1. I

    Photography Challenges

    Calling all the photographers on this forum! I have decided to start a weekly challenge of photography. Rules 1. The challenge is just for fun. 2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced. 3. The challenge runs from 9pm on the Sunday and runs until 9pm the following Sunday...
  2. D

    Thinkdigit Playdate?

    thinkdigit playdate play, discover, revive awesome games with friendly digitians. How to download the games? Check this. How to join playdate servers? Guide to connecting to servers. When is the next playdate? Check the upcoming playdates spoiler and follow...
  3. T

    Satyamev Jayate - Will Aamir bring the change ?

    [source] Please discussion about the show, its importance and viability. Will we see the next BIG change ??
  4. Rockstar11

    MTNL (Mumbai) introduces MTNL FUNDAY - Download Speed of 2 Mbps on every Sunday

    MTNL (Mumbai) today launched “MTNL FUNDAY” for its Triband, Broadband customers. With its new offer MTNL will make Sunday, a Funday by offering download speeds of 2 Mbps, without and additional charges, on every Sunday to its customers who are on unlimited plans. Furthermore, MTNL is doubling...
  5. M

    Devin Mccourty Jersey Texans sign Abbate; WR Willi

    Texans sign Abbate; WR Williams on IRHOUSTON (AP) -- The Texans placed Harry Williams on injured reserve Sunday after he suffered a severe neck injury in Friday's preseason game against Dallas., the family dwelled in daleville,Devin Mccourty Jersey, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport...
  6. avichandana20000

    Asus board warranty

    Yesterday i.e. on Sunday I have opened the side panel of my rig to clear the dust. Suddenly I see the clip of HSF fitted to the socket groove is loose. I closely check and find that one of the grooves of the socket to which the HSF clip was fastened is broken. I do not know how. Because last...
  7. rhitwick

    Watching "London Dreams" multiple times is considered to be a terrorist act

    Yes, that is what our Thane police do, if you are caught watching "London Dreams"... Read the full story here Source: Mumbai Mirror, 3rd November, 2009, Front page.
  8. soumya

    Someone is getting married!

    Here is what he has to say :- Hello everyone Today I want to share a golden moment which is coming in my life this Sunday. I'm getting married on Nov 1st, 2009, i.e. this Sunday. Since you all are like my family, I decided to share this important news with you all. :) It might be...
  9. VarDOS

    Dead BIOS

    Last Sunday I failed my PC with an OC, since last sunday I am unable to start my PC. I thought that i spoilt the RAM but the RAM is workin fine..Every one is telling that the BIOS is dead CAN IT BE POSSIBLE? WHAT SHOULD I DO? MY PARENTS DON'T KNOW THIS. CAN MY PC BE RECOVERED? HOW? Thanks Varad
  10. A

    Airtel 2000 free SMS?!

    I am using Airtel Prepaid card in Maharashtra and recently I came to knew about a 'Sunday SMS Pack' in which one can get 2000 free local SMS and the pack costs Rs.11. (In short you can get 2000 SMS in Rs.11) But the catch is this pack is valid only for ONE Sunday i.e. 24 hours of the coming...
  11. harryneopotter

    Nehru Place open on sunday ??

    Hi guys ...i want to ask if any one of u knows that Nehru Place market is open on sundays ?? I have to buy some misc stuff like UPS and headphone. If any one have u ever shopped on sundays ...Does SMC international opens on sunday ? AFAIK it DOES. Plz confirm if u can.
  12. shift

    Islamic group claims blasts, plots foiled in Tamil Nadu

    Chennai: Tamil Nadu police on Sunday claimed to have foiled plots to plant bombs across the state, specifically in Chennai and Tirunelveli, before August 15, and arrested one person in connection with the alleged conspiracy. IBN LIVE An obscure Islamic militant group warning of “the terror of...
  13. M

    installing Linux on EeePC

    ILUG-BOM will be holding a workshop on installing ubuntu and sabayon on EeePC on this Sunday. Interested people can check * for further details.
  14. direfulsky

    need a c-compiler!

    hello every one! i need a c- compiler( a free version) i did checked there on google most of them triall and crap! have a blessed sunday!
  15. alok4best

    Pak Cricket Coach Found Dead....

    Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has died after being discovered in his Jamaica hotel room on Sunday morning. * __________ What Will happen to Greg Chapell :D:D:D:D
  16. S

    best game ever PART 2

    hey guys prev. poll has some sort of faults so this one is for u & vote for a popular game Voting will be closed on this sunday :wink:
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