1. F

    Weird color issue on Surface RT

    I have a Microsoft Surface RT, suddenly the screen is showing weird colors(see image). I took a screenshot and checked on my laptop. It looks fine. What could be the issue ? I doubt its a hardware issue. Snap of the issue Screenshot
  2. dharmil007

    Surface Book vs MacBook Pro | Which one to choose ?

    Hi, As the title suggests it. its a tough decision between Macbook Pro and Surface Book. Please suggest which one to go for. I will be purchasing it in January. According to me, advantages of both over each other Surface Book over Mac : Portability (can be used as a tablet also) Latest...
  3. P

    Surface pro 3 or 4 in India

    I am Looking to Buy Surface 3 pro i5 128 gb version or new surface 999$ version what should I buy . I would also buy surface type cover and I will get it imported from usa .what would it cost me and is surface pro 3 a good buy as my next 2 in 1 .
  4. quan chi

    Microsoft launches surface book.

    Surface Book Is Microsoft's Glorious New Laptop Microsoft enters the laptop market by launching the surface book! Well here’s a surprise! After spending years undermining the laptop—or at least trying to—with the Surface, now Microsoft is making its own damn laptop. More news here...
  5. Desmond

    Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars

    That means that life could also exist on Mars. Source: Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian
  6. kg11sgbg

    Microsoft bringing Surface Pro 3 as a Laptop replacement !?!

    Source : What are your views???
  7. DirectX

    Windows 8.1 Pro WiFi Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm in a great trouble. I have updated my laptop running Genuine Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro last night but but this caused me not to get access to my WiFi from my laptop any more! Each time after connecting to my router it shows Limited or No Internet Access. I have pinged...
  8. C

    Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX with snapdragon 800 and retina+ disp for $229 onwards

    Amazon seems to be taking the fight right at the gates of the enemies, offering tablets with better hardware than the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price. And, challenging the iPad with higher resolution screens and superior battery performance. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX announced Good to see a...
  9. A

    Hard Disk "Do not Cover the hole"

    Hello I recently got my drive replaced from HP.And i also posted about the using of hdd in this enclosure Tech-Com affordable, latest, , Mobile Phones, Computer Parts, DVD, LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers I posted here...
  10. T

    7" Microsoft Surface may surface later this year | 7-inch Microsoft Surface Coming Later This Year?
  11. K

    Suggestion for buying Microsoft Surface Windows RT 32GB

    Hi I want to buy this Microsoft Surface Windows RT 32GB ,but i want to know where will i get this product in india
  12. pratyush997

    Microsoft sued over Surface for Windows RT storage debacle

    Microsoft sued over Surface for Windows RT storage debacle - Tablets _________________________________ Sueing... A new way to troll!!
  13. N

    Only 16 GB free on 32 GB Surface tablet ? WTF!!!

    One has to wonder why RT has all that bulk in the first place when it has a fraction of the functionality of the full version of Windows 8. Also the SD card is of no use when apps can't be installed /moved to it. Surface disk space | Surface storage | Available disk space on Microsoft Surface
  14. M

    Microsoft Surface Tablets

    After mounting speculation all week, Microsoft today announced its new MS-branded Surface Tablet. It'll run Windows 8, come in two flavors (one with an NVidia processor and another with an Intel Core i5 processor), features front and rear-facing cameras, a 10.6" full-HD display, a built-in...
  15. riders4siam

    Thermal Print Head for Sony UP-DR150

    Hello, a friend of mine gave me his old printer that i've used it for the past decade, now i could see some white line on the printed surface that shows damage in the print head. Here's my question, where could i get the spare print head? and how?
  16. gdebojyoti

    Maya question

    Maya question - how to create holes in surfaces? Hello. I have a question. What is the simplest way to create a circular hole (or any other shape) in a surface in Maya? Thanks in advance.
  17. The Sorcerer

    CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse (SGM-2000-ML0N1)

    CM Storm's Spawn might be small but its good enough for claw grip users. Good rubber grip on the sides, nice shape for a claw user. Let's check out how she is... Packaging and Specs CM storm follows the same standard packaging that they did with the other mouses I evaluated...
  18. The Sorcerer

    Razer Imperator Expert 2012 Edition Gaming mouse Hands-on Experience

    Razer, Steelseries and Logitech are making gaming mouses for a very long time. Each company has their own history best selling hardware in the pas and in the present. Razer did it with the first DeathAdder and Logitech did it nicely starting from MX500 and then continuing to MX518. What makes...
  19. NewsBytes

    DISPLAX turns any non-conductive surface into a giant multi-touch screen

          DISPLAX, a manufacturer of interactive technologies, has recently launched a new, large-format multi-touch technology that will transform any non-conductive surface into a multi-touch screen. It is expected to have competing features with Microsoft Surface; which was launched in 2008 and...
  20. ritesh.techie

    This demo — from Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT — was the buzz of TED. It’s a wearable devic

    This demo — from Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT — was the buzz of TED. It’s a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. After reading and watching this post you will definitely think about what future offers to you. This device will give a big...
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