1. aaruni

    Thunderbird Backup

    I will be upgrading my HDD and do not want to download all of my backed up email (3GB). Is there a way to back this all up except by taking a backup of ~/.thunderbird/*.default/Mail ? Like something which will produce a big dump, which can then be imported by thunderbird on the new install using...
  2. dude1

    What's your opinion about Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500?

    Hello guyz! For last three years I've been using red hero honda hunk for daily commutes. A good bike with decent looks and average power. It served me faithfully but now I want to change it. Thought of Pulsar 400, but due to its uncertain release date, dropped it.Been thinking of some options...
  3. H

    I can has bike?

    No essays here, have 1.3L, primary choices are RE Thunderbird, KTM Duke, Pulsar 200NS. Shoot them comments :-D
  4. socrates

    Firefox 8 is here

    Latest ver of Firefox is available now Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download & Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird *
  5. gameranand

    Changing Opera Email client settings.

    How can I change the settings for opera so that it won't monitor my email ID. For temporary purpose I have changed the password and disabled the POP and IMAP but I do use Thunderbird so can't stay with this setting forever so please tell me how to delete my gmail account from opera.
  6. gameranand

    Sending mail automatically

    Friends I want to automate the process of sending on Thunderbird. Actually I don't give a damn if it has to be Thunderbird or any other email client or simply web interface. I just want to automate it. I mean say someone's birthday is on 20th march and I configured my email client to send a mail...
  7. M

    Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.6 Final

    Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.6 Final Thunderbird is Mozilla's next generation e-mail client. Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster and easier than ever before and can also scale to meet the most sophisticated organizational needs. Thunderbird 3 Features: For an overview, please see Thunderbird 3...
  8. X

    Thunderbird 3 Review

    In my review of Postbox entitled "Postbox: Thunderbird on steroids!", I came to the conclusion that Postbox, while being built entirely on Thunderbird, was a brilliant application, a powered-up version of Thunderbird, which added some much needed features. Since then, Thunderbird itself has...
  9. hittheswitch

    Copying mails from thunderbird to server

    Hi, Most of my friends use thunderbird as their e-mail client. So i thought i will give it a try and started using it for 3 of my inboxes. The problem is that i don't like it that much. Now i would like to go back to the basics (checking e-mail using my browser). However the mails were...
  10. R

    Configure Yahoo free account with ThunderBird

    Hi, i need help for configuring my ymail account on Thunderbird. How can i do this?
  11. C

    How to congig. thunderbird with Yahoo.. such a headache

    Hi guys, well thought to give a try at Thunderbird...well managed to hook on with Gmail was so easy...but now the main account which i use that is yahoo mail cant be config. to thunderbird...any help form u guys.... need to know how to cofig. it in step by step sequence.... Thaning in...
  12. Cool Buddy

    Thunderbird, always on!!!

    I recently reinstalled windows & as a result I had to reinstall thunderbird. However, after I put my data back in the profiles folder. It gives a message that thunderbord is already running but is not responding & I need to close it first. what is the problem?
  13. Cyrus_the_virus

    Spicebird - Indian Opensource Application

    Check out this OSS application devloped by Indians:p Demo Video: * Spicebird is a cross-platform email and collaboration client derived from Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are a fan of Thunderbird, but need more from it than the standard build...
  14. Cool Buddy

    From thunderbird to outlook

    Is it possible to import mails into MS Outlook directly from Thunderbird? If not, is there any other way to do it?
  15. abhinandh

    thunderbird help

    guys thunderbird is not opening at all.tried 1.5 aswell as 2.0 versions. this is hapenning after a mobo and proccy upgrade.
  16. blackpearl

    Suggest an email client

    I've always accessed my mails through the browser. Now I want to use an email client. Which one do you suggest? Right now I have 2 in mind - thunderbird and the bat. Which is the best?
  17. H

    How can I export an Outlook 2003 .pst file to ThunderBird 2

    In my Office PC I had Office Outlook 2003 installed hence I used it as email apps.. I stored all emails under a .pst file format of Default Outlook 2003... Now I am getting a New Laptop from office So I want to transfer the .pst file to thunderbird... I have copied the (total folder, had 3...
  18. anandk

    Thunderbird must go says Mozilla CEO

    "Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has admitted that Thunderbird is to be booted out of the Mozilla camp in order to allow “the Thunderbird community to determine its own destiny” apparently. Put through my patented BS translator this produced “Thunderbird brings us no revenue, gets a bad press whether...
  19. ilugd

    Using similar programs on windows and linux

    I am planning to install ubuntu on my home system. The system in my office has windows xp on it. I would like a way in which I can download my email through pop3 to a usb drive. (some soft of portable software) The tricky part is that I want to be able to use the program in linux too without...
  20. eddie

    Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Released

    Source: mozillaZine announcement Thunderbird 2 Features Thunderbird 2 Release Noted
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