Unleash the Power of Ubuntu 6.06!!

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    Unleash the Power of Ubuntu 6.06 - The Ultimate Package Reference!!

    [size=+2]Unleash the Power of Ubuntu (6.06)!!![/size]

    There are plethora of packages available in Ubuntu 6.06. I have picked some good ones to make it easier
    for the new users, Users of Linux (other distros).I have also mentioned IDE for C/C++, Java, Python.
    From DVD rippers, audio, video editors, hardware sensors, firewall, TV Viewer, Bluetooth Connectivity,
    VCD/DVD players, connecting your laptop to a Wi-Fi HotSpot, RDBMS, Download Manager(GUI), antivirus etc.,
    You got all the applications here.I hope that you find these collection of packages useful.

    Open Synaptic Package Manager,click on 'Sections' button at the bottom left to see various categories
    (actually they should show-up by default)
    You can go to the Category say "Development' or click on the "Search' button on top and enter
    what you want to search. For eg., autofs ( will search 'autofs' for you)

    NOTE: There is no need to download & install all the packages mentioned here. Choose the packages you need & install
    them.I have given the package name & it's function. So read carefully & choose the packages as per your requirement
    & install them.

    Checkout some Screenshots!!! Click on the Images (thumbnails) to view a bigger picture

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    3ddesktop (If you want spectacular 3D Desktop, should have NVidia, Radeon Graphic cards)
    915resolution (Resolution modify tool for Intel Chipset of 800 & 900 series - enables Hardware Acceleration)
    acroread (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    acroread-debian-files ( Debian specific parts of Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    acroread-plugins (plugins for Acrobat Reader)
    aget (Multi-threaded HTTP Download Accelerator)
    aide ( Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)
    album ( HTML Photo album generator with theme support)
    albumshaper (Photo album creator & photo manipulator)
    anjuta ( A GNOME development IDE for C/C++)
    anjuta-common ( Data files for Anjuta)

    Amateur Radio (Universe):

    mtrack (Graphical satellite tracker for X11)
    predict (Satellite tracking program with Optional Voice Output)
    predict-gstat (Graphical satellite tracking client program)

    Base System:

    linux-image-2.6.15-23-686 ( Linux Kernel Image for version 2.6.15 on Intel Pentium Pro/Celeron,PII,PIII,PIV SMP/UP)
    linux-image-2.6.15-23-k7 (Linux Kernel Image for version 2.6.15 AMD Duron, Athlon, Semprom with SMP)
    linux-image-k7 ( Linux Kernel Image for AMD K7 SMP/UP)
    linux-image-686 ( Linux Kernel Image on Intel Pentium Pro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV)

    Base System Restricted:

    linux-686 (Complete Linux Kernel on Intel Pentium Pro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV)
    linux-686-smp (Complete Linux Kernel on Intel Pentium Pro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing needed if you have multiple Processors)
    linux-k7 (Complete Linux Kernel for AMD K7)
    linux-k7-smp (Complete Linux Kernel for AMD K7 SMP)
    linux-restricted-modules-686 (Restricted Linux modules on Pentium Pro/PII/PIII/PIV)
    linux-restricted-modules-k7 ( Restricted Linux modules on AMD K7)

    Base System (Universe):

    kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686 (Linux Kernel Image for version 2.4.27 on Pentium Pro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV)
    kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686-smp (Linux Kernel Image for version 2.4.27 on Pentium Pro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV SMP)
    kernel-image-2.4.27-2-k6 (Linux Kernel Image for version 2.4.27 on AMD K6/K6-II/K6-III)
    kernel-image-2.4.27-2-k7 (Linux Kernel Image for version 2.4.27 on AMD K7)
    kernel-image-2.4.27-2-k7-smp ((Linux Kernel Image for version 2.4.27 on AMD K7 SMP)
    modconf (Device Driver Configuration)
    pump (BOOTP and DHCP client for automatic IP configuration)

    Cross Platform:

    k3b (CD/DVD burning tool)
    mtools ( Manipulate MS-DOS files using it)

    Cross Platform (Multiverse):

    dosemu (The Linux DOS Emulator)
    dosemu-freedos (FreeDOS package for DOSEMU)
    dvdrtools ( DVD burning program)

    Cross Platform (Universe):

    dvdauthor ( DVD authoring program)
    dvdisaster (data-loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media)
    dvdisaster-doc (Documentation for dvdisaster)
    gcombust ( GTK+ based CD mastering & burning program)
    mtoolsfm ( A GUI interface for accessing DOS formatted floppies)
    vcdimager ( A VCD image mastering & ripping tool)
    vcdtools ( Create a VCD tool)
    wine ( Run Windows applications in Linux!!)


    ant (Java-based build tool like make)
    ant-doc (Documentation for ant)
    autoconf ( Automatic configure script builder)
    automake1.8 ( A tool for generating GNU standards-compliant Makefiles)
    bison ( A parser generator that is compatible with YACC)
    build-essential ( Informational list of build-essential packages)
    ccache ( Caches compiler results for fast recompiles)
    check ( Unit test framework for C)
    cpp-doc ( Documentation for GNU C Preprocessor)
    doxygen ( Documentation system for C/C++,Java,Python and other languages)
    g++ ( GNU C++ compiler)
    g++-3.3 ( GNU C++ compiler)
    gcc-3.3 ( GNU C compiler)
    indent ( C language source code formatting program)
    junit ( Automated testing framework for Java)
    junit-doc (Documentation for junit)
    make ( GNU version of 'make utility)

    Development (Multiverse):

    jre1.4 (Java Plugin for Mozilla & Netscape browser)
    libstruts1.1-java ( Java framework for using MVC in web applications)
    sun-java5-demo (Sun's java Demo files)
    sun-java5-jdk ( Suns's JDK1.5 come with JRE1.5)
    sun-java5-source ( Sun's JDK source files)
    If you need Java 5 Documentation , get it from here: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
    Scroll down the Web page and see 'J2SE 5.0 Documentation' Click on the 'Download' button to download the documentation

    Java Tutorial : http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/information/download.html
    Java EE Tutorial (Java Enterprise Edition) : http://java.sun.com/javaee/reference/tutorials/index.jsp

    For Java Developers:

    (You must uninstall the default Java software (gij-4.1) before installing Sun's JDK otherwise there will be
    If you uninstall gij-4.1 then, openOffice.org, openoffice.org-base etc., will also be uninstalled!! Don't worry
    It will install jre1.4 (cancel it). Anyway we'll install sun-java5-jdk, that comes with jre1.5!!
    Now reinstall OpenOffice.org, and related packages.

    Development (Universe):

    astyle ( Source code indenter for C/C++/Java/C# source code)
    cbrowser (A C/C++ source code indexing, querying, & browsing tool)
    cccc ( C/C++ code counter , a software metrics tool)
    ccmalloc ( A memory profiler/debugger)
    c-cpp-reference ( C/C++ programming reference)
    doxygen-gui ( GUI configuration tool for doxygen)
    eclipse (Extensible tool platform and Java IDE)
    eclipse-cdt ( C++ development support for Eclipse IDE)
    eclipse-ecj ( Eclipse Java compiler & Ant plugin)
    eclipse-efj ( Eclipse Java code formatter)
    eclipse-jdt (Java Development Tools plugins for Eclipse)
    eclipse-jdt-common (Java Development Tools plugins for Eclipse (common files))
    eclipse-platform (Eclipse platform without plugins to develop in any language)
    eclipse-platform-common (Eclipse platform without plugins to develop in any language (common files))
    glade ( GTK+ User Interface Builder)
    glade-2 ( Dummy upgrade package for glade)
    glade-common-2 ( Dummy upgrade package for glade-common)
    glademm ( C++ code generator for glade & glade2)


    apache2-doc ( Documentation for apache2)
    apt-doc ( Documentation for APT)
    autoconf-doc ( Automatic configure sript builder documentation)
    bash-doc ( Documentation & examples for GNU Bourne Again SHell)
    bison-doc ( Documentation for bison)
    cpp-3.4-doc ( Documentation for GNU C Preprocessor)
    doc-linux-html (Linux HOWTOs & FAQ in HTML format)
    doxygen-doc ( Documentation for doxygen)
    gimp-help-common ( Data files for GIMP documentation)
    glade-doc (Documentation for glade)
    glade2-doc ( Dummy upgrade package for glade-doc)
    installation-guide-amd64 ( Ubuntu Installation Guide for AMD 64 architecture)
    installation-guide-i386 ( Ubuntu Installation Guide for Intel x86 architecture)
    libstdc++6-4.0-doc ( GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (Documentation files)
    parted-doc ( GNU parted disk partition resizing program documentation)
    postgressql-doc-8.1 ( Documentation for PostgreSQL RDBMS)
    samba-doc ( Samba documantation)
    zsh-doc ( zsh documentation)

    Documentation (Multiverse):

    abs-guide ( The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide)
    doc-linux-nonfree-html ( Linux HOWTOs in HTML format (non-free)
    dvdrip-doc ( Documentation for dvdrip)
    ebook-dev-alp ( Advanced Linux Programming (ebook))
    ebook-dev-ggad ( GTK+/GNOME Application Development (ebook))

    Documentation (Universe):

    apache-doc ( Documentation for Apache Web Server)
    apt-dpkg-ref ( APT, Dpkg Quick reference sheet)
    apt-howto ( Example-based guide to APT)
    debian-reference (Metapackage to install (all) translations of Debian Reference
    debian-reference-common ( Debian System Adminstration Guide with examples)
    developers-reference ( Guidelines & information for Debian developers)
    gcc-3.3-doc ( Documentation for GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc,g++)
    harden-doc ( Useful documentation to make the Debian system secure)
    qt4-doc ( QT 4 API documentation)
    stl-manual (C++ STL documentation in HTML format)
    zsh-lovers ( Tips & tricks , examples for zsh)


    Choose for the languages support for OpenOffice.org like Hindi, Bengali etc.,


    mozilla-thunderbird (Mozilla Thunderbird standalone mail client)
    mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail ( Enigmail GPG support for Mozilla Thunderbird)

    EMail (Universe):

    chewmail ( Mail archiver for various mailbox formats)
    clamcour (Courier filter for clamav to virus scan incoming mail)
    clamsmtp ( Virus-scanning SMTP proxy)
    coolmail ( Mail notifier with 3D graphics)
    dspam ( Scalable, fast, and statistical ati-spam filter)
    dspam-webfrontend ( DSPAM is a scalable, fast, and statistical ati-spam filter)
    gmail-notify ( GMail new mail notifier)
    gotmail ( Utility to download email from a HOTmail or MSN account)
    grepmail ( Search mailboxes for mail matching an expression)
    messagewall ( AN SMTP daemon, designed to help keep out unwanted email)

    GNOME Desktop Environment:

    epiphany-browser (Very fast, simple to use Web Browser)
    epiphany-extensions (Extensions for Epiphany browser)
    glade-gnome ( GTK+ 2 User Interface Builder ( with GNOME 2 support)
    glade-gnome2 ( Dummy upgrade package to glade-gnome)

    GNOME Desktop Environment (Universe):

    balsa ( An email client for GNOME)
    beagle ( Indexing & searching tool for your personal data)
    beagle-backend-evolution ( Evolution data backend for beagle)
    emifreq-applet ( CPU frequency monitoring, scaling applet)
    etherape ( Graphical network monitor modelled after etherman)
    fast-user-switch-applet ( Fast user switch applet)
    foomatic-gui ( GNOME interface to configure printers)
    f-spot ( Personal photo-management application)
    gda2-mysql ( MySQL backend plugin for GNOME Data Access library for GNOME 2)
    gda2-odbc ( ODBC backend plugin for GNOME Data Access library for GNOME 2)
    gda2-postgres ( PostgreSQL backend plugin for GNOME Data Access library for GNOME 2)
    gdm-theme ( Themes for GNOME Display Manager)
    gfslicer ( Utility to split, join , compress files)
    glom ( Database designer user interface)
    gnoise-gnome ( GNOME wave file editor)
    gnome-apt ( GNOME graphical Package manager)
    gnome-art ( Install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org)
    gnome-audio ( Audio files for GNOME)
    gnome-backgrounds ( a set backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop)
    gnomebaker ( CD/DVD burner for GNOME)
    gnome-bluetooth ( GNOME Bluetooth tools)
    gnome-chess ( GNOME chess game)
    gnome-commander ( Nice & fast file manager for GNOME desktop)
    gnome-extra-icons ( Optional GNOME icons)
    gnome-icon-theme-suede ( Suede icon theme for GTK+ 2.x )
    gnome-lokkit ( A basic intercative firewall configuration tool)
    gnome-peercast ( Peercast frontend user interface for GNOME , listen to radio, watch video on the Internet)
    gnome-phone-manager ( GNOME Phone Manager)
    gnome-schedule ( GNOME schedular for automatic tasks)
    gnome-tasksel ( GNOME interface for selecting tasks)
    gnome-themes-extra ( Various themes for GNOME desktop)
    gnomp3 ( An MP3 player for large MP3 collection)
    goobox ( CD player & ripper for GNOME)
    gpdf ( PDF viewer for GNOME)
    gtk2-engines-spherecrystal ( A blue vector theme for GTK+ 2.x)
    gtk-clearlooks-gperfection2-theme ( GTK theme for Clearlooks engine)
    gtkdiskfree ( GNOME program that shows free & used space on filesystems)
    gwget ( GNOME frontend for wget, download manager)
    hardware-monitor (Monitor applet for GNOME, shows CPU usage, network throughput, etc.,)
    nautilus-actions ( Nautilus extension to configure programs to launch)
    nautilus-open-terminal ( Open the Terminal Window in any folder using Nautilus)
    netspeed ( Network traffic monitor applet that can monitor LAN, Ethernet card, dial-up)
    prefixsuffix ( Batch file renaming GUI utility)
    root-portal ( Monitors the System & displays the results on the desktop)
    sensors-applet ( Get Info about CPU Temperature + others)
    spacechart ( Star map viewer & navigator)
    totem-xine ( A media Player for GNOME based on Xine, can play VCD/DVD )
    wallpaper-tray ( Wallpaper changing utility for GNOME desktop)
    xpenguins-applet ( GNOME 2 panel applet with funny penguins walking in your root window!!)
    zapping ( TV Viewer for GNOME)

    Games & Amusement:

    Choose the one you like


    blender ( Very fast & versatile 3D modeller, renderer)
    gimp-helpbrowser ( Builtin Help browser( documentation) for GIMP)
    netpbm ( Graphics conversion tools)

    Graphics (Multiverse):

    acidrip (DVD ripping, encoding tool using mplayer, and mencoder)
    avidemux ( Small editing software for AVI ( especially DivX)
    dvdrip ( DVD ripper based on transcode)
    dvd-slideshow ( Tools to create DVD slideshows with menus)
    mencoder ( MPlayer's movie encoder)
    mencoder-amd64 ( MPlayer's movie encoder (dummy package))
    mencoder-686 ( MPlayer's movie encoder (dummy package))
    mencoder-custom ( MPlayer's movie encoder (dummy package) can encode with various formats)
    mjpegtools ( MJPEG video capture, editing, playback)
    mplayer (The ultimate movie player for Linux. plays VCD/DVD MPEG etc., )
    mplayer-686 ( MPlayer dummy package)
    mplayer-amd64 ( MPlayer dummy package)
    mplayer-skins ( Skins for MPlayer)
    qdvdauthor ( GUI frontend for dvdauthor & other related tools)
    totem-xine-firefox-plugin ( Totem FireFox plugin )

    Graphics (Universe):

    avifile-player ( Video player for AVI/ASF/WMV files)
    avifile-utils ( Utility programs using avifile library)
    drip ( GNOME application for encoding a DivX from a DVD)
    dvgrab ( Grab digital video data from a digital camcorder via a FireWire link & store them several file formats)
    dvr ( Digital Video Recorder )
    gimageview ( Image Viewer using GTK+ ,supports various functions like slideshows)
    gtk2-engines-cleanice ( Cleanice Themes for GTK+ 2.x)
    gtk-engines-geramik ( Germaik Theme for GTK+ 2.x)
    gtk2-engines-qtpixmap ( QtPixmap GTK+ 2.x Theming engine)
    gtk-engines-geramik-data ( Geramik GTK Theme bitmaps)
    gtk2-engines-thingeramik ( ThinGeramik GTK+ 1.x Theme)
    gxine ( Xine Video Player for GNOME)
    gxineplugin ( Xine plugin for Mozilla browser)
    ocrad (Optical Character Recognition Program)
    ogle ( DVD player with support for DVD menus)
    ogle-gui ( User Interface for ogle)
    ogle-mmx ( supports, zooming, skipping, bookmarks, screenshots etc., )
    openclipart ( Open clipart library)
    openclipart-openoffice.org ( Clipart for OpenOffice.org)
    sane ( Scanner graphical frontend)
    scantv ( Scan TV channels for stations)
    thoggen ( DVD backup tool based on GStreamer and GTK+)
    vlc ( Multimedia player that can play VCD/DVD etc., )
    vlc-plugin-alsa ( ALSA audio output plugin for VLC)
    vlc-plugin-esd ( ESound audio output plugin for VLC)
    vlc-plugin-ggi ( GGI Video output plugin for VLC)
    vlc-plugin-sdl ( SDL video & audio plugin for VLC)
    vlc-plugin-svgalib ( SVGAlib video output plugin for VLC)
    wxvlc ( wxWidgets frontend for VLC)
    xine-ui ( xine video player user interface)
    xplanet ( Render images of Earth)
    xplanet-images ( Day & night Earth image maps for xplanet)

    KDE - Desktop Environment:

    If you want to install & KDE applications , open the Terminal WIndow and type:

    NOTE: If you use 'sudo apt-get' from Terminal Window, Synaptic PM should not be running!! Otherwise you'll
    get an error message that the process is locked.

    $ sudo apt-get install kde

    It will install the full KDE applications ( downloads around 210 MB!!)


    libdvdnav4 ( The DVD navigation library)
    libdvdread3 (Simple foundation for reading DVDs)

    Libraries (Multiverse):

    avifile-divx-plugin ( DivX4Linux video encoding, decoding plugin for libavifile)
    avifile-win32-plugin ( Win32 audio/video plugin for libavifile)
    avifile-xvid-plugin ( Xvid video encoding plugin for libavifile)
    libfaaco ( An AAC audio encoder library files)
    libmysql-java ( Java Database (JDBC) driver for MySQL)
    libxine1c2 ( Xine media player transitional package)
    libxine-extracodecs ( Xine library files)
    libxvidcore4 ( High-quality ISO MPEG4 codec library)

    Libraries (Universe):

    Choose what you want from here

    Miscellaneous - Graphical (multiverse):

    mplayer-fonts ( Fonts for MPlayer)
    msttcorefonts ( Microsoft Windows fonts)

    Miscellaneous _ Graphical ( Restricted):

    fglrx-control ( Control Panel for ATI graphics accelerators)
    gatos ( ATI All-in-one Wonder TV capture card)
    xorg-driver-fglrx (Video driver for ATI graphics accelerators)
    nvidia-glx ( NVidia library XFree86 4.x/X.org driver)
    nvidia-settings ( Tool for configuring the NVidia cards )

    Miscellaneous - Graphical (Universe):

    915resolution ( see the Section 'All')
    aegis-virus-scanner ( A virus scanner for Linux)
    crystalcursors ( X11 mouse theme with Crystal Look'n Feel)
    glcpu ( 3D plotter for System activity)
    nvidia-xconfig ( The NVIDIA X configuration tool)
    transset ( X transparency manager)
    tvfonts ( X11 fonts for TV applications)
    tvtime ( A high-quality TV application)
    viewglob ( A graphical display of directories at Shell prompt)
    xbattbar ( Display battery status in X11)
    xscreensaver-gl-extra ( GL (Mesa) screen hacks for xscreensaver)
    xsensors ( Hardware health information viewer)
    xzoom ( magnify the part of X display in real-time)

    Miscellaneous - Text-based:

    mysql-client ( MySQL database client)
    mysql-server ( MySQL database Server)
    postgresql8.1 ( Object relational SQL database ver 8.1 Server)
    postgresql-client-8.1 ( Frontend programs for PostgreSQL 8.1)
    postgres-client-common ( Manager for multiple PostgeSQL clients)


    xmms ( Versatile X audio player, also plays MP3 music collection)

    Multimedia (Multiverse):

    xmms-festaton ( XMMS input plugin for playing NFS music files)
    xmms-liveice ( XMMS plugin that sends your audio to a shoutcast server)
    xmms-mp4 ( a mp4/aac audio player for XMMS)
    xmms-xmmplayer ( XMMS plugin that uses MPlayer to play video files!!)

    Multimedia ( Universe):

    freebirth ( Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer similar to Rebirth)
    glame ( A versatile audio processor)
    grabcd-encode ( Rip & encode audio CDs (Encoder))
    grabcd-rip ( Rip & encode audio CDs ( Ripper))
    gtkpod ( Manage songs & playlists on an Apple iPod)
    linphone ( Web phone )
    linphone-common ( web phone )
    linphone-nox ( web phone)
    lmms ( Linux Multimedia Studio)
    lmms-common ( common files of LMMS )
    mp3c ( Creator of MP3 files)
    mp3gain ( Lossless MP3 normaliser with statistical analysis )
    mpgtx ( Toolbox for editing video & audio MPEG files)
    musiclibrarian ( A simple GUI tool to organise the collection of music )
    nautilus-script-audio-convert ( A Nautilus audio converter script)
    rezound ( Advanced audio file editor)
    ripperx ( A GTK based audio CD ripper, encoder)
    snd ( A powerful sound file editor)
    snd-gtk ( GTK interface for snd)
    soundconvert ( Convert compressed sound formats)
    streamripper ( Download online streams into MP3 files!!)
    xmms-blursk ( Powerful visualization plugin for XMMS similar to 'Blur Scope' )
    xmms-bumpscope ( visualization plugin for XMMS that appears as an embossing oscilloscope)
    xmms-cdread ( XMMS plugin that can read audio CDs)
    xmms-crossfade ( XMMS plugin for crossfading/ continous output )
    xmms-find ( A XMMS plugin for quick search )
    xmms-skins ( Skins for XMMS )
    zynaddsubfx ( Realtime software synthesizer for Linux)


    apache2-common ( Next generation scalable Web Server)
    apache2-mpm-perchild ( Experimental high-speed perchild threaded model for Apache 2)
    apache2-mpm-perfork ( traditional model for Apache2 )
    apache2-utils ( Utility programs for Web Servers)
    gftp-common ( Shared files for other gFTP packages)
    gftp-gtk ( X/GTK+ FTP client )
    iptraf ( Interactive, colorful LAN monitor)
    nmap ( The Network Mapper)
    samba ( A LAN manager like file & printer server for Linux )
    shorewall ( Shoreline Firewall ( Shorewall))
    traceroute ( Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network )
    swat ( Samba Web Admin Tool)

    Networking (Universe): ( Most of these tools are intended for Network Administrators)

    apt-cacher ( Caching system for Debian package and source files )
    aria ( Download Manager like FlashGet (in Windows), you can pause, resume, drag'n drop etc., )
    azureus ( BitTorrent client)
    bamboo ( Website creation tool with wiki like features )
    bandwidthd ( Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs )
    bmon ( Portable bandwidth monitor & rate estimator )
    bwm ( Bandwidth monitor )
    cheops ( Network Swiss army knife )
    cheops-ng ( Network Swiss army knife )
    cryptcat ( TCP/IP Swiss army knife extended with twofish encryption )
    d4x ( Powerful GUI-based Download Manager )
    d4x-common ( d4x common files )
    dsniff ( Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities )
    etherconf ( Ethernet configuration tool based on debconf )
    ethreal ( Network traffic analyzer )
    ethreal-common ( common files for ethreal )
    ethstats ( A script that quickly measures network device throughput )
    ethstatus ( Console-based ethernet statistics monitor )
    fail2ban ( bans IPs that cause multiple authentication errors )
    ferm ( maintain and setup complicated firewall rules )
    filerunner ( X-Based FTP program & file manager )
    firehol ( An easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall )
    flowscan ( flow-based IP traffic analysis and visualization tool )
    flow-tools ( collects and processes NetFlow data )
    freeloader ( A nice GNOME download manager supporting torrents )
    fwbuilder ( Firewall administration tool GUI )
    fwbuilder-common ( Firewall administration tool GUI (common files))
    fwbuilder-doc ( Documentation for fwbuilder )
    fwbuilder-linux ( Firewall Builder policy compiler(s) for Linux based firewalls )
    fwlogwatch ( Firewall log analyzer )
    gaim-autoprofile ( Template-based profile generator for Gaim)
    gaim-encryption ( Gaim plugin that provides transparent encryption)
    gaim-extendedprefs ( extended preferences plugin for the instant messenger gaim)
    gaim-guifications ( toaster popups for gaim)
    gaim-hotkeys ( Configurable global hotkeys for gaim )
    gaim-meanwhile ( gaim plugin for Meanwhile )
    gaim-otr ( Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for gaim )
    gaim-themes ( Smiley themes collection for gaim )
    gaim-thinklight ( Blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkLight upon new messgaes )
    gaim-xmms-remote ( gaim-plugin that lets you control XMMS from gaim )
    geoip-bin ( IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library )
    gnudip ( scripts for dynamic IP to name mappings )
    hammerhead ( stress testing tool for web server and web site )
    havp ( HTTP Anti Virus Proxy )
    host ( utility for querying DNS servers )
    hping3 ( Active Network Smashing Tool )
    hunt ( Advanced packet sniffer and connection intrusion )
    ifplugd ( A configuration daemon for ethernet devices )
    iftop ( displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface )
    ipfm ( a bandwidth analysis tool )
    ipfwadm ( Linux 2.0.x firewalling tools )
    isdnbutton ( Start and Stop ISDN connections and display status )
    kget ( Download Manager for KDE )
    kwifimanager ( wireless lan manager for KDE )
    laptop-netconf ( network detection and configuration program for laptops )
    linneighbourhood ( An SMB network browser for Linux and X11 )
    linpopup ( X Window System port of Winpopup, running over Samba )
    lisa ( LAN information server for KDE )
    mobilemesh ( Mobile adhoc networking )
    mozilla-chatzilla ( Mozilla Web Browser - irc client )
    munin ( network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer) )
    munin-node ( network-wide graphing framework (node) )
    netgo ( network configuration tool for Kde )
    netmask ( helps determine network masks )
    netmrg ( network monitoring tool )
    netscript-2.4 ( Linux 2.4.x (and 2.6.x) router/firewall network configuration system )
    netselect ( Choose the fastest server automatically )
    netselect-apt ( Choose the fastest Debian mirror with netselect )
    openvpn ( Virtual Private Network daemon )
    orca ( Router Monitoring and Graphing System )
    paketto ( Unusual TCP/IP testing tools )
    pktstat ( top-like utility for network connections usage )
    pload ( Program to monitor network device statistics )
    pppoe ( PPP over Ethernet driver )
    pppstatus ( console-based PPP status monitor )
    raccess ( Security Tool to audit remote systems )
    scanlogd ( A portscan detecting tool )
    scapy ( Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery )
    shorewall-doc ( documentation for Shorewall firewall )
    smb2www ( A Windows Network client that is accessible through a web browser )
    snort ( Flexible Network Intrusion Detection System )
    snort-common ( Flexible Network Intrusion Detection System [common files] )
    snort-mysql ( Flexible Network Intrusion Detection System [MySQL] )
    snort-rules-default ( Flexible Network Intrusion Detection System ruleset )
    spread ( The Spread messaging daemon )
    traceroute-nanog ( Determine route of packets in TCP/IP networks (NANOG variant) )
    unison ( A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows )
    unison-gtk ( A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows - GTK interface )
    vic ( Video Conferencing tool )
    vls ( lightweight MPEG and DVD video streaming server )
    wakeonlan ( Sends 'magic packets' to wake-on-LAN enabled ethernet adapters )
    webcam ( capture and upload images )
    webcamd ( Capture images from video devices )
    whereami ( Automatically reconfigure your (laptop) system for a new location )
    wifi-radar ( graphical utility for managing Wi-Fi profiles )
    zssh ( interactive file transfers over ssh )
    zsynch ( client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm )

    Shells (Universe):

    bash-minimal ( The GNU Bourne Again SHell (minimal version) )
    bash-static ( The GNU Bourne Again SHell (static version) )
    busybox-static ( Standalone rescue shell with tons of builtin utilities )
    csh ( Shell with C-like syntax, standard login shell on BSD systems )
    zsh-30 ( A shell with lots of features )
    zsh30-static ( A shell with lots of features )

    System Adminstration:

    aide ( Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment )
    alien ( install non-native packages with dpkg )
    bootchart ( boot sequence auditing and chart generator )
    checksecurity ( basic system security checks )
    quota ( implementation of the disk quota system )

    NOTE: Don't install 'rpm' it bypasses the Debian installation System!!
    If you have some 'RPM' packages convert it to Debian format (.deb) using 'alien'.

    System Administration (Multiverse):

    chntpw ( Windows NT SAM password recovery utility )

    System Adminstration ( Universe):

    aboot-cross ( utility to create bootable ISO-Images for Linux/Alpha )
    adduser-ng ( Add and remove users and groups )
    apachetop ( Realtime Apache monitoring tool )
    apcd ( APC Smart UPS daemon )
    apcupsd ( APC UPS Power Management )
    arpwatch ( Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor )
    atop ( Monitor for system resources and process activity )
    atsar ( system activity reporter )
    auto-apt ( package search by file and on-demand package installation tool )
    autopsy ( graphical interface to SleuthKit )
    battery-stats ( Collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries )
    bum ( graphical runlevel editor )
    cpudyn ( CPU dynamic frequency control for processors with scaling )
    cpuid ( Intel and AMD x86 CPUID display program )
    cron-apt ( automatic update of packages using apt-get )
    debfoster ( Install only wanted Debian packages )
    divine ( Automatic IP configuration detection for laptops )
    e2undel ( Undelete utility for the ext2 file system )_
    grub-splashimages ( a collection of great GRUB splashimages )
    harden ( Makes your system hardened, ie., improves the security of the System )
    harden-environment ( Hardened system environment )
    harden-nids ( Harden a system by using a network intrusion detection system )
    harden-surveillance ( Check services and/or servers automatically )
    harden-tools (Tools to enhance or analyze the security of the local system )
    hotswap ( (de)register hotswappable IDE hardware )
    hotswap-gui ( (de)register hotswappable IDE hardware (GUI front-ends) )
    memstat ( Identify what's using up virtual memory )
    ms-sys ( Write a Microsoft compatible boot record )
    mysql-admin ( GUI tool for intuitive MySQL administration )
    mysql-admin-common ( Architecture independent files for MySQL Administrator )
    powersaved ( power management daemon )
    powertweak ( Tool to tune system for optimal performance )
    powertweakd ( Tool to tune system for optimal performance )
    powertweak-extra ( Plugins for powertweakd )
    powertweak-gtk ( GTK mode for powertweakd )
    powstatd ( Configurable UPS monitoring daemon )
    psad ( The Port Scan Attack Detector )
    systemconfigurator ( Unified Configuration API for Linux Installation )
    systune ( kernel tuning through the /proc file system )


    bonnie++ ( Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite )
    console-terminus ( Fixed-width fonts for fast reading on the Linux console )
    gfxboot ( bootlogo creator for gfxboot compliant boot loaders )
    gfxboot-theme-ubuntu ( Ubuntu theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders )
    lm-sensors ( utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors - works with most newer Systems )
    memtester ( A utility for testing the memory subsystem )
    smartmontools ( control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T. )

    Utilities: (Multiverse):

    chaplin ( DVD chapter extractor )
    cpdvd ( transfer a DVD title to your harddisk )
    f-prot-installer ( F-Prot(tm) Antivirus installer package )
    iozone3 ( Filesystem and Disk Benchmarking Tool )
    rar ( Archiver for .rar files )
    unrar ( Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version) )

    Utilities (Universe):

    bootcd-i386 ( bootcd extension to create images that can boot on i386 )
    fatsort ( utility for sorting FAT directory structures )
    fcrackzip ( password cracker for zip archives )
    gmemusage ( Displays a graph detailing memory usage of each process )
    grmonitor ( Graphical Process Monitor )
    imwheel ( program to support non-standard buttons on new mice )
    tpctl ( IBM ThinkPad hardware configuration tools )
    tree ( displays directory tree, in color )
    tripwire ( file and directory integrity checker )

    Word-Processing (Multiverse):

    mozilla-acroread ( Acrobat plugin for Mozilla browser )

    World Wide Web:

    apache2 ( next generation, scalable, extendable web server )
    tidy ( HTML syntax checker and reformatter )

    World Wide Web (Multiverse):

    sun-java5-plugin ( The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 5.0 )
    velocity ( Java-based template engine for web application )
    velocity-doc ( Documentation for velocity )

    World Wide Web (Universe):

    aget ( Multithreaded HTTP Download Accelerator )
    axel ( A light download accelerator - Console version )
    axel-kapt ( A light download accelerator - Console version front-end )
    dillo ( Small and fast web browser )
    gallery ( a web-based photo album written in php )
    gallery2 ( web-based photo album written in PHP )
    java2html ( Highlight Java and C++ sources for WWW presentation )

    Also from 'Add/Remove... ( ' in the 'usr/share/applications' folder)

    gFTP ( Download & upload files using mutiple file transfer protocols)
    IDLE ( IDE for Python (under 'Programming' section))
    Screem ( HTML/XML Editor for website development ( under 'Programming' section))
    MDB Viewer ( View & export MS Access databases 'under 'All'))
    QTParted ( Application for partitioning the disk, it's Partition Magic clone written in C++ ( System Tools) )
    Scribus ( Graphics Page layout & publication ( under 'Graphics' section)

    Popular Extensions for FireFox:

    FlashGot, NoScript, FasterFox, VideoDownloader, AdBlock, DownThemAll, Tab Mix Plus, Silver Skin, AdBlock Filterset,
    Torrent Search Bar, PDF Download, Image Zoom, GMail Notifier, Mouse Gestures, FireFTP, GMail Space, FlashBlock,
    Temporary Inbox, Performancing.
    Get them here:

    Get the Plugins here: ( Flash, Adobe Acrobat, RealPlayer, ShockWave)


    NOTE: Don't install Java plugin from here, it won't work!! Instead install it using Synaptic Package Manager.

    For Developers: (IDE (Integrated Development Environment)):

    Java Developers :

    You guys have more choice!! Choose either Eclipse, JDeveloper, NetBeans, Java Studio Enterprise, Java Studio Creator,

    C/C++ Developers:

    Eclipse or Anjuta

    PHP Developers:


    Python Developers:

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2006
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  2. Vishal Gupta

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    Jul 28, 2005
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    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    That was my face expressions, when I saw this post! :D

    Man! gr8 post.
    I think not only for newbies, but its also beneficial for all Linux lovers.
    Tell me how many days u took for such gr8 compilation?

    I want 2 say: LAGE RAHO.........
  3. That is the heck of the list. Why dont you post the source too?
  4. blackleopard92

    blackleopard92 New Member

    Sep 4, 2004
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    I think he is the source, pmed me a shorter version a few days back
  5. gary4gar

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    May 21, 2005
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    great post mate but it will be very kind of u if u add the links where the following softwares are available.or what i have to add in my sources list to get them via apt-get.

  6. OP

    JGuru Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2005
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    Space-time continuum
    @Thunderbird, I'm the source!!. The entire list of packages was compiled by me.
    I have worked with Linux for more than 6 years now. You can consider me a Linux
    expert. It has taken me more than 5 days to finish this compilation.
    @Gary, Open the Terminal Window and type :
    $ gksudo /usr/sbin/synaptic
    This will open the 'Synaptic Package Manager'. You must get all the software
    source list (including Community Universe, Community Restricted etc.,)
    See here how get all the Restricted software Packages:
    After updating the source list, click on the 'Reload' button.
    You will have tons of packages to choose now.

    For eg., you want to install Adobe Acrobat Reader ( ie., acroread package)
    Just click on the 'Search' button on top and in the dialog box that pops up
    type 'acroread' .Click on 'search' button. Synaptic will search for 'acroread'
    and show you!!
    Just select it , right-click-> 'Mark for Installation'. From the menu Edit-> 'Apply Marked Changes'.
    This will install Adobe Acrobat Reader. That's all. Do the same for all
    packages you want to install. Enjoy!!
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2006
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  7. Ok, Thank you .
  8. Zeeshan Quireshi

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    Jun 9, 2006
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    well this is one hell of a liST .
  9. OP

    JGuru Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2005
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    Space-time continuum
    Here are some more Screenshots!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aria - A Download Manager similar to FlashGet, GetRight (in Windows)
    Blender - 3D Modelling & animation suite
    Beagle - File search & indexing program
    Freebirth - Bass synthesizer, Sample player, sequencer similar to Rebirth
    GIMP - Image manipulation tool similar to PhotoShop
    Glame - Audio editing tool
    LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio
    XMMS - Audio player similar to WinAmp
  10. praka123

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    Sep 7, 2005
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    Thank U Jguru!..
    meanwhile here is my /etc/apt/sources.list entries for ppl who needs it:p
    [root@localhost ~]# cat /mnt/ubuntu/etc/apt/sources.list
    deb file:/var/cache/apt-build/repository apt-build main
    # Automatically generated sources.list
    # http://www.ubuntulinux.nl/source-o-matic
    # If you get errors about missing keys, lookup the key in this file
    # and run these commands (replace KEY with the key number)
    # gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv KEY
    # gpg --export --armor KEY | sudo apt-key add -
    # Ubuntu supported packages (packages, GPG key: 437D05B5)
    deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper main restricted
    deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-updates main restricted
    deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security main restricted
    # Ubuntu community supported packages (packages, GPG key: 437D05B5)
    deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper universe multiverse
    deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-updates universe multiverse
    deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security universe multiverse
    # Seveas' packages (packages, GPG key: 1135D466)
    deb http://seveas.theplayboymansion.net/seveas dapper-seveas all
    # Cipherfunk multimedia packages (packages, GPG key: 33BAC1B3)
    deb ftp://cipherfunk.org/pub/packages/ubuntu/ dapper main
    # Penguin Liberation Front (packages)
    deb http://packages.freecontrib.org/plf/ dapper free non-free
    # The Opera browser (packages)
    deb http://deb.opera.com/opera etch non-free
    # deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org sarge main
    deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-backports main restricted universe m ultiverse
  11. OP

    JGuru Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2005
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    Space-time continuum
    Thanks @Prakash for that update. It's definitely helpful for all Ubuntu Dapper Drake
  12. chesss

    chesss mera kutch nahi ho sakta

    Oct 22, 2005
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    Great list guruji, I will be referring to this very often ;)
    Yup ubuntu 6 really rocks.
    Here are a few more good packages:
    kdissert : easy to use & simple mindmapping/note taking tool
    pilot-link: command line based syncing for your palm
    mocp : commandline music player
    zsh: shell like bash , but much much better ( tabbing/spell checking)
  13. gary4gar

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    May 21, 2005
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    very good list.
    I added it to frequently disucced topics.
  14. OP

    JGuru Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2005
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    Space-time continuum
    Thanks @Gary for updating the Frequently Discussed Topics. I hope it would be
    very useful to all Ubuntu users.
  15. gary4gar

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    May 21, 2005
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    no probs mate u are always welcome
    can u pm me ur email id & maybe when i need your help i will e-mail u & and also its good have some friends around.
  16. saurabh.sauron

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    Jan 19, 2006
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    Middle Earth
    that's a classic post. i never knew all those packages.
    i would add VLC to multimedia list. i think it is the best player. i think it even beats XMMS.
  17. OP

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    Space-time continuum
    Ubuntu in different Avatars!!
    Ubuntu using XP Theme!!


    Ubuntu using Vista Theme!!


    Ubuntu using Mac O.S Theme!!

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2006
  18. kalpik

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    May 18, 2005
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    New Delhi
    My Vista theme :D

  19. eddie

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    Jan 26, 2006
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    [Off topic]
    Theme is great but fonts are very badly hinted. You should change font hinting and please for god's sake stop using M$ fonts. Use something like DejaVu that don't suck on *nix platform.

    Just to compare the look of fonts, I am attaching an exactly similar screenshot from my system. Your font preferences might be different but I hope you will like the smoother DejaVu instead of crappy M$ Fonts.

    [/Off topic]
  20. kalpik

    kalpik In Pursuit of "Happyness"

    May 18, 2005
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    New Delhi
    Umm.. Frankly speaking.. I dont find any difference in the fonts! Maybe im missing something? Ill definately try out DejaVu.. Thanks for the suggestion! By the way, what's hinting?
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