1. zegulas

    Which one is Suse and which one is Ubuntu

    Hello, I had installed Suse 11.x and Ubuntu 10.10, after that I installed Widows 7 (big mistake!) Right now I am using Ubuntu's live cd, but I am unable to determine which partition belongs to which OS (Suse or Ubuntu), they both seem to have the same folders like boot and all. How to...
  2. R

    Refresh F5

    What exactly does the refresh button does in Windows? suse and ubuntu does reply when i press F5, is it the same as it is in windows?
  3. Arun the Gr8

    Is a swap partition necessary while installing Suse?

    Guys.. This is the 1st time I am installing SUSE and I wanted to clear some of my doubts: I have the following computer specs: Core i3 2 GB RAM 320 GB HDD ATI Mobility Radeon 4330 1. Is creating a swap partition necessary while installing Suse 11.2? 2. Will I be able to install...
  4. siddharthmakwana

    who is eating my hard disk space ...

    i hav recently installed Open SUSE 11 in my hp520 laptop in partition sda6 of 13.3GB and sda7 for swap(1GB) after installing Open SUSE 11 it showed 4Gb free space....but with in 2 or three day it came down to 0.0 Gb...i didn't installed any thing in Linux other than mplayer through source...
  5. paroh

    compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse required

    [Probled Solved]compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse required Please provide a compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse linux. AS while compiling it i am getting different error like configure: error: GtkSpell development headers not found. Use --disable-gtkspell if you do not need it. So plese provide a...
  6. G

    Completely wipe out Open Suse

    I am now fed up with Open Suse and it's yast2 which really really sucks. I have now have a dual boot system of open suse 11.1 and windows vista home basic in my dell inspiron 1420 laptop. when the thought of wiping out suse came in my mind (though KDE rocks) i went to disk management in vista...
  7. deathofe

    Configure Wine on SUSE 11 - Wine 1.1.18

    Hi, I am using Open SUSE 11 on my desktop. I installed Wine ver. 1.1.18 and now may I know how to configure it? PLZ help fast.
  8. siddharthmakwana

    how to remove suse n install fedora in dual boot...

    i had recently install open SUSE 11 with vista..... now i want to replace SUSE with fedora 10..... is there any way to do it with out disturbing the windows partition.....??? HOw...??? HDD: dev/sda dev/sda1 windows dev/sda2 linux(ext3)[12 GB] dev/sda3 swap[4 GB] dev/sda4 NTFS(4 data storage)...
  9. Plasma_Snake

    Queries regarding Ubuntu 8.10

    I was a SUSE man till now but SUSE 11 turned out to be a P.I.T.A for me so jumped to the "yellower" pastures of Ubuntu. Installed it last night and already loving it even more than Windows. This is the "Linux Effect" :D Once u go Black u never go back ;) Man Network setup was even easier than...
  10. S

    From where do I get packages for OpenSUSE???

    currently I don't have an internet connection at my system.... so I can't run the software installer in suse... can I use rpm packages for any other distribution in opensuse???? and I need vlc player for suse since its not playing any media files by default....
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    Time to remove suse 11....but how?

    Well...with your help I got to partition the disk and install Ubuntu as well as Suse. The latter is buggy and I keep getting internal errors. I found it no superior than ubuntu with the little experience that I have. Nonetheless, I want to get rid of it. I have three partitions on my 40 GB (~37...
  12. B

    suse installing problem

    hi,,, i am using vista ultimate.. i have two HDD.. one have vista in it.. the other one doesnot contain anything ..when i installed SUSE11 on my other hard disc..,it installed properly but during booting,i am not getting the windows PC automatically boots into suse..when i tried to...
  13. damked

    TATA USB Modem on Mandriva Linux 2008

    Hi all I am having problem configuring TATA USB Modem on Mandriva Linux 2008, although it runs without any problem on Open SUSE 10.3 and 11. The configuration in both Open SUSE and Mandriva is same. Can anyone help me out? For full problem please navigate to the link: <snip> Regards, Kedar
  14. hayabusa_ryu

    A Very Urgent Help Needed Regarding Open Suse 11 And Hard Drive

    HELLO FRIENS, sorry if I have posted in wrong section but I m very tense. I have installed open suse 11 provided with digit after installing xp sp2. what I found is that I have shrinked all my partition to 1/3 of the original size due to suse 11 since I have never worked on linux I think it...
  15. sagar_coolx

    Grub how to!

    my story is divided into 3 situations like this: 1.initially i had 2xp's and vista installed, vith the vista bootloader as default. so whenever i booted, the vista oader would give a option "older versions of windows" that took me into the xp bootloader (ntldr) where i could choose betn my 2...
  16. chitvan

    can i install SuSE 11 with XP sp2 & Ubuntu 8.04?

    i have Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron & win XP sp2 in my i want to try Suse 11, can i install SuSE 11 without loosing my Ubuntu 8.04?
  17. T

    SuSE Linux

    I want to install SuSe Linux from Digit August Edition but I already have Win Vista Home Premium installed.Is it Possible install Linux
  18. Ecko

    Connecting with other PC using Open Suse 11

    We'll I want to connect to another PC (my lappy) Lappy has got windows installed while im on SUSE 11 I've 2 network cards of which 1 is having BSNl connection which I dial using KIntenet while using other i used to connect( with a wire I have )with my Lappy So a stepwise guide will be...
  19. Plasma_Snake

    PPPoE Configuration in Open SUSE

    I'm a Linux N00b and recently installed Open SUSE 10.3. I've a BSNL 512Kbps UL plan and need to configure the PPPoE connection in it. Please tell me the detailed procedure to do so.:(
  20. N

    How can i Update suse 10.2

    Can anyone please tell me how can i update suse 10.2 through internet?
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