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  1. Ricky

    Why Internet in our country is so costly.. lets find out together

    I was reading a this thread about a petition against FUP but in my views, it is useless, we first need to find root cause and then work on it strategically (if its helps).. We must need to find out what are the causes of high charges of internet bandwidth in India .. (so without any...
  2. swatkats

    ACT Broadband Launched in Chennai

    First of all sorry for posting this if you already knew this. Tariff plans for Chennai: Availability: Abhiramapuram Adambakkam ADYAR Baby Nagar Besant Nagar Indra Nagar Kalashetra colony Kasthuribai Nagar Kotturpuram Madipakam Mandaveli Mylapore (LUZ corner) RA Puram Santhome Taramani...
  3. ravi_9793

    Get .com domain for just Rs. 280/- at BigRock

    Just found this great deal. Register new .com domain for just Rs. 280/ (including all taxes) at https://www.bigrock.in Coupon code: BX8U9AFB84D82B
  4. O

    BenQ g2025hd

    What opinion you guys have bout this monitor ? for the people who need 16:9 monitor. it comes at around 5k including taxes locally.
  5. H

    Trying to sell brand new htc one x 33k

    Hi First of all if anyone here is interested in buying it offline please pm me Guys has anyone here ever sold anything on ebay i am trying it for the first time and it looks too complex with so many fees and taxes can someone tell me how much it would cost me to sell my phone for 33k when i...
  6. Vishnupg45

    Variation of prices of 7750

    The same gigabyte 7750 oc edition card theitwares.com/gigabyte-7750-128bit-gddr5-gvr775oc1gi-radeon-express-hdcp-ready-graphic-card-p-2538.html and on flipkart...
  7. D

    Gaming PC at 1 Lac.. Is the config good or does it need any changes?

    Hi Guys.. I intend to purchase a new Gaming PC in a few months.. I have settled on (what I think is) a good config.. Please let me know your thoughts about the same.. Proc: Phenom II X6 1090T BE 3.2 GHz 10657.50 MoBo:GigaByte ATI 890GX Chipset GA-890GPA-UD3H 9137.10...
  8. M

    msi gtx 570 @ 21525 ..resonable ..?

    just got a msi ngtx570 for 21,525(inc Taxes). is it reasonable or should it had been someting less...?
  9. D

    netbook or notebook?

    Hi all. i am planning to buy a new netbook/notebook. following are my requirements: 1.) use of office softwares like tally, busy etc along with my personalized software made in MS-DOS foxpro. i usually alt-tab between both. 2.) Playing of movies usually normal dvd, divx files from...
  10. B

    How much dell charges taxes and delivery ?

    I am planning to buy dell studio 15 through online with some customization option. But i didn't find taxes and delivery price. Anyone knows how much they charge ?
  11. reddick

    About : Dell 15 Inspiration

    About : Dell Inspiro 15 It's price is 37K here in Chandigarh excluding taxes...So did they provide Laptop Carry Bag along with it? How much would it exactly cost to me including taxes n carry bag? Does buying 9-cell battery is a wise idea...Thanks Mate!
  12. Z

    Has anyone bought from dell.co.in?

    Just wondering. Im interested in buying a Studio XPS 16 from the Dell site. Customized, it amounts to about Rs. 72,000. But it says taxes will me mailed to me after I provide my paying options. Has anyone bought anything from there? And how much would the taxes amount to? Is it possible to...
  13. krates

    ROFL nokia n86 cost 625 euro (incl. taxes)

    http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n86_8mp_up_for_preorder_get_a_bag_full_of_cash_ready-news-810.php :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: so who is buying it ??? :D
  14. S

    Xbox 360 v Gaming PC

    This decision is really tough. Shd I upgrade my computer to max or shd I go for an Xbox 360? I have been a PC gamer all my life and I'm very used to keyboard/mouse controls. Upgrading the PC will cost around 18-20K. The Xbox under the christmas offer is coming for 15K (all incl. of taxes) with a...
  15. kumarmohit

    MTNL launches CDMA Data Card - Unltd Plan @ 300 + taxes

    More info here http://mtnldelhi.in/cdma_151208.htm
  16. N

    XPS M1330 price dilemma

    Hey guys i want to buy XPS M1330 and with a high config which is turning out to be quite costly and the price listed on the site is Rs. 69,000 /- incl of taxes nd delivery My question is that ; the taxes are raising the cost by almost 10-12 K.. Is ther some way of getting this waived...
  17. T

    retarded indian pricing

    why the hell does a card which costs only 7k in US cost 15.5k +taxes here
  18. aryayush

    Have you ever bought something off Amazon? Are there any taxes, etc.?

    Hello! :) I want to buy a digital camera off Amazon.com. I just wanted to know if someone has bought from them and had it delivered to India. If yes, do you have to cough up anything else apart from the price listed at the website? Any duties, taxes, etc? Thank you!
  19. go4saket

    Sandisk 128MB SDCard

    Offering : 128 MB SD Card Brand : Scandisk (One of the best) Condition : New Bill : None Taxes : None Warrenty : None Cost : Rs.449/- Shipping : Rs.49/- (If outside Sambalpur, Orissa) Thank you.
  20. Aniruddh

    Buyin a lappy need suggestion...

    hii guyz well i am buying a lappy hav got few options they r.... 1.Samsung X20 EXT -Intel pentium m(DOTHAN) Centrino 745 -512MB DDR RAM. -15'' XGA Super Bright TFT(normal) -60GB(5400) -802.11 b/g,LAN,Modem,Bluetooth -ATI Mobility X600/64MB Dedicated 77000 Including...
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