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  1. K

    Any to way to prevent from virus

    Hi Guys, I have a external hardisk. I am afraid of virus and data theft. Are there any ways to prevent them?
  2. swatkats

    If Your Mobile Phone Was Stolen & You Hate the Phone Thief, You Should Do This

    If your phone was stolen, there isn’t much you can do about it in India. The story is usually that you go to the cops, lodge a complaint and they ask you for the bills and unique numbers for the mobile phone. Everybody forgets about it, except you. Ever wonder if you could do something about...
  3. beingGamer

    Move games to other folder - Steam

    Hi, i recently bought GTA V on steam. and installed it in 'f:\steam\Grand Theft Auto V\' I didnt know that steam creates separate folders for games in steamapps\common so the problem is, when I install any new game, its installing in in below path J:\Steam\Grand Theft Auto 5\steamapps\common...
  4. Gollum

    GTA V coming to PS4, XBONE and yes PC too this Fall

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  5. H

    GTA Soon Coming To PS4, Xbox One and PC.......

    Source: Engadget Rockstar has also released a teaser:- 3DBrG2YjqQA
  6. nomad47

    [PC] Grand Theft Auto V

    Good news for GTA fans. It is official. GTA V is coming to PC this fall. Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PC and Xbox One as well as PS4 this fall (update) | Polygon Now where us that petition guy? I want to throw this in his face!! Updated: Videocardz.com has listed a number of games which...
  7. debarshi

    Target Hacked, Credit Cards and Private Data for 40 Million Stolen

    And this, below, is what Target has to say Source: Techcrunch Lifehacker This is real bad news, folks. With Flipkart launching Payzippy, another service storing cards and banking data, this does not look good at all.
  8. H

    Mobile Insurance

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Xperia ZR. Now, I want to insure my phone against theft. MobileStore only offers theft insurance for phones bought from them. The new India assurance co ltd also offers mobile insurance but I don't know if there's a better alternative available. So, I would...
  9. RohanM

    Rockstar releases the official gameplay trailer of Grand Theft Auto V

  10. M


    Please suggest me completely free laptop tracking software in he event of laptop theft.
  11. 101gamzer

    Call of duty Police Warfare [FAN-MADE]

    Good News Call of Duty Police Warfare coming 2013 its a Fan made game it will be a A mix of Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto and HEAT.:shock: UPDATE Police Warfare, a fan-made concept pitch for Call of Duty, was released back in February. It wasn’t supposed to be much more than that, but the...
  12. s18000rpm

    Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS, Android

    Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS, Android i.joystiq.com/2011/10/13/grand-theft-auto-3-coming-to-ios-android-for-10th-anniversary/
  13. akashv

    Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro SK17i

    For Sale 1. *Model number and details: Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro SK17i, 32 days old bought at Univercell,With Bill and Warranty along with 1 year Theft Insurance,with Original SE Screen Guard:-) 2. *Date of purchase:07 August 2011 3. Reason for sale:Upgrading to the Sony Ericsson...
  14. satyamy

    Nokia Phone Theft.. How can i track any help ?

    Recently I purchased Nokia 5130 XpressMusic It has been theft today morning from my house (It has Airtel Sim in It) Now when i call it is comming Switch Off Is their any way I can track it ? Please HELP :sad:
  15. P

    FS:Xbox 360 Games + MUs

    FS/WTB:Xbox 360 Games + FS:MUs First the games that I want to buy,PAL only: 1.Gears of War 2 2.Orange Box {Please pm me with u're contact number if possible,coz looking for the above games for one of my friend} Then stuff that I want to sell: Used Stuff: 1.Burnout Revenge{PAL}-499 Rs. 2.Halo...
  16. VarDOS

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stunt Bonus

    After A Long Try I Got This Success I Got $8535 For A Single Stunt In Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  17. moshel

    Good news for GTA Fans!!!

    Hello my pc-game-players friends...time to rejoiceeeee.....GTA4 is coming to PC......not after 1 year, not after 6 months...but this november....... Read on!!!
  18. cooldudie3

    Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation3-The great debate

    Which one do you like more,please post the stuff that is good about it and vote on the poll. I voted for Xbox 360 because there are a lot of great games on Xbox360(Halo3,PGR4,Call of Duty4 and Grand theft auto4) I really like the Xbox 360 Elite because of the black color and HDMI But what I...
  19. mayanks_098

    Any body who can provide me with power theft pics?

    Tomorrow there is collage making in my coll and the topic is "power(electricity) theft". I want some pics.dont tell me google coz the whole class of 30 students is gonna look up google.i want different?anylinks?or any pics u clickd urslf?
  20. iMav

    LG to provide Insurance for Mobile Theft

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