1. Vyom

    Storing files to OneDrive cloud after encryption, on Linux and using open source tool

    So recently I got subscription to OneDrive in an effort to keep my files on cloud to have some peace of mind. Although needless to say, I don't want to trust any cloud storage. So what's the solution? Well, encryption! By encrypting our files we can have best of both worlds: Have a cloud storage...
  2. sling-shot

    Android application data sync in Firefox

    I have disabled auto sync in my Android phone. I have been using Firefox sync since the beginning happily. However it looks like the newer version of Firefox sync uses this auto sync setting for syncing its data. How can I setup my phone so that only Firefox is allowed to auto sync and no one...
  3. V

    Need a Keypad mobile.

    Hello, I use 2 phones with me, 1st phone for Internet (I'm using Galaxy NOTE, and i'm happy with it) 2nd Phone is for Call SMS and Whatsapp. My Requirement are 1) Keypad (I dont like lag in touchscreen) as its easy to operate with one hand. 2) Whatsapp support 3) I have about 1800...
  4. I

    Syncing problem S3 with LG 3d tv

    How do I sync my Samsung Galaxy S3 with my LG 3D TV?
  5. CommanderShawnzer

    [URGENT ]HTC Sync crashes after connecting to HTC Explorer

    Well here's the problem 1. start HTC Sync 2.Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable 3.When my phone prompts me to choose a type of USB connection, tap HTC Sync, and then i tap Done now when the phone succesfully connects i get a glimpse of the "device setup screen" and then...
  6. D

    Word Processor/ editor with online/ offline sync

    Hey guys I want a word processing/ editing app(like Ms Word) with the following features- 1. It should have an online and offline version so I can edit and create docs anywhere I want. 2. It should be able to sync between the two versions so that if I edit the document online it syncs the file...
  7. S

    Need to buy a cpu heat sync

    I need to buy a cpu heat sync for my phenom ii x4 cpu with the current hardware its reachin 75 deg cel on prime 95 test i need a cpu cooler which can suffice my needs at stock speed of the cpu (3200) Please advice
  8. G

    Sync out of Range

    Hi PC specs: ASUS M/B with on board graphics. HD is partitoned in to 3 parts with XP-SP3, Win 7 and Ubuntu on different partitons. Other OSs works well, but sometimes the XP shows the Sync out of Range error; which I took a photo and u/l, and the image is attached. When I reboot 1 to 3...
  9. J

    My iPhone can't sync the contacts to Mac

    Hello! Recently I have trouble with my new iMac and iPhone. I can successfully sync the music files from my iPhone to Mac. The question is that my contacts that are still on the iPhone - How do I get these into my Address Book on the iMac? Do you have any ideas?? Help pls!!:???::???:
  10. anvesh

    Not able to sync all contacts- HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2

    Hi, I am not able to sync all of my contacts with GMail. I have 500+ online on Google contacts but my phone syncs only about 120 contacts (Even after soft and hard reset):x Plz help
  11. stellar

    Free good sync software

    Hi I need a good free sync software to back up my data from PC to pendrive.Is there any good and ano lomitation sync software. i am using windows 7.
  12. TheLetterD

    The iPad owner's thread(reviews for apps, troubleshooting, peripherals etc.)

    Wassssuppp People Ok I own an iPad 64GB WiFi+3G iOS - 4.3.3 (Jailbroken) And no I am not gonna talk about piracy over here, like how to download cracked apps etc But we can discuss about some really dope tweaks, new features of future iOSes , the iPad 3 rumors(like what new feature will it have...
  13. P

    Suggest - Backup/Sync Software

    Friends, Can anyone suggest a good Backup software ? Functions required: MUST Have - Sync with External HDD - ONLY Backup files which are new or last updated. (NO need to overwrite/touch old files which are not changed) Good to Have - Facility to Sync with Online Drive (Sky Drive/Drop...
  14. P

    Which is your favorite RSS Reader (Software) ?

    Friends, Which is your favorite RSS Reader software ? I really liked FeedDemon but recently FREE version became FeedDemon Lite which is missing so many features including offline reading/cache. Requirement Sync with Google Reader It would be great if the same reader has iPhone App...
  15. iinfi

    sync contacts between two Nokia Symbian fones

    hi all.. i have an E63 and a N97 mini. is there a software to sync contacts effectively between the two fones. eg. if i add/update a contact in one fone it sud be replicated in the second fone and vice versa without the use of a third party software ... like ovi suite etc
  16. NewsBytes

    Xmarks Premium (12-2010) [Review]

    Browser synchronization is something that is becoming increasingly important as our experience of the web is less tied to a particular computer. Most browser vendors themselves now provide such services: Mozilla offers Firefox Sync, Google too offers synchronization in their Chrome browser, and...
  17. leo61611616

    Firefox 4 Beta Out Now for Android and Maemo

    Mozilla has released the beta of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo. The browser is built on the same platform as the desktop version and includes features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons, Awesome Screen and pinch-to-zoom. Read More Here
  18. S

    Google account sync problem with Android

    Hello, I have just purchased hTC wildfire. I have Vodafone connection & activated unlimited gprs(2 GB of Rs.95/-). The problem is when ever I try to sync with google account, it says: "This could be a temporary problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for data services". I can...
  19. NewsBytes

    Firefox Home makes it to the Apple Store

    With all the negative publicity Apple is getting these days, one small ray of light has managed to shine through, Firefox Home is now available at the App Store. Of course a full Firefox for the iPhone would have been perfection, but Apple’s policies wont see that happen. Instead iPhone...
  20. M

    Assassins Creed Sound effect help

    I am looking for the sound effect that plays everytime you grab a flag, or do anything to contribute to your sync bar or progress? I have tried hard but I am unable to search....... Please help..
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