Which Lappy to buy?

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hey there, can any one suggest me a good laptop in the price range of 46K-52K. I have seen a new model of dell, inspirion 1520 ,it has got a core 2 duo 1.5ghz, 1 gb ram,120gb hdd,dvd burner and nvidia 8400gs gpu. it is on sale on dell site for rs.48,650 without tax. how much tax will be added on it. And also plz tell me which is better a C2D 1.5 ghz or a pentium 4 2.8ht.:rolleyes:
There is already a thread runnin on similar topic...Search for it...I bet it ll b quite helpful for u to decide which lappy to go 4....

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regarding whicj laptop..search the forum.You will get your answer.And regarding p4 2.8 Vs C2D 1.5....definetly C2D 1.5 is better.


I would recommend HP, I personnally own one... its dv6226tx
At the time I purchased mine was of lates config available from HP in 15.4' range.

Check HP website ... there is a new model available in 15.4" monitor system.


ravi_9793 said:
can U mention price n confrigation
Go to *global.acer.com/products/notebook/as5580.htm for config.
I saw it in PC World anniversary special(july) Here it was given that it ships with 1GB RAM and windows vista home premium for Rs. 49999. But in Acers advertisement in Delhi in a newspaper it was available for around Rs. 37000 with 512 MB RAM without Windows(don't know if they are the exactly the same models but model numbers look exactly the same)
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