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  1. C

    Help with generating dtmf tones with rasphberi pi

    So I'm trying to use a rasphberi pi as a home automation device for a college project... What I'm trying to do is basically this- 1.The pi hosts a webpage 2.Clicking on the website's buttons from a client machine triggers a script, which plays a dtmf tone over the headphone jack. 3.Another...
  2. S

    WP8 clarifications, clear your doubts here

    since others threads about wp are quite old..i thought of starting a new one..this thread will focus mainly on criticism of wp8..so potential buyers get to see all problems here and decide i am recently smitten by lumia 720..i dont want to play games..wp8 feels rich though..but suffers from...
  3. curioustechy

    internal modem - fax issues

    * recently I started using my old internal dial up modem as a *faxing machine through Windows XP. *After configuring it, *it worked correctly for one or two times. *But now I'm unable to send & *receive fax. *it tells ' no dial tone' *or at times 'no *answer' . *when I *picked up & *listened the...
  4. B

    APC UPS. not working

    hi. i am after pulling a old ups out of storage and trying to get it working again. its a APC smart ups 700 series. model no. su700inet. when i plug in the ups (with & without load) the overload light comes on and the ups emits a loud tone. the battery has two bars left in it and the fuse is...
  5. P

    Xperia P-warm color tone

    Purchased Xperia P on 24th July.. Gave it back to service center yesterday for yellowish toning on display as it shows slightly yellowish tone everywhere( something like warm color toning) I suspect this is due to whitemagic technology. Anybody experienced the same issue? Is all Xperia P have...
  6. leo61611616

    World's Smallest Muscial Instrument Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme

    The scientists from the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, have created "micronium" a tiny musical instrument made up of microscopic springs activated by combs to produce an audible tone. The "micronium" is the first musical instrument to measure only micrometers across and be audible...
  7. paroh

    carrier load: number of bits per symbol(tone)

    My Broadband connection status in different modulation. Adsl2+(operational mode: ITU G.992.5(ADSL2PLUS)) relative capacity occupation: 100% noise margin upstream: 11.0 db output power downstream: 13.2 dbm attenuation upstream: 15.2 db carrier load: number of bits per symbol(tone) tone 0- 31...
  8. Revolution


    I have Nokia 2700 Classic. After ending any call from most of the operator,they use to show a massage about last call detail. But on my phone the message showing with the SMS ring tone. And I don't like that. I have used Vodafone,Airtel,Aircel but the fact reamain same on my 2700C. But on my...
  9. surinder

    Dial up modem giving problems

    One of my friends using dial up modem from last year and half. But from few days back it can't detect dial tone but dial tone is very clear. Phone calls can be made from phone connected from modem's phone out and if we take of phone receiver then try to connect while dial tone remains it...
  10. x3060

    kilukkam ring tone (mp3 really preferred )!!!

    hi, please help me out, if anyone has kilukkam ring tone, can you send it to me..or post it here or in mediafire or other ,that i can download . i would really appreciate if its mp3, if any can rip it from movie & provide is also great.
  11. lethalweaponforever

    Sony Ericsson K300i

    I have a Sony Ericsson K300i phone.........Under the message tone options in that phone, there are only cerain pre-defined tones to choose from..........is there any way in which i can set some other message tone..........
  12. enticer86

    Alarm Tone Suggestions Reqd.

    Hi friends; Please suggest a soft tone [song/theme tune] to put up as the Alarm tone in my cell. I am using Stairway to Heaven but end up ignoring it- am so used to that.
  13. NucleusKore

    Vodafone Karnataka Blacklist

    Hi I have made a blacklist of Vodafone Karnataka numbers from which annoying automated advertising calls are made. To avoid getting calls from these numbers you must activate NDNC by calling customer care, but it takes 45 days to get activated. There have been instances of it taking longer :D In...
  14. J

    phone dialer

    hello folks I have finally managed to configure the phone dialer on my PC but I was wonderng if i can make phone calls using just the microphone and my headset.I tried calling my mobile from the computer and I do get the ringing tone on my mobile but i cant hear any dialling tone or anything for...
  15. T

    Vista , Audigy & Tone

    I'm using a Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro soundcard with Vista Ultimate ... now the thing is that I cant configure the individual channels .. many tools like speaker calibrator dont work with vista .. i got the latest drivers from the creative website but still i cnt configure the speakers...
  16. quan chi

    are there any ADSL users here please help.

    guys please help me as i have just switched to mtnl triband(adsl) 256kbps.speed.(where an auxillary phone line is connected to the external modem).initially it worked well but after two to three days it began showing fluctuations in speed.sometimes it becomes very slow and sometimes it behaves...
  17. Sanchit

    Recommend me 2 cellphones

    I want to purchase two cellphones, either of Sony Ericcson or Nokia. My budjet for them is 4k for the first & 6k for the second. Please recommend me some cellphones having GPRS & MP3 tone capability.
  18. arunks

    suggest a ringtone for my new n70 mobile phone

    Hey guys at first i shuld tell u that i bought a n70 1 month back.... i have default nokia trin trin tone .... when it rings in presence of somebody then he/she says "n70 leke bhi sasti ringtone, kya phayda itne paise lagaane ka.." u can understand.. dont assume me a idiot.. i m gadget...
  19. ::vicky::

    General question of k750

    hi guys i have some questions like 1)how can i switch the tone like when we check the balance and the reply which comes comes with a tone after sending message also tone comes when delivery report is shown. 2) can i put a sound in the start up of the phone instead of vibration 3)...
  20. S

    How to Convert Mp3 to WAV

    Hi, Am having Nokia 3230, is there any software to convert mp3songs to wav, so that i can use as ring tone.. Regards Saran
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