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Pak Cricket Coach Found Dead....

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Oh God! Its a really sad news. Switched on the Tv and its flashing headlines..
He probably couldn't bear the losses of the team....


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im sure the pakistanis have murdered him..............
its a great loss for cricketing world....
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So do the Pakistanis play Zimbabwe, without a coach?
Or do they have an acting coach or someone?


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Oh god! For a second I thought someone posted a joke in the news section. This is a very sad news...really sad...


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This is a case of conspiracy. Some body definitely poisoned him (ofcourse a pakistani fan). This is going to be a BIG issue and now nobody will be willing to be its coach. It will have severe consequences all round. Lets hope for the best. NOW INDIA`S PERFORMANCE WILL MULTIPLY. ITS GAURANTEED.


Truly..Its really really sad....big loss to cricket..however there are lots of things happening this world cup..dont know why ,but I have a strong feeling that something is terribly wrong with all this..may b he committed suicide after watching the Pak show...or who knows,,,he might have been murdered..if u closely read the quotes,its clear that something was wrong B/N PCB and the Coach...anyways I hope his soul rests in peace..and now Pak must get a convincing win in next match to pay tribute..
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