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  1. Superayush

    QuizUp: a really addictive versatile quiz app

    You must try this app it's for free and IMO is the best quiz app till date :)and guess what it's free! It has like 418+ topics for quiz from cars to android to tv serials to science to virtually everything !!! It allows you to compete with other players around the world in a 7 round rapid fire...
  2. toofan

    Who is Agent 001?

    Does anyone know who is Agent 001. From the day of reading my 1st digit I am curious about Agent 001. I thinks its RABOOO but not confirmed. Some must know.
  3. INS-ANI

    RGV Controversy: Tampering National Anthem

    I recently saw a promo of RGV's Rann which some media claimed to have added a tampered national anthem song in background. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT1p3QntUzE After seeing, i personally don't feel even a single bit of objection or offense with this song. RGV has simply given a...
  4. R2K

    what world thinks about India

    today while browsing i came across this thread in some other forum....... :mad::mad::mad::mad: http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/556876-ibm-offers-move-laid-off-workers.html
  5. IronManForever

    Lets post our problems, experiences, etc related to Life in general here!!

    Hey Guys. Just got the idea about creating this thread... Many of us visiting the ThinkDigit Forum are well acquainted with the idea co-operation, co-existence and helping each others out. Whether we come to the forum to post our queries, or post tutorials, reviews, argue, or reply to...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Do You Get Pissed Off At Others' Ignorance ?

    Most of us guys here are geeks. But we are not the only people in the world. There are also other "dumber mortals" who are simply too ignorant about technology. Do you get angry at them or their state ? Because many (including me) have confessed that its alright if they are ignorant, but if they...
  7. jal_desai

    I Dont Feel Like Studying... I Only Want To Stick To My Computer!!!

    hi ppl.... lemme share something with u... i am sufffering from some mental disease or somethin .. i'm in final yr engineering (7th sem) .. exams are from 18th dec. but i dont feel like studying.. really guys... i just feel like sticking to my lappy... install softwares... play games... blogging...
  8. crs_cwiz

    Cabinet for my rig

    Hey everyone, im getting a new rig based on the following config: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Asus P5N32E SLi (nforce 680i) Corsair 512 MB 667 MHz x 4 XFX Geforce 8800 GTS WD W3200KS 320 GB x 2 Corsair 620 W Power supply Sony DVD RW, etc... I wanted to know which cabinet should I go for...
  9. rahul_becks23

    Installation of trial very wierd...!!!

    I installed Audition 2 trial but when it runs , it says - Trial expired . Now , the problem is that i never installed it before in the first place ... so this is possible that the software thinks i have used 30 days already , whereas , actuallly , i just installed it for the 1st time ...
  10. sujeet2555

    dvd not working

    i have a movie dvd that run s good on a dvd player but when i insert it in my lg dvd drive ,it shows nothing saying"please insert a disk".i don't thinks it is a region problem as drive is not identifying the disk but other dvds are running well.
  11. kunwar

    How should i convience my dad to grant me xfx 5200 gfx card?

    as my fater thinks that playing games is wastage of time. please help :oops: guys.
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