1. S

    Commodity Trading and Understanding Live MCX Price

    Hello Friend, I am a trade expert and blog writer at livemcxcontrol and found this forum through Google while I am searching for top forum sites to discuss about commodity trading and livemcxcontrol.
  2. GhorMaanas

    Lumia 525 or Moto G or LG L90

    hello! pls suggest a ph among the 3 in the subject. the phone is for a friend, a first-time user of android/windows. usage would be the usual casual one, plus some share-mkt trading apps. pls suggest, alongwith reasons for your recommendation (does LG have better service?). thanks!
  3. E

    career options

    Hello This thread is regarding my career.I am a 12th passout and I am spending these days helping in my dad's trading business.And I like to do it and it could get more intresting if the items in which we deal,were of my choice.(read:computer parts).Other things which are of my intrest are...
  4. adityak469

    TDF Middleman Thread

    not sure where to post this. Just a thought. Why doesn't TDF has a thread in which the admins and trusted people offer to be middleman for trading game keys and steam cards? There should be one. It would be great.
  5. P

    Need a laptop for online trading and gaming

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 35000 can extend upto 40000 if needed 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 15" screen 3) Are...
  6. rst

    help me buying a dual sim smart phone

    1)budget = 15k 2)OS = android,window or any other 3)good quality camera 4)dual sim 5)Can run trading software (like angel ,Zerodha trading etc) 6)large display (4 inches ) 7)dual core processor, 500 Mb RAM( atleast)
  7. Abhishekrocked

    FIFA 12 Ultimate team [PC]

    Does anyone plays here ? It's Features and Contents are Awesome... some features as live Auctions and Trading make the Feature interesting.... :)
  8. Faun

    Ipod touch 32 GB 4th Gen @16.5k

    Is it a good deal ? What other options do I have ? Considering that I will be trading my soul to Apple.
  9. K

    Assembled PC for a Stock Trader

    The main job for the computer is to trade Stocks on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). (a) I usually have at least 2 distinct brokerage ODIN windows open simultaneously. Each of them automatically updates the stock prices based on the trades that occur at NSE. (b) I also have a Internet...
  10. B

    Dual monitor desktop - Trading

    Dear All, Over the last few days, i have been trying to buy a off the shelf desktop for Trading purpose. But not convinced with any of the confugyrations offered by the dealers (based on what i have learnt by googling last few days). Need help... 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note...
  11. Incredible Hulk

    flash for mini opera

    how do I open web pages which require flash on mini opera? Actually I sometimes do share trading online but cant do so when I am at work. It wud be gr8 if I cud do it on a mobile. But when I try opening my share trading site on my mobile it says it requires flash support. So what do I do?
  12. A

    Online Share Market advise

    Hi I am planning of entering the Share Market ... :D Is there any service or website where i can do share market trading completely online ..? I have paypal as well as SBI,Corp Bank account ... And can any one has prior experience of this online share market trading ..? And...
  13. raksrules

    Which online share trading account to go for ??

    I currently use ICICI direct for my online share trading account, but their rates are quite high so i am planning to migrate to some other service provider. Please suggest me another good option preferably with information like rates etc. I only know two other companies sharekhan and india infoline
  14. m-jeri

    [For Sale] XBOX 360 Games

    I am selling off my orginal XBOX-360 games.... 1. Forza 2 & Viva Pinata - 800 ( bundle pack....)* Please note: 1. Payment via net transfer 2. Will ship as soon as payment received 3. Check my reputation in Trading feedback if u want * Price include shipping If interested i...
  15. H

    Online share trading software for N95 8GB

    one of my clients need an online share trading software for the N95 8GB which he has bought plz provide me with download links/software names whihc wud allow him to do online share trading.
  16. esumitkumar

    airtel mobile office ? any review ?

    hi in my office all investing sites are banned i wanna take GPRS on my mobil e..hows airtel MO and its surfing speeds for icicidirect,sharekhan etc during trading hrs (10 am -4 pm) in NCR Delhi region can anybody tell me abt their plans TIA Sumit
  17. wizrulz

    Traders Thread

    Is any one in TRADING?? please do share ur Trading practise and calls here.... I have just entered into market.... I have joined another Trader's forum too...but too many technical words are used...and i am still learning... so will like to first gain soem knwledge here too...
  18. L

    mobile online trading

    Hi guys I would like to know what are the mobiles that would be gud for share trading, once it gets started i selected a few- E61, Nokia 9300i/9500, moto A1200, N73 plz suggest me a mobile
  19. mohit

    Trader Feedback thread

    I am creating this thread for promoting safe trading on the digit forum. I would like members to update this thread regularly with the experiences they have had while trading in the following format : Seller / Buyer : Item : Thread Link : Comments : Notes (Optional) : After...
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    Help in civilization4

    I am playing in the 'noble' difficulty level. Everything's OK until when some of my opponents start crbbing about my trade deals with some other party, demanding that I cancel my deals. It is a trend I have noticed that they always demand me to stop trading with someone with whom I have very...
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