1. Rockstar11

    WHY in only AP CIRCLE ?

    WHY in only AP CIRCLE ? BSNL minimum broadband speed to 2 mbps BBG Combo ULD 675 upto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, 512 Kbps beyond for other pan india upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB, 512 Kbps beyond ? that's not fair.. we are paying same money. Do they think we’re idiots? JAAGO GRAHAK JAAGO
  2. E

    Make my PC think it's in US

    Hi I wanted a good song streaming site/app for my PC.So I installed TunnelBear and downloaded spotify. I even created and account and logged in to the spotify app on my PC. Everything went well for a week then all of a sudden I got an error saying that my account is registered in a different...
  3. I

    Why is svchost.exe taking so much RAM

    Hi all, After installing Bitdefender Total Security 2015, I have noticed that at startup my RAM fills up till 70% of 3.5gigs. I had a quick look in the task manager and saw that svchost was taking up 500mb and sometimes climbing up till 700mb! I have already run virus scans and malware scans(...
  4. C

    Yureka Plus: Removing Custom ROM

    Dear Friends, I have bought Yureka Plus for my wife and it arrived yesterday. Although everything is fine till now but i found this custom ROM is bit heavy for this phone. I have bought yureka in March for myself and till date it is very perfectly fine. It is having CM 11 and yureka Plus is...
  5. I

    Please suggest Thermal Paste for about Rs 500

    Hi all, I have an old gaming oriented machine that has a core2duo E4500. I often overclock it from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz but it seems that recently it has been heating up till till 70degrees C. I cleaned up the cooler(stock Intel) and found that my last application of thermal paste has dried out...
  6. bestpain

    summer course guide

    i have just given my 4th sem exam and having 2 months semester break , i am planning to do two courses ...plz advice which courses should i do.... available courses are ,.NET,PHP,SQL,VB,ORACAL,JAVA,web designing till now i have studied c,c++,database management in college which course...
  7. axelzdly1

    The best camera trigger till date?

    Thread moved to http://www.digit.in/forum/technology-news/185744-best-camera-trigger-till-date.html#post2140315 before the intervention of Mods.Please thank me :P
  8. K

    C++ Programming Tutorials

    hey Guys there I have created a C++ Programming tutorial playlist on youtube. This is for absolute beginners and anyone can watch and learn i have done 27 videos each of around 5 mins till date and hopefully you all will get great benifit from it. so here is the link and enjoy...
  9. sahil1033

    Need a mobile ranging between 5k - 6k

    I need a mobile for my sister for around 6k and can go till 7k max. Android preferred, suggestions please. She has picked up Lava Iris 402+ till now.
  10. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

    Downloads available till January 10th. Lifetime validity. download
  11. B


    i just bought a new battery for my laptop, and i was looking how to keep it healthy. one website says u should not discharge it till 0 and other says you should what to do plz guide me
  12. A

    Best 24 inch tv till Rs 18000/-

    Hi, I am planning on buying a LED tv till diwali and my requirements are: 1. 24 inch 2. Should cost maximum till 18000/- INR. 3. General tv viewing: daily indian soaps, news, cricket matches almost all the channels are SD.:P 4. USB play formats is very important as I will be playing...
  13. quicky008

    HDD emits a peculiar clicking sound-what could be the cause?

    I have 3 Seagate hdds on my system-80 GB,320 GB and 1 TB and they are powered by a corsair VX 450W psu.The first 2 drives are over 5 years old whereas the 1 tb drive is around 2 years old.I have never faced any issues with them and they have served me well till date.But of late,I have been...
  14. A

    Positive Experience Vaishali- Multiple Products

    I havr ordered multiple products from ebay(unfortunately I dont have the link for any) and have always had a good experience till now. The Products I have Purchased till now from them are: 1.) Logitech Ultimate Ears ue 350 vi for only Rs.1990(in March'12) 2.) USB Cable for Iphone for Rs.100 (...
  15. truegenius

    About karbonn a5

    Key Specifications 320x480 resolution 3.5-inch Capacitive 2 point Touchscreen Dual SIM (GSM (wcdma) + GSM) Android v2.3.6 (Gingerbread) OS 800 MHz cortex a5 Processor Adreno 200 gpu 512MB ram wifi, bluetooth, 3g/edge/2g, wifi hotspot, proximity and gravity sensor, 2mp camera Expandable...
  16. avinandan012

    Age Of Empires II HD

    Anyone playing Age Of Empires II HD?? AOE II is my favourite game till date
  17. doomgiver

    Problem with Windows installation.

    Im trying to install windows to a hard drive, it installs correctly, but when i try to run it, it just restarts a couple of seconds after the animated logo screen appears (the logo where 4 dots fly together to create the MS logo, as in, it gets till the dots appear, but it restarts before it...
  18. J

    Stablest version of netbeans?

    Hello I actually just took the subject "Informatics Practices" whilee I do Non-Medical in X1 class. I am quite new and currently i am working on learning java (I learned some till now, enough to create a simple tic-tac-toe game). Till now, i was making projects in school IP lab only. But...
  19. S

    Ideapad Y500 (USA to INDIA) power!!

    Hello sir, I'm looking to buy Y500 from USA,but I will most probably return it to India and I will be using it there. As i am in immideate need to buy, I cannot delay the purchase till I go..So my doubt is, will I be able to use the one I got here in India as there is power difference (110V...
  20. U

    [Complaint] Kingston giving me hard time

    I had purchased a Kingston SSD 64GB model V100 on Feb 16 2012. It worked fine till the month of Febrauary 2013 and then it developed bad sectors. So i had given it for replacement to Digicare and they issued an RMA. They three weeks to replace it and gave me a replacement on 23 Feb 2013. Happy i...
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