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since others threads about wp are quite old..i thought of starting a new one..this thread will focus mainly on criticism of wp8..so potential buyers get to see all problems here and decide

i am recently smitten by lumia 720..i dont want to play games..wp8 feels rich though..but suffers from severe essential software limitations... i would like to know the opinion of you guys.. i have lested them over here..

1) If you decided due to any reason to delete all the contacts for example you are using another mobile and your contact are more updated on the other one and need to delete all the contacts from Lumia 920 or any Windows Phone Mobile you have to delete the contacts one by one or restore the mobile to the factory settings as Nokia did not consider that you could use select all to delete or send all the contacts.

2)- If you sent a contact card from another device to the Lumia 920 via Bluetooth you have to do the save twice to have this contact on phone otherwise you lost it.

3)- The ringtone volume is going to 15/30 by default and the vibration is not that strong comparing with the mobile volume and weight so you have to check that the volume is 30/30 every some minuets to hear the mobile in the noisy areas.

4)- If you need to get a tone from anyone or download a tone it is impossible to have it as tone before you copy it by computer to the tones folder otherwise forgets this tone.

5)- To download any attachments and want to edit by office or copy to computer, forget it.

6)You can only install apps from microsoft store on device itself, that means not from other sites and not by manually...only from MS store...and you know wht?? you've to purchase apps, those are totally free on android & IOS with latest version.....point to be noted some apps are only for INR 500....wow

7)Out of 150000 apps only 2 to 3 apps are useful and some 3 to 4 games are good....
and you know why???? because......
Developers does not have full access to WP OS...means while developing any apps...microsoft restrict some area of OS.

For example: if someone create themes for Live (?) Tiles, developers can access only some 4 to 5 Tiles to theme and not sms icon, not emails, not contacts.etc
another great example...if someone create a apps of battery level indicator...then on live tiles it'll update ur battery status after 30 minutes...means no live statues..
these are just examples, all apps are developed in similar manner, because microsoft does not allow developers to create apps like android or IOS...

8)no flash player, so u need youtube apps..
there are lots of youtube apps in store but....
again, microsoft restriction on them....
Those youtube apps can download video but you cant upload it to your PC...they are stored in isolated places.....so no file transfer....

9)VOLUME CONTROL - it would be better if the volume control isn't universal. It would be nice to have separate control for ringing level, music player, video player, and applications.

*i am not any ios or android fanboy.
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Re: wp8 software limitations

Pointless, exaggerated and cluttered. That is what the post looks to me.
Re: wp8 software limitations

Good compilation........
So at last it was a good decision not to consider Lumia 720 for my dad(Xperia L !!)
Re: wp8 software limitations

Most of those points also apply to iPhone. An really... only2-3 apps useful? I seriously doubt that.


Re: wp8 software limitations

All the things the OP is said is due to his lack of knowledge on windows phones. Let me explain point to point explanation to his problems.

1. The contacts are stored and sync with the hotmail account if the op has signed with the a microsoft account, the contacts are already synced with the hotmail, Its the same in android with google account. If you want to delete all your contacts sign in the hotmail>PEOPLE and delete the whole contact and it will be automatically be deleted on next sync from your phone.

2. It's easy to send the contacts via bluetooth to wp8. On recieving contact a notification will appear on the top, just tap it and choose save and its done... I don't know whats the hassle OP got here...

3. It dosen't go 15/30 actually it goes 19/30 every time the phone restarts. And it sometimes go 19/30 when listening to songs at high volume. But wp8 shows notification to not to listen at high volume and automatically reduces it to 19/30. I think every high end phone today does that.

4. Download Nokia ringtone maker, If you like some other phones ringtone than ask that buddy to send it to you via bluetooth. when that ring tone received will be automatically saved to music. Now open the ringtonne maker select the music and select it as ringtone. It's too easy...

5. You can download any attachment from the email and it will run on wp8 if supported. On the editing part attachments like picture,word and excel files are easily edited on the mobile itself.

6. You can only install apps from windows phone store, that's true. It was done to reduce piracy and for security purposes. Why one needs to install an app from 3rd party website? and most of the essential apps are free on wp8 and alternatives are available and can you tell me which app costs you Rs 500?

7. I don't know which apps you need but there are many useful apps for everything and nokia exclusives are great too.

On the customization part, heavy customization will make any phone slow and laggy thats why wp8 and ios restrict on customization. If you want customization don't go for these devices. Laggy android will suffice to you.

8. You won't get flash player on latest gen devices. Flash Player on mobile devices going to be dead except it now. Latest android 4.2 also doesn't support flash player. Galaxy s4 also dosen't include flash player.

9. Separate volume control is coming in GDR3 update (blue update) as there are rumors. But i'm happy with unified volume control as I have not to set every volume.

If you have any other problem feel free to ask here.


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Re: wp8 software limitations

^^ Agree with each and every point. I've been using the Lumia 720 since launch and I believe it to be my best electronics purchase till date.


Re: wp8 software limitations

If someone finds some of these points to be a bit untrue you could just correct the OP (as done by Gauravs90) as it would give all of us an equal understanding of how the W8 users feel abt their device... ;)

Or you could add few of ur own points too, it need not only be negative u could add points which would make W8 standout compared to other OS... :D


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looks like the OP is frustrated with Windows phone...

regarding customization & restriction one should remember that Microsoft windows phone 8 OS is commercial proprietary software
and Android is Open Source.



Rightly said... Seems like OP is having misunderstanding towards WP8.. I am a Lumia 920 user and I love this phone very much.


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The only thing one has to worry in WP8 is "Other Storage" issue. Hope it'l be fixed in the future updates.
Other than that, WP8 is breeze and typo-based art !! I <3 it!!


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People considering purchasing WP8 for corporate purposes beware: WP8 does not yet support many BYOD technologies incuding Lotus Traveler, Altiris MDM and BES 10.

So consult with your company IT before going for WP 8.
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