1. E

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that?
  2. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Game:Unreal Tournament Developer: Crowdsouced Publisher: Epic Games Platform: PC Some of you might already be aware, the new Unreal Tournament is here!!! This deserves a thread of its own! The new thing they are trying this time is that the development is croudsourced will be driven by a...
  3. P

    Re-Spawn Cup (CSGO)

    The first edition of Respawn Cup is a fun filled Counter Strike: Global offensive tournament at NVIDIA Experience Zones in Mumbai(Gear Up, Powai) and Bengaluru (LXG). It is an invite only tournament so Gamers can sign up to register for the Tournament. Loads of goodies to be Won. So Get Started...
  4. Katalyst

    [LAN Tournament] Logitech G - Free2Play #3 (Bangalore)

    Inviting all members of Digit to third Logitech G - Free2Play LAN Tournament. Details of the event are as below: Mode: LAN Tournament (Offline) Free Registration. 0 Entry Fees, 0 Gametime Charges Game Title(s): Counterstrike: Global Offensive (5v5) 2) Dota 2 (5v5) Total Prize:- 1.3 Lacs...
  5. Katalyst

    [LAN Event] Logitech G - Free2Play LAN Tournament in Bangalore

    I would like to invite Digit Members to LAN Tournament in Bangalore. The details of the event are as below. Official Announcement on Logitech Facebook Page: * Date: 19th - 20th October, 2013. Game Title(s) Counterstrike 1.6 (5v5)...
  6. H

    Anybody following the Civil War V tournament here?

    Trailer for CWV * Games played are: 1. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition(has a PC release) 2. Persona 4 Arena 3. Street Fighter X Tekken 4. The King of Fighters XIII 5. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 6. Tekken Tag...
  7. aal-ok

    Unrea tournament 2004 lag fix

    Ram: 768 mb Hdd: 80gb seagate Barracuda Vga: 64mb Via s3g unichrome IGP driver OS: Win xp 32 bit Processor: AMD sempron 2200+ I intsalled Unreal tournament 2004 it is running perfectly but it lags sometimes is there any way to fix it using ut2004.ini please help
  8. Reaper_vivek

    Any1 here playing in ACL(Asian COD League)??

    SO is there anyone here who is participating in it? Those who don't know, it is an online(xfire) tournament in which we will be playing COD Modern Warfare..
  9. The Sorcerer

    ROG Tournament 4 (CounterStrike) 7-05-2011 Venue Details for Mumbai, Baroda & AP

  10. pegasus

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Tournament 2 - Mumbai, 29th & 30th January 2011

    Got this in my mail today. :) ASUSTeK Computer Inc. ASUS-Republic Of Gamers Tournament | Facebook
  11. A

    how to host a lan party?

    how do u host lan party for quake 3,unreal tournament '99?
  12. gaurav_indian

    IPL moved out of India.

    IPL to be played outside India *
  13. Krazzy Warrior

    [DF] Tournament Of Terror - Urban Terror

    [DF] Tournament Of Terror - Urban Terror A am thinking of having a DF Tournament of Terror where the will be a cup (just like world cup :D,not real cup, play for fun) as an award to 1st,2nd and 3rd Winner... Here are the rules:- 1. Total there will be 3 round held between the rivals (one-one...
  14. shift

    Post your GRID online user name here

    GRID from Codemasters only..... no other games please.... i ve created this thread so that we Digitians can play/challenge each other online or lets create tournament someday mine is codemaster hks freestyle drifting whats yours??
  15. M

    Gaming tournament

    I m doing a research for an event mgmt company which wants to hold gaming tournaments across country. So it will be a real help if u guys can help me out with the following questions.. 1. What is the present scenario of gaming tournament in Metros (no. of tournaments, frequency etc, prize money...
  16. iinfi

    India go down fighting in Azlan Shah final

    Well India did play well in this tournament. result of someone moving out of the IHF ;) *
  17. S

    Valve unites Epic Games, id Software and themselves under the same roof

  18. F

    playstation 2

    hi friends i am thinking to buy ps2 as my buget is low i want to know will all new games like crysis , unreal tournament 3 will be availabe on ps2 .
  19. warfreak

    The Unreal™ Series Thread

    Since there is already a Halflife & Counterstrike thread, why not have a thread dedicated to the Unreal Series ? I know there are a lot of UT fans here. Lets posts all Unreal and UT related subjects here :D. The Unreal™ Series:- Unreal (Singleplayer) Series Unreal (PC) Unreal 2: The...
  20. Ecko

    Unreal Tournament III Server Available for Linux

    SIZE : 1600 MB TYPE :BIN SOURCE :SOFTPEDIA.COM DOWNLOAD HERE Unreal Tournament (UT) III Linux Server is finally available and the good news is that you don't need a retail copy of UT3 to host games. The server comes as a complete package – a pretty large one, I may add – of 1.6 GB. After you...
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