1. M

    Fan Noise and Overheating Problem

    Hi Everyone, In summer time my pc suddenly creating noise and overheating.if i don't run any application it's not creating problem(but yes processor fan creating noise) but for example when i just start converting normal folder into RAR the cpu temperature start going high and high and pc...
  2. G

    Power cuts in your city?

    Summer started and so is power crisis. How many hours powercuts are you facing or voltage fluctuations? I am in hyd, here we have 5 hours cut. Apart from that,Evening 6 to 10 ,not possible to turn on AC due to low voltage. This summer looks very worst :-x
  3. SaiyanGoku

    Free Linux Course

    Rs. 1.5 lakh Linux course to be available for free online this summer Software | Softwares | ThinkDigit News So, should I go for it?
  4. S

    ASUS HD7970 Temperatures

    Hey guys, I have a ASUS HD7970 3GD-5 card. It idles around 40(with air conditioner on) to 55c. The problem is before summer started (might sound sort of funny), my load temperatures for the card were around 77 to 80C. Now in the heat of summer I get upto 88 or even 89 and 90C. Especially Farcry...
  5. H

    GSoC 2012

    This year's Google Summer of Code is now in it's first quarter, any digitians participating this summer?
  6. nbaztec

    Summer Training in Delhi NCR [B.Tech]

    Hey Guys, Need some advice here. I'm supposed to have my 6-8 weeks summer internship this June. Googling for like eternity and as it turns out, all of the bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. have clear policies for interns but somehow if I dare change my location to their Indian...
  7. TheLetterD

    Hobbies for the Summer

    I wanna do something constructive this summer. I just passed +1. And +1 non med was NOT GOOD AT ALL. The only thing I did last year was sit at home watch television. The Result? 1. Low Grades 2. Crap Social Life 3. Gained weight 4. Achieved nothing at all. Ive decided I would study hard...
  8. sky90

    Android SDK summer training..??

    Hi, i am a 3rd year CSE student and willing top do summer training on ANDROID. Please provide some good institutes near delhi-noida which conduct 2 month training on android..
  9. D

    advice for summer training

    i am doin btech in comp sc and currently am in 4th sem. i hav to do to some course or training over this summer. I am absolutely clueless as to wht course to do. i was thinking of learning php. any advices? how will learning php help me later on?
  10. topgear

    Windows 7 SP1 Coming Summer or Fall 2010

    It's like a summer blockbuster. Sorta. Despite being officially on sale for less than two weeks, Windows 7's been done for months now. And those same Windows developers has been working on the next evolution of the OS. Yes, there will be a Windows 8, but before that there needs to be...
  11. G

    Query for Summer Training

    sorry if I am asking at wrong place. Is any one can advice me summer training in NCR. I m in vi sem computer science
  12. T

    Need suggestions for Summer training after 2nd year

    Which course will you DIGITians suggest a B.Tech(IT) student to pursue as summer training after 4th sem(University makes it mandatory to have 4-6 months training after 4th sem) who is more interested in learning OpenSource Softwares than closed source ones. If possible, tell name of some...
  13. B

    Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

    Hi,, i am a 3rd year student of computer science engineering.. Can you guys suggest me a good place for doing the summer training? Preferably the software companys or IBM,Infosys etc..
  14. templar165

    Dilemma on Console

    I'm not exactly sure, if this is the right place Ive come to. Anyways, Im planning to buy a portable gaming console this summer...and Im confused between a Playstation Portable and a Nintendo DS...what do you recommend??
  15. lywyre

    North Pole Ice Cover to Melt away this Summer

    After last year's thin ice cover, the North Pole is poised to vanish due to global warming in a short time DailyTech has previously covered the frantic pace of melt in Greenland, which is accelerating, dumping vast amounts of water into the sea. Meanwhile, the North Pole has been steadily...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    Your tips for this (( SUMMER ))

    Hi all.., How is your weather in your places...INDIA is well known for got suggest few tips or advice to others... Here is mine.. Get a girl and go to spencer or landmark or theatre or any place which has centralised A/C.. This is the time to show your parents that...
  17. Voldy

    Gears of War Movie Scheduled for 2010

  18. cool_callis

    how to arrange for summer training/project?

    frndz.. as summer vreak r approaching , i m looking forward for any sort of summer project or training?? can u plz tell me how i can i arrange for summer training / project and what are the different possible sources? i m currently in 2nd year doing in computer science stream
  19. GeekyBoy

    Computer Holiday Homework : Help !!

    How can I advertise a product (like Microsoft Windows Vista) by using a powerpoint presentation?There should be 8 slides. (It has been given to us as a Summer holiday homework) Thanks in advance.
  20. anandk

    Microsoft blocks 'Black Hat' Vista hack

    Microsoft has changed Windows Vista to prevent a hack that was demonstrated at a high-profile security event this summer, but the fix may spell trouble... *
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