1. I

    Need: Motherboard, Cabinet, PSU and UPS for my 1.5L rig.

    Hi I've posted here before and filled the form so I won't repeat myself. I'm mainly concerned about the 1.5l rig as that is the one I'm personally building for myself. I'm running into major delays getting this pc ready due to being extremely busy and travelling a lot. :( Anyways... So I...
  2. T

    Cheap Gaming Laptop Suggestions PLEASE!!!

    Ok, So recently a friend of mine visited Singapore and got a Dell Lappy for 40-41k INR with the following specs 2/3rd gen(not sure) ci7,8Gb DDR3 RAM,2Gb Dedicated Graphics etc........I wanted to know if i could get a lappy similar in specs under 48k here in India.No specific Brand preferred,RAM...
  3. Sankalp Tripathi

    Suggestions needed for buying a good earphone

    budget :- within 1500 rs / Usage :- for laptop as well as Mobile My choice of music is wide. (not trying to be corny :-) ).from Pyassa of Gurudutt sahab to Ghulam ali ,ghazals (i short except 90's ) all are in my playlist.I hear 2 pac to eminem or whiz khalifa.linkin,Pink floyd,Nirvana...
  4. H

    best graphics card under 10000rs...

    I want to buy a graphic card below 10000rs... so plzz give some suggestions for the best card ...doesnt matter if it's nvidia or amd ....
  5. H2O

    IEMs Around 2K

    Hello Guys. I had a Sound Magic ES18 earphone which I lost a couple of days ago. So, I need a new earphone. Budget is around 2K. So, any suggestions which ones should I be looking at? Thanks.
  6. A

    Cheap motherboard for Phenom II x4 955BE?

    My old motherboard died on me last week. I need a temporary mobo till the time this current one comes from repair. Im going to use it as my spare motherboard in case of an emergency. Any suggestions? Anything under 3k possible? My config is given in my signature. Thanks.
  7. H2O

    Over The Ear Headphones Around 1K

    Hello Guys. I need an over-the-ear headphones around 1K. Basic purpose is listening to music. Also, the headset needs to be comfortable for the ears. So some suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    Point & Shoot for 6k~

    Hi everyone, I just need a basic camera with nice day-light picture quality for around 6k. Waiting for suggestions. Thanks.
  9. ajayritik

    Looking for decent car stereo

    My Five year old Car still doesn't have a car stereo so I thought finally I will get one. So guys do you have any suggestions? I want the price to be as less as possible preferably not more than 5k. I have Wagon R
  10. A

    Timelaps suggestions please....

    I will be visiting Leh for a 6 day trip. I want to make a timelapse of the trip using my Sony Xperia ZR. So please recommend and suggest.. i was thinking to taking two 32gb cards. I hope shuffling the cards wont hamper the functioning of the phone ;). Will use a mix of app Droid Timelaps and...
  11. anirbandd

    IEM within 1k

    Hi All, I want an IEM within 1k [+/- Rs. 50]. For listening to music during workout. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range. Lets the suggestions flow in!! :) Thanks all.
  12. T

    Better gaming laptop

    which laptop is better HP Pavilion n209 or HP Pavilion n201 (my main priority is gaming) my budget is 45,000 would appreciate any more suggestions
  13. A

    Help wanted....Need to buy HTC Desire 210...!!!!

    What are the reviews on this phone HTC Desire 210 what are your suggestions....

    Htc m8 vs m7??in contract.

    Hey all, I was planning an upgrade for my phone. and was considering the m8.i liked the dot view case alot. But turns out m7 is getting sense 6 in the end of may. and now im confused between m7 and m8. Any one using m7 or m8?any suggestions . And fyi im buying the phone under contract. And its...
  15. T

    2.1 speaker within 4.5k

    I want to buy a 2.1 speaker for purposes mainly Audio>Gaming>Movie. My room is 12x12. Two options I selected are 1.Edifier C2 * 2.F&D A555U...
  16. vinaych

    Which 23" monitor?

    Hello all, Heavily confused about which 23" monitor to get! I have HP 23fi and Dell S2340L monitors in my mind. Which is the better of the two? Any suggestions would be heavily appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. C

    [URGENT]Need suggestions for buying a camera under 10,000

    Hi all, Im planning to buy a camera around 10k Here are my demands..:) Budget - around 10,000 Wide Aperture(focus on subject,blur background) Need Manual Control Exposure[for me] and Auto modes[for family members] minimum 8x Optical Zoom Physical touch screen Usage - Mainly...
  18. A

    Need a new AV for my office

    Hey guys...we have recently purchased about 8 new systems for our office. I need an effective AV for all systems. Any suggestions?
  19. T

    need laptop speakers under 500

    Hey, so i need laptop speakers on a very tight budget, under 500 rupees. The louder the better. Please offer some suggestions
  20. Z

    suggestions on extending PC storage

    I want to extend my storage, should i buy 1tb internal HDD or external HDD ? And which one has more life and better performance ? I was considering WD blue 1tb internal. Suggestions please.
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