1. lovedonator

    Cabinet With Transparent Side Panel

    I am using a Corsair Carbide 400R right now.(Rest of the configuration is in my signature). I'm thinking of adding led lights inside my cabinet so I've been looking for a cabinet with transparent side panel. My budget is 5-6K.
  2. A

    Cabinet for Rs 3k

    As the title says please suggest a cabinet for Rs 3k can extend to Rs3.5k Should have front USB 3.0 ports Transparent side if possible.. Buying online (Snapdeal, Flipkart) or Nehru Place New Delhi..
  3. bssunilreddy

    Best Gaming Cabinet under Rs.5000

    Hai guys, I want to buy a good gaming cabinet under Rs.5000 with the following features: 1. Good Cable Management, 2. Transparent Side Panel Window, 3. 2x120mm/140mm front intake fans setup, 4. 2x120mm/140mm exhaust fans setup, 5. 1x120mm bottom fan setup and 1x120mm rear fan setup, 6. Minimum...
  4. Revolution

    Newbie Need Help To Mod Old Case

    I'm want to mod my old iBall case. I want to paint it and want to make left side panel transparent. Should I able to do that ? Or should I go to any shop(or go to someone) for this ? What's the material I need and what gonna be its cost ? Where can I found those in Kolkata ? I have a Zebronics...
  5. bubusam13

    Cabinet and PSU

    Hi Guys, I need a PSU and Cabinet urgently since my old one burnt out yesterday. My total budget is 5K. I have 2 DVD drive, 2 HDD, Athlon || x2, 6GB DDR3 RAM, planning to purchase a Graphics Card and Phenom. How is NZXT Gamma cabinet and CM 310 with transparent Sidewindow? I like the...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    recommend me rainmeter skins/themes(windows 7 compatible)

    please tell me about some skins/themes for rainmeter (give links) a good enough skin like enigma a dock like the one in mac OS X a skin to make my windows taskbar transparent PS:i put this in software QA because i did'nt know where to start this thread.if mods know an appropriate...
  7. V


    I have PC with intel 915GLM onboard graphics. After installing win7 i puzzled as Aero transparency was absent. I recently installed win7 transformation pack and i got transparent theme. I had latest driver installed but it asks fo WDDM driver. Plz.......... help....
  8. A

    Is NZXT Guardian 921 a good cabinet?

    Is it a good cabinet?I absolutely love the looks,and I want a transparent side panel,which made me choose it over NZXT gamma.But the guardian seems to have a flimsier build quality.Please post your opinions/suggestions about this cabinet. I also like the CM 430 Elite Black,but sadly it lacks...
  9. I

    Need a Screen Protector

    I've recently bought an HTC 7 Mozart and I am looking out for a good quality screen protector for it. Please suggest me a screen guard which is thin and completely transparent that doesnt spoil the picture quality on the screen. I've already tried two different screen protector, first one was...
  10. bajaj151

    Transparent Side for Haf 922

    I want to replace Haf 922 sidepanel with transparent or modded s.panel. From where in India...I can purchase ??
  11. nisargshah95

    Help with GIMP...

    Hi, I have GIMP 2.6.11 installed on my PC. I have a picture from which I want to crop out the face, select a part of it and then make the rest of picture transparent. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance, Nisarg Shah
  12. Krazy Bluez

    Why I'm not getting Transparency in XP ?

    Hey guys...i have a problem, as I'm a desktop modifyier I'm always into customizing my Windows XP...but of late my Taskbar is unable to get transparent...I've tried many software's like TransBar etc but it drivers are also fine...please help me guys...
  13. K

    Windows problem.

    How can i make the background text of my icons transparent. As u can see the text behind the names of icon is white can i make it transparent.
  14. dhanusaud

    Carbide.UI 3.2 Users Please Help!

    Hi, I new brand new user for Carbide.UI 3.2 theme creator for symbian based nokia phones. By the way guys please help me to make all nav panes transparent in carbide project. Here is how my theme looks. see, I wanna make transparent nav pane like this.
  15. S

    How to make the titlebar fully transparent in vista?

    I once while surfing in net had foung a freeware named vista glass(something like that) which would make titlebar transparent while maximizing. Now, i accdidentally lost the software & am not able to find it in net. Can anyone plz help? I forgot the site.
  16. CadCrazy

    How to enable transparency effect in Ubuntu 7.10

    Recentely installed Ubuntu 7.10 and nvidia graphics driver and enabled extra visual effects but still not getting the transparent windows. Any thing extra to be done to get it. Plz help
  17. 1

    Question for the EXPERTS!!

    Hello,:razz: Please tell me how can i make xp look transparent (like vista)without any transformation pack.Suggest good sites.Waiting for replies.:smile:
  18. Dark Star

    Which theme?

    Can any 1 tell me how to get the toolbar transparent looks like this 1 :) Plz tell help will be appreciated..
  19. Mohi

    Make it transparent!!

    Hi , I wanna make my taskbar transparent. How can I? without installing any software for it. How? Please suggest!:D
  20. dOm1naTOr

    Every game crashes on Vista!!

    Ive vista ultimate final installed. Nowthat Ive updated my gcard driver to latest vista forceware available and also soung, mobo etc. I can't play even a single new game on vista nd they keep producing some stupid errors. At last Ghost Recon AW was able to launch, but with about 90% graphics...
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