.0

    Source: * Known as Kardphisher and “in the wild” since April, 2007, last week the malware author of this trojan horse mimicking the Windows XP activation interface while collecting the credit card details the end user has submitted, has made significant...
  18. sumeet singh

    My Laptop ... Bugging me

    Hi Guys, Recently got Airtel Broadband (256 kbps unlimited).. Good speed BB.. everything working fine...:p Kahani mein Twist: > :mad: My laptop (Compaq M2000 - 256 RAM, Windows XP) suddenly became verrry slow.. I've installed AVG in my lappy.. and when the system starts up get an error...
  19. A

    Trojan Infection

    When i open Task Manager, i found a process called regsvr.exe the CPU usage rises upto 50%. Is this virus or trojan.. how can i removed it.. please help
  20. CadCrazy

    Trojan For Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 Found

    SecureMac has discovered multiple variants of a new Trojan horse in the wild that affects Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. The Trojan horse is currently being distributed from a hacker website, where discussion has taken place on distributing the Trojan horse through iChat and Limewire. The Trojan...
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