1. Gollum

    Need Suggestion for 1TB Drive Always ON usage.

    As the thread title suggests. I need suggestions. Please let me know valid reasons for your suggestions. Thanks :) I don't game, but download a lot of stuff and copy paste a lot of stuff too. speed is not a necessity but reliability is.
  2. S

    android phones within 20k

    i need a good android phone strictly within 20 k range. i prefer not to buy samsung. suggestions??
  3. H

    Game suggestions

    Hi guys i just got an HD 7770 and i need some suggestions for games I already have Company of heroes 2 and Heart of the swarm and metro last light i want some good stress busting games with good graphics or if you have any other great suggestions please tell me... preferably with latest...
  4. nikufellow

    Need suggestions on What to do after B. Tech

    Am From kerala and hopefully will be completing my UG in electrical and electronics by mid 2014 i need some suggestions on what to do next. People here usually tend to go for either M. Tech or MBA and if those are my best bets I've already done enough research and will be opting for M. Tech but...
  5. S

    Xperia ZR??

    hi want to buy phone with in 30K range for my brother. came across ZR from sony. people says its nexus 4 with better camra and water proof. worth buying? some having issue with low call quality.. need suggestions... already tested nexus 4. so thot of ZR...or if you can suggest more in the...
  6. D

    help required for buying full HD 32" LED TV

    For a newbie like me, what things I should consider before buying 32" Full HD LED TV? Which brand should I go for (Sony/Samsung/LG/Panasonic/LG)? my budget is 30-35K, will I get any good TV within this price range? Any suggestions for TV models? Tell me good site for feature and price...
  7. harshilsharma63

    Using automobile LED strip in PC

    I want to know if we can use the LED strip available for use in automobiles in desktops. And suggestions for component safety and experience is helpful.
  8. Rajdeep Banik

    My first DSLR

    Hi, I am visiting the Digit forum after a long time. I will be buying a DSLR before diwali. After a lot of reading, I zoomed in the Nikon D5200. It will be my first DSLR and probably stay with me forever. So, my question is that is the 5200 good enough say for the next 10-20 years? How about...
  9. S

    Xperia L/Nexus 4/SG S3 ? help me to chose

    please provide your suggestions in selecting the right phone. I'm pretty much confused. I had decided upon the Nexus 4. but heard having battery issue, after 4-5 month its pathetic battery life. not even half day. IS IT TRUE?:-x camera and audio is normal not as good as Galaxy S3 or Sony...
  10. D

    New build for 50k

    Hi, I decided to build a new gaming rc from the ground.My budget is around 50k-55k.The most of the work this build do is gaming and also i am planning to start a youtube channel for game walkthroughs.This involes heavy converting of large files.My Basic configuration is: Intel i3-3220...
  11. vidhubhushan

    Simple Camera Under INR 6000

    Simple Camera Under INR 8000 a friend wants to buy his first digital camera. budget is Max. INR8000, the lesser the better. he won't be getting the pics printed and even if does that, he is not going to get large prints of them (at least in near future). in such a situation I think more...
  12. S

    32 inch lcd tv

    preferably sony bravia. Budget around 20k, max 25k. If it can be, then full hd. Better suggestions are welcome. Buying from kolkata.
  13. C

    buying a budget laptop

    Hi guys... I am planning to buy Toshiba C850 series with Intel Pentium Dual core B960 processor. I am planning to upgrade its RAM from 2GB to things same. What is your I am not going to do any hardcore gaming or video editing or Photoshop kind of work...I have a...
  14. I

    Suggestions For A New Laptop

    Here are the few conditions based on which i require your suggestions, techies: Budget: 35K to 45k Brand: Dell (most pref.), (any other suggestions are welcome) Processor: Intel 2nd/3rd Generation Core i3 or i5 RAM: Min 4GB Graphics Card: A must (any) *(if at all nothing is fitting into the...
  15. R

    Cabinet within 6-7k

    I need a cabinet within 6,000-7,000 bucks. It should be big enough for GTX 670. Any suggestions?
  16. M

    Latest Plasma around 80000-100000

    Thanks for help in my previous post. Looking to get another TV but a plasma this time. Any suggestions guys ?
  17. B

    Upgrading my PC.. Suggestions please!!

    My desktop works pretty fine. I was a hardcore gamer and completed so many games (ex: COD series upto MW2, MOH, STALKER Clear sky/COP/SOC, Fear, Far Cry, Batman, Singularity, Metro, NFS, DIRT and so on) in my current desktop but last year some terrible thing happened. I got a JOB. So I'm no...
  18. nikufellow

    Need help budget laptop

    *Budget : Max 37k (can't extent even a bit more) *size and weight 14" or 15" *Brand No preference *primary use Browsing, watching movies, light programming, and would like to play some modern games if possible at decent frame rates *screen type Don't know *Anything else? Confused between...
  19. pmkarun

    Need suggestions for Mobile @ 10 K

    Hi All, My requirements are as below... Please suggest a suitable one at the earliest. 1. Budget? If possible less than 10K (can stretch a bit(+ 1K or 2K) if required)2. Display type and size? minimum 4 inch 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Open for...
  20. abirthedevil

    2.1 on a budget

    Hello, want to purchase a 2.1 system preferably under 2.5k, can go up to 3k. Sound quality is prime consideration. Also features like usb, remote etc are secondary. Please provide me with some suggestions. Thanks
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